How to Find the Publisher of a Website – The Complete Guide

There are many times when you open up a website, and you are interested to know about the publisher of the website, you try to know how to find the publisher of the website. 

It may happen when you like the website very much and are curious to know more about the people handling the articles and things posted on the website.

However, finding the publisher might not be an easy task for everybody. Some websites have their publisher’s name displayed in bold on the Home Page. But that’s not the case many times.

Most of the time, you will have to search a little more and dig deeper into the website to find the publisher of the website. You might want to find the publisher for many reasons, and not finding the publisher can lead to distress and disappointment. However, here are the effective steps and methods you can take to find the publisher of the website easily.

Copyright Notice

When you open a website, you can observe different sections of the webpage. Each section has its own defined function and the information it displays. The side banners are usually used for advertisements, and the top banner is usually used for switching between different web pages of the website.

But if you are looking to how to find the publisher of a website and it is not visible in any of the parts of the website, it is possible that it might be located on the copyright’s notice.

The copyright notice is the notice that informs the reader that the text is not allowed for use without credit. At the same time, the official owner of the website can also be located with the copyright’s notice that is present at the bottom of the page of the website.

Check the “About Us” Page

You can often forget to check all of the pages that are present on a website, and it can cause you to skip useful information. If you skip the information on the “About Us” page, it is possible that you may not know how to find the publisher of a website. The information about the website and the owners can be found on the “About Us” page of the website.

The “About Us” page holds all the information about the owners, the writers, the managers, and the publishers of the website. You can just click on the tab on the website, and you can find the information of the publishers and the authors easily and clearly displayed.

Domain Information of the Website

If you cannot find the information about the publisher anywhere on the website and you have scanned the website thoroughly and carefully, it means that the publisher’s information is hidden and not displayed on the website pages.

In these cases, you can track the website’s domain and use different tools to identify the owner of the website. There are many related tools available on the internet that can provide you with the information you need.

One of the most used tools is the ICANN Whois tool. You just have to enter the domain name in the search bar, and it will show you the information about the author that has been stored in the database.

You should know that many things are hidden from the internet, such as the contact number and the email address of the publisher, and can only be visible if the publisher allows it to be.

The best part about this stool is that it updates regularly, and even the slightest of changes are updated in the database system, so you do not have to worry about how to find the publisher of a website.

Legal Sections of the Website

Apart from the “Home Page” and the “About Us” page, there are different pages that most people do not see. These pages can be the legal pages of the website that provide extra information about the website, the author, the writer, and other privacy policies of the company or the website.

The legal sections of the website contain the “Terms & Conditions” page. This page has all the terms and conditions of using the website’s information and using any information for personal use. The publisher’s information can be uploaded there.

Apart from that, the “Terms of Service” page should also be kept in mind. The terms of conditions page also mentions the publisher with the publisher’s message that may or may not be provided. 

The terms of service page define the different statements that must be followed. However, part is necessary to know how to find out the publisher of a website. 

Author Biography Portion

When you read an article on any of the websites on the internet, mostly the author’s name is written on the top of the article, the bottom of the article, or it is not written at all.

In contrast, it must be noted that most of the time, every bit of information is written about the author in the biography portion, and you only need to pay a little attention to find out about the publisher of the website.

If the website uses WordPress to upload articles, it is a necessity that the author’s information is written on the bottom of the page. The format is the same for most of the websites that use WordPress.

If the author’s information is not present anywhere else, you can always check to see if the author’s information is missing or not.

Linked Social Media Accounts

If the person who runs the website wants to have a more massive reach, it is expected that the person would have social media links linked to the app or the website at hand.

When you make a blog or a website, you will want more reach and more people on your website. This would increase the revenue that is made from the website. In order to make websites more authentic, many writers and other professionals add their social media accounts.

However, they should know that the personal information that they are trying to hide is not hidden. Instead, with a few clicks, the complete detail of the publisher can be found easily.

WordPress Website Source Code

As most of the websites use WordPress, you can also find the author of a website through the details of WordPress. Even this tool has all the information of the publishers if they register their data upon the creation of their account.

Finding the publisher of a website through WordPress is really easy. Once you open the website you have in mind, you just have to go to the address bar. In the address bar, if you move towards the end of the link to the website, you will notice the username of the website’s owner. That is the variation of the name of the owner set as the username.

The next thing you need to do is to enter the username displayed with the URL of “/?author=1”. Once you enter this address, you can see the name of the publisher of the website and all the other information that the person has registered into the WordPress database system.

Even though it is one of the indirect methods, it still works if you want to see how to find the publisher of a website and can’t do it in any other way. However, this won’t be available for websites that are not connected to WordPress in any way.

Ask The Owners

Are you having no luck in finding the publishers of the website? It means that you have tried every other method in the book, and now you are tired. Even though there are numerous ways in which you can look for the publisher, and most of the time, two to three methods always work, there can be times when none of the methods works. 

This can be due to the fact that the publisher has decided to hide his identity or does not want to disclose personal information about himself to the public on the internet.

In these cases, there is no other way than to contact the publisher yourself and ask for the details. For that purpose, you can always contact the publisher through the website “Contact Us” page. 

Once you open the “Contact Us” page, you can notice the number, the email address, or a portion that states, “Leave us a message.” You can enter your message into the dialogue box, and it will reach the publisher of the website or the managers of the website. It is one of the unconventional methods of how to find the publisher of a website, but it works well, and you can get your desired information with accuracy.

Website’s Blog

Another unusual method that is mostly not used is the blog method. You will notice that there are many websites that have a “Blog” tab on the website. The blog is the portion in which the publisher publishes articles for the education of the reader or to engage the user into staying on the website more.

If you notice, you will see that you can subscribe to the newsletter of the website. If you subscribe to the newsletter of the website, you will get a weekly or monthly newsletter about new blogs or anything that the publisher wants the readers to see or read. 

However, this can also help you to find the publisher of the website. Once you receive an email from the website, you can scroll down and observe the sender’s information. Not only will you get an email address for the person that controls the website, but you can also see the name of the publisher and other related information at the button of the email or newsletter.

This method might take more time than the other methods, but it works perfectly if you are eager to find out about the author.

How to Find the Publisher of a Website: FAQ’s

There are different methods by which you can find out more about the publisher or even know the contact information of the publisher. If one method does not work, the other one does, and that is how to find the publisher of a website. 

However, if you have more questions, here is a list of questions that most people ask apart from the information mentioned, and they might help you as well:

Who Is the Publisher of a Website?

The publisher of the website is the person that finalizes the articles and publishes them on the website for the readers to see. The publisher is the person who registers with the domain name or the WordPress tool. Every article published is the responsibility of the publisher.

What Is Publishing Information?

Publishing information is the portion in which the details of the author, the publisher, the website name, and the year is written. This comes in handy if you want to cite the content in any other article or in a paper to avoid piracy and plagiarism.

How Do You Find Bibliographical Information on a Website?

If the website mentions any other book, article, or website, the citation is mentioned on the website. If you are looking to find the bibliographical information, try scrolling down to the bottom of the page, and you will find the complete details of citation.

What Are the Reasons to Find the Publisher of a Website?

You may need to find the publisher due to many reasons. It could be solely out of curiosity or for a purpose. Either you want to work for the website, become business partners, ask questions about the publication, clear misconceptions, or any other thing related to the content that the publisher has published. 

Many times people want to connect with the publisher as they want the publisher to publish their articles on the website.

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