High Waisted Maxi Skirt

The definition of a high waisted maxi skirt is the outline of an attire placed higher up halfway beneath the bust and the waist. It relates to attires worn on the lower part of the body, e.g., trousers and skirts. Occasionally, it can define the shaping of the waistline on dresses.  

Maxi skirts have been around for years and continue to dominate the fashion world because of their versatility, length, and complementary fit. They come in various designs, such as flowy and floral or straight with a split. They can pair with any style or personality.   

The high waisted maxi skirt cannot only be seen as an item of clothing, but they assist women in making a statement and showing their character complete with their stylishness.

You may be wondering if a high waisted maxi skirt is still fashionable in this decade since they have been around for some time. Let us find out!

How to Measure Yourself:

You first need to find out your measurements before ordering a high waisted maxi skirt. You need to know the measurement of your bust, waist, and hips so that you get the correct size of the maxi skirt when you order. So how do you go about measuring this? Below is an illustration of how to measure your bust, waist, and hips.


Circle a tape measure around your bust area starting from the fullest section of your bust. Ensure that the tape measure is upright and parallel with the ground.


When measuring the waist, ensure that the tape measure is parallel to the ground. Circle the tape measure around your normal waist. Do not stop breathing or suck in your stomach. Stand upright in a comfortable position, so the measurements are more accurate. Do not pull the tape measure too tightly.  


Take the tape measure and wrap it around the broad section of your hips and backside. This is normally situated seven to nine inches under your normal waist. The tape measure should be parallel to the ground when measuring.  

Now that we have illustrated how to measure yourself, let us look at different high waisted maxi skirts available on the market currently. 

High Waisted Maxi Skirt: Product Specifications

1. Reg and Plus Size Maxi Skirts for Women Long Length Skirts with Pockets Beach Swim Coverup, Night Out, Casual Office, Party 


Material: 96% Modal and 4% Spandex.

Closure: Pull-On

Type: This high waisted maxi skirt takes simplicity to a new level of coziness and style. This modal fabric is super smooth and long-lasting. The A-line black maxi skirt stands out with a sizeable fold-over band with an elegant pleated design, complete with pockets on the side for extra comfort.

Event: Whether you are just lounging in the house, traveling, looking for a beach cover-up, non-working mothers, get-togethers, nightclubs, day trip, or whenever you want to feel good, this black basic high waisted maxi skirt can be worn to fit all these occasions and provide comfort.  

Measurement: This maxi skirt is made in a sensible ankle-length stretch if you want comfort throughout the day: 5’2 and shorter floor-length, 5’2-5’6 ankle length, 5’6 and higher over the ankle.

Sizing: The sizes vary and if you want to choose the right size, refer to the details in the pictures size table. The product is qualified for Free Returns.

Ideal holiday gift: If you are looking for a gift to give someone, this high waisted maxi skirt is ideal, especially during the holiday season. You can buy one for yourself or even a gift to a family member or a friend during Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday.

Lock and Love Women’s Stylish Print/Solid High Waist Flare Long Maxi Skirt


Material: 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex. Crafted in USA or Imported.

Closure: Elastic

  • This stylish high waisted maxi skirt has a soft material providing a comfortable fit.
  • Elastic waistband for ease in putting on and removing it.
  • Hem that has been double stitched for durability.
  • The length is up to the floor.
  • It does not have a lining.
  • It can be hand washed in cold water or dry cleaned if necessary.
  • It should not be bleached and when drying, lay it flat on the surface.  

Refer to the size chart given to confirm the size you want.

Disclaimer: There is no assurance that the color displayed on your monitor is the same color as the commodity because of screen settings and screen pixel definitions. They try to make colors as precise as possible, but colors are guess estimates of the real colors.

Women’s Ankle Length High Waist A-line Flowy Long Maxi Skirt with Pockets


Material: 95% polyester, 5% spandex, light-weight and nonelastic

Closure: Zipper

  • Ankle-length high waisted maxi skirt, calf-length with side pockets.
  • It has an interwoven bell-bottom skirt with a large belt knotted to a bow behind the skirt.
  • A ladylike loose skirt that you can easily pair with tee-shirts, shirts, crop tops, etc.
  • The long bell-bottomed high waisted skirt for ladies is ideal for gatherings, office wear, dinner party, traveling, and so on.

The size details are available. We recommend ordering one size up (reminder: waist has no elastic band).

24seven Comfort Apparel Women’s Elastic Waist Maxi Skirt


Material: 95% Rayon, 5% Rayon

Closure: Elastic

  • This high waisted skirt is not only comfy and chic but also can be worn easily. It can be matched with a simple blouse, a denim or leather coat to give an edgy, stylish look.
  • It is made from an elastic material, giving a comfortable fit.
  • It comes in 8 classic colors.
  • Machine washable.

Free shipping and returns: They allow free shipping and free returns. If a purchase was made online, it could also be taken back or swapped without a charge at the Nordstrom store.

Custom-made products cannot be returned.

If a designer product is returned, it should be in the same state as it was sold, including all the tags still attached.

Winter Skirt, High Waisted Long Black Skirt, Long Winter Skirt, Winter Maxi Skirt, Black Skirt with Pockets, Circle Skirt, Winter, Autumn


Materials: Elastane, Georgette

  • Lengthy, black high waisted skirt with 2 pockets on the side.
  • Made from georgette material (heavy).
  • Stylishly dropping down on either side.
  • Effortlessly matched to suit different events.
  • Countercheck your size or send your measurements if you want the item customized to your size with no additional charges.
  • Available sizes are XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, Custom size.

Countercheck your size or send us your measurements, and we will customize your high waisted skirt at no additional charges.

Camo Camouflage High Waisted Maxi Skirt / Camo Maxi Skirt (Please Read Full Description)


Materials: Cotton, Camouflage, Hand-crafted

Closure: Invisible zipper

  • High waisted maxi skirt with pleats all around.
  • Comes in all sizes. Below 22 inches to 51 inches above or equal. (This is your real waist in inches).
  • It can be customized to your specification, or choose the size varies according to your real waist measurements (in inches).
  • It is unlined.
  • It has pockets on both sides.
  • Length size is 45 inches (you can request length alteration).
  • Invisible zipper enhances the class and sophisticated look. The zipper can be very fragile. Do not force the zipper if it gets stuck. Take the zip down again and pull it up very slowly. Ask for help from someone else so that the zipper is not damaged. You can also ask for an elastic back instead of a zipper if you want a plus-size skirt.  


  • Size XS Waist 27 inches – 28 inches
  • Size S Waist 29 inches – 30 inches
  • Size M Waist 31 inches – 32 inches
  • Size L Waist 33.5 inches – 34.5 inches
  • Size XL Waist 36 inches – 38 inches
  • Size XXL Waist 39 inches – 41 inches
  • Size 3XL Waist 43 inches – 45 inches
  • Size 4XL Waist 47 inches – 49 inches

Returns, exchanges or refunds are not allowed because of the custom nature of the job. If measurements were not provided, you might need to adjust the sizes to get a perfect fit.  

Our stock is tailor-made. Shipping happens between two to three weeks once the order is made. Delivery is done between 5 to 7 days.

Formal Long Maxi Skirt, High Waisted Skirt, Taffeta Skirt Teal Blue


Materials: Taffeta, hand-crafted

Color: Teal blue

  • You can wear a fitting tunic, shirt, bodice or tee-shirt with this maxi skirt.
  • It is ideal for women who have a slim waist or broad hips.
  • Perfect for weddings. It can be matched with a classy shoe.
  • The gathered skirt is ideal for a night out.
  • It comes in different length-size.
  • It has side pockets.
  • Size range: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL.
  • Different colors are available.
  • It can be customized.

Care guidelines 

  • Clean in cold water.
  • It can be dry cleaned.
  • Ideal temperature for washing using a machine is 300C.
  • Cold ironing.


Bust: around 33inches / 84 cm

Waist: around 25inches / 64 cm

Hips: around 35.5inches / 90 cm

Approx. height: 5’3inches / 155 cm


Bust: around 34.5inches / 88 cm

Waist: around 26.5inches / 68 cm

Hips: around 37inches / 94 cm

Approx. height: 5’3inches / 160 cm


Bust: fits bust around 36inches / 92 cm

Waist: fits waist around 28.5inches/ 72 cm

Hips: fits hips around 38.5inches/ 98 cm

Approx. height: 5’5inches / 160 cm


Bust: around 37.5 inches / 96 cm

Waist: around 30 inches/ 76 cm

Hips: around 40 inches/ 102 cm

Approx. height: 5’6 inches / 160-165 cm


Bust: around 39.5 inches/ 100 cm

Waist: around 31.5 inches/ 80 cm

Hips: around 42 inches/ 106 cm

Approx. height: 5’7 inches / 160 -165 cm


Bust: around 41 inches/ 104 cm

Waist: around 33 inches/ 84 cm

Hips: hips around 44 inches/ 112 cm

Approx. height: 5’7 inches / 168-170 cm


Bust: around 43.5 inches / 110 cm

Waist: around 35.5 inches / 90 cm

Hips: around 46.5 inches / 118 cm

Approx. height: 5’7 inches / 168-170 cm


Bust: around 46 inches / 116 cm

Waist: around 38 inches / 96 cm

Hips: around 49 inches / 124 cm

Approx. height: 5’7 inches / 168 -170 cm

High Waisted Maxi Skirt: How to Wear It

High waisted maxi skirts are trendy and have been demonstrated to be very versatile. No matter which way you choose, the high waisted maxi skirt can be dressed down or dressed up, and it will compliment almost every body type. Knowing how to wear your high waisted maxi skirt is not hard. Follow the simple fashion recommendations below to achieve a great look.  

1. Choose your style: Check out the different types of high waisted maxi skirts available on the market. Try out different styles before settling for the right now. You can choose from various styles, such as the A-line skirts, gathered skirts, pencil skirts, etc.

2. Consider the occasion: Since the maxi skirts are versatile, choose the appropriate skirt for the occasion. You need to consider the length and pattern of the skirt to match the occasion. Like for instance, some are too informal to be worn in the office.

3. Get the right size: It is very important to get a high-waisted maxi skirt because it is designed to accentuate your hip to waist ratio. If you choose a small skirt, it will pull through your body and form pleats and bulges in uncomplimentary places. On the other hand, if the skirt is too big, it could reduce the flowing, waist shaping outcome designed by the skirt.

4. Follow celebrities for inspiration: In the recent years, celebrities and models have been spotted dressed in high waist attires such as trousers, shorts, skirts, etc. This hot trend can inspire creativeness on how you are supposed to dress the high waisted maxi skirt.

5. Get inspired by old-fashioned styles: The high waisted style has been around for some years and became common in the forties and fifties. You can get ideas on how to wear the maxi skirts from fashionistas such as Marilyn Monroe, Mary Tyler Moore, etc., who set the stage for initial high waisted fashion.

As seen above, high waisted maxi skirt can fit different occasions if paired well. Since women like being smart and stylish, they will never go wrong if they choose this high waisted maxi skirt. And on top of that, it will complement their figure.

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