Capital One Café Boylston – An Introduction to a New Style of Banking

Capital One Café Boylston improves the customer experience and the banking realm. Banking is a part of our daily lives in the 21st century. Nobody wants to keep their money outside of a bank for too long unless they choose to invest it, or spend it. 

But if you wish to keep your financials secure, you are for sure utilizing a bank’s service, as they are today’s reliable keepers of your money. But who is to say that going to the bank to sort out some queries, withdrawing cash, etc., must be boring chore miles away from fun? 

The Capital One 360 Bank believes that too, and they didn’t shy away from taking an action on it. As in Boylston, Boston, Massachusetts, the Capital One 360 Bank also has got a Café area.

Who is Capital One Cafe Boylston?

Capital One Corporation is a finance and holding firm, which is comprised of Capital One, Capital One Bank in the United States of America, Capital One National Association, etc. 

Capital One Bank has had total assets worth $297 billion and total deposits worth $204.5 billion as of 2013. Their Head Quarters are situated in Virginia, and being a widely available online banking system, their services range over a broad spectrum.

Their work spans finance consultation, customer service, etc., and work all the way from small businesses to big-money commercial clients. The Capital One National Association also isn’t too shabby; it has over 900 branches in the United States, which are mainly situated in New York, Texas, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, etc.

Another factor to note is that Capital One is available on the stock market, where their stocks are well-rated and sold under the mark of “COF.” Where COF is above the S&P 100 index. 

Capital One 360 is thus another sub corporation of the Capital One National Association, and these Capital One 360 Cafes are everywhere in the United States, from Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Honolulu, San Francisco, etc.

What is Peet’s Coffee?

Peet’s Coffee is a coffee retailing and roasting company that was founded in Berkeley, California, in 1966. The founder of which was Alfred Peet, and ever since they have grown and spread out their outlets all over the United States. 

It is one of the most renowned coffee outlets in America, as with the creation of his company and the opening of his first coffee shop Alfred Peet revolutionized the way coffee was consumed in the United States of America, and basically in the rest of the world as well. 

He opened the first proper branded coffee shop in America and also trained and guided the founders of the beloved Starbucks, who followed in his footsteps.

Their coffee and tea are available all the way from roasted beans to blended instant coffees in tons of different roasted blends, as it was always their specialty. 

They have a significant number of coffee shops all over certain states of the US, which have risen in number ever since Alfred Peet opened his first shop in the 1960s in Berkeley, California.

Capital One Café Boylston

This division lies under the management of Capital One National Association, and it comprises several stores across the United States of America. 

Now, ever since Capital One 360 Café has been in action, they have relied on serving Peet’s coffee in their stores, basically from 2 decades ago. And here in these cafes, Peet’s coffees are not only served but are also available as bagged coffee, just like in any Peet’s Coffee shop. And the baristas are trained to serve Peet’s level coffee, here in Capital One 360 cafes.

The idea under consideration from Peet’s is that Capital One 360 can bring Peet’s remarkable coffee to more customers and to more neighborhoods in the United States of America, as the Capital One Cafes have grown in number as well.

How Does Capital One 360 Boylston Revolutionize Banking?

The Capital One 360 is very versatile in its way of working and operation, as it provides its customers the liberty to avail its services from wherever they want and whenever they want, as it is an online bank. 

But it is obvious that no bank or service provider is ever complete without some sort of interpersonal support, and Capital One 360 is aware of that fact too. Hence, this café at Boylston Street is such a location where the bank can provide everything, all the way from consultation to tech support, all whilst providing the customers a nice and cozy environment to sort out their businesses.

So, instead of having a traditional bank setup on the interior, at the Capital One Café Boylston Street, they have set up a café as the interior for the bank. 

This was done with the intention to improve the customer experience and lift the mood of anybody who may want to avail of the services of a café, as the café is open for anybody to walk in whether they are a customer at Capital One or not. And why wouldn’t anyone want to have Peet’s wonderful coffee experience?

Advantages to the Customers at Capital One Café Boylston

The Capital One Bank customers get special treatment in the Capital One Café Boylston, as the café itself serves one of the best coffees in the United States of America, i.e., Peet’s Coffee. 

And what makes it better is that Capital One credit or debit cardholders get a 50% off on every Peet’s coffee drink they purchase. This is remarkable and very attractive for the customers, as this deal is valid only in the Capital One 360 Café and not even in Peet’s Coffee shops themselves.

And along with the 50% off massive discount rate, Capital One 360 Café also brings forth a free Wi-Fi service which anyone can avail of whilst they are inside of the Café. 

What Is Capital One Providing via Their New Methods?

Capital One Bank has indeed revolutionized banking for the better, and this style of banking is very attractive for the customers of the bank as well. It offers a far more laid-back and relaxed setup for dealing with your financial matters, outside of that cold and dreary setup of a bank.

Physical Help: 

As they call their employees Ambassadors, given that it is also a café and not just a regular bank, their job is, to be there to provide all kinds of help, answer questions regarding public queries, help with account management, opening, and handling an account, etc. 

And let it be known that no good financial holding firm is complete without a consultation service, and Capital One knows that too. They have a Money and Life Mentorship program, and one session with such a mentor is free, this session although would be virtual one might add.

Community Experience: 

The café’s area is not off-limits to non-Capital One customers, but it is there to serve as a place for you to utilize for whatever you can use any other café for. Need to get some work done, take a seat, and enjoy the free Wi-Fi service provided by the Capital One 360 Café. 

And whilst you are at it, give yourself a treat with Peet’s Coffee’s wonderful drinks. And if that wasn’t all, the café also provides a conference room which can be utilized by registered nonprofit groups for free.

Banking Services: 

The support available at the bank takes care of the process, such as opening an account. The ambassadors are trained to help customers either open a savings or a no-fee checking account in as less as 5 minutes. 

And to add to the number of remarkable features that a Capital One account can provide you, the Capital One Café is also equipped with a number of ATM machines to allow for a no-fee cash withdrawal, and not only that but also with the option of paying your credit bills, depositing cash, and even depositing checks. 

Whilst the no-fee ATM is only limited to the customers of the Capital One Bank only, to all non-Capital One customers a fee of $3 per transaction is charged.

Customers’ Experience at Capital One Café Boylston

There are many customer reviews that can be found for not only the banking experience that Capital One banks provide, but also for the Capital One Café itself. 

This is indeed a new concept as having a bank, ATM machines, and a café all in one place has really never been done before, and the café that provides you one of the best coffee the nation has to offer, for a massive discount rate can make one’s day. As it has for loads of Capital One customers, they talk about them walking into the Capital One 360 Café, withdrawing money, and having a wonderful Peet’s Coffee in the process.

Another notable feature of the Capital One banking system that many customers appreciate and love is that the savings account offers competitive interest.

Other Ventures Taken Up by Capital One

Apart from the café, the Capital One company is avidly focused on bringing people not only from different places but from different backgrounds together, so that they can bring forth new ideas, and new innovations in the world of technology, and exchange a decent amount of good from each other’s cultures.

Another venture taken up by Capital One in the New England area is their partnership with Junior Achievement, whose aim is to provide education regarding money, money management, banking, etc., And to spread awareness in children from a young age regarding the significance of managing your finances properly. And along with Junior Achievement, CO has also joined its forces with BUILD.

With their partnership with BUILD, Capital One intends to conduct the consultation and educational workshops where they can teach students with low incomes to find solutions in their current financial system and find ways to improve their revenue generation techniques to receive more funds for the specific work, in which they can excel. 

All the while spreading awareness regarding digital and technological techniques to make way towards the new wave of business, and revenue generation departments.

Final Thoughts

This article provides an in-depth overview of not only the Capital One 360 Café Boylston Street, Boston, but also of the Capital One Bank itself, and Peet’s Coffee. And where these two firms meet, they create a wonderful amalgam. 

The café-based bank really changes the way people approach banking now; the old bank infrastructure was always quite excessive, and it seemed like the only important purpose of it was to keep the money safes secure.

With the advent of global virtualization and online banking becoming more reliable and secure, it feels like almost the need for physical currency is fading. And so, Capital One does not need a safe in their café bank, as they only require the refills for ATMs

And this changes the way to approach a bank’s infrastructure almost completely, as banks take up a lot of space and staff, but their sole purpose is to either provide services that are related to the check and balance of the money kept by them or having to do with customer service provision which they are basically built for.

Hence, online banking doesn’t just provide an alternative to the physical banking systems being used nowadays but also improves the experience of the users by making their finance management more effective, quick, and less time-consuming. 

And not to mention, the café based online banking just takes the customer satisfaction and morale greatly up a notch. Thus, from providing discounts and assistance to great coffee, Capital One 360 Café also makes its customers’ day. 


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