How to Travel the World and Find Amazing Things

Viator is an exciting online marketplace with global trip advice you don’t want to miss, especially if you are planning a travel adventure and would like to know how to travel the world. The Viator experience includes the following top-rated features and services:

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●      Search – a destination search bar with a geolocation search tool

●      Advanced Filters – filters used to search by price, sales/deals, duration, etc.

●      Support – award-winning support with travel experts available 24/7 via phone and chat

●      Account – easy account registration and access from any device

●      Help – a help center with articles that answer commonly-asked questions

●      Wish List – a convenient wish list to save your favorite destinations

●      Lowest Prices – the lowest prices guaranteed with price matching available

●      Online Booking – easy booking for a vast array of travel experiences

●      Money-Back Guarantee – flexibility to cancel up to 24 hours of the scheduled booking with money-back guarantee

How to Travel the World and ‘Find Amazing Things to Do (Anytime, Anywhere)’

In order to start a search on the site to find activities, events, and other amazing things to do, you may begin as a guest visitor and use the travel destination search bar, which is located at the top of the site in plain view, then type in your location and travel dates. The search bar’s user-friendly interface offers an easy, convenient way for anyone to interact with the website and pull up activities, events, and sites to see on your trip.

To go a step further, if you would like to find activities near you at your present location, you will need to click the “allow” button in the popup window so that the site can access your geolocation. If the popup window does not open, you may need to go into browser settings to make sure your browser is not set to block popups for this feature to work. Once the location service is enabled in your browser, you will be able to pull up a variety of activities you can do right where you are. This feature is especially useful if you want to explore the site’s updated list of events, activities, and sites once you have arrived at your travel destination. The geolocation search filter is also beneficial to use whether you have run out of things to do, need to create a new travel plan, or are lengthening your stay and want to plan more activities to do, or simply need to make some last-minute changes to your already established travel plans.

How to Benefit from and Make Use of Advanced Filtering Options

After entering your destination and date into the search bar, the site redirects you to a new page containing more advanced filtering options (i.e., price filtering, filtering by reviews, filtering by deals and discounts, filtering by duration, etc.). These features make the site even more welcoming because they make it easier to narrow down your choices in order to try to find exactly what travel activities you are looking for.

Instant Support Anytime You Need It

While the travel destination search bar and the geolocation event finder feature and advanced filters may very well be all you need to get off into the right direction when developing your travel plans, you can always set a moment aside and call the site’s phone number or open the website’s live chat support window to speak to a travel expert about your plans and ask any questions you may have. The phone number and chat link are located at the very top of the website page in clear view to make it easy for you to contact the site’s support team. This award-winning support is available 24/7 to you and is likely to be quite useful if you need help on the site or with any of its services. Support specialists are standing by to offer trip advice anytime you need it.

Benefits of Becoming a Registered User

Users who sign up for a personalized account on the site receive additional benefits, services, and support from the site. To sign up for an account, simply click on the word “Account” located in the upper right-hand corner of the main header navigation menu. From there, you will be directed to create a username and password. You will want to be sure to save your password somewhere safe so that you can easily access your account again in the future. One way to do that is to save your username and password in your browser account settings on the device you plan to travel with on your trip so that the username and password will easily come up again for you without needing to remember it or reset it again. This can save you valuable time and ensure that you can access your saved travel plans when you need to.

Nevertheless, the site offers a fail-proof option, as well, for logging in in the case you did forget your username or password. If you are accessing the site from a new device that didn’t have the username or password saved on its browser, you could still easily login to see your wishlist or access your bookings while traveling from the site’s login system which includes an alternative method for logging in by means of using a Google, Apple, or Facebook account instead.

Site visitors who have registered for an account may access many additional benefits through the use of their online personal account. They may save specific content that meets their personal travel needs, make changes to travel plans, tours, and activities from anywhere, and gain access to travel advice and support services on the go.

Benefits of the Help Center

One of the simplest ways to access support on the site is to visit the site’s help center. The help center is a customized support feature containing a collection of articles in its knowledge base written with the intent to answer the most commonly-asked questions users may have about the site and about making travel plans on it. To open the help center window and access its support, click on the word “Help,” which is located on the site’s header navigation menu bar on the upper right-hand side of the site. From there, you can type in a keyword, keyphrase, or question into the help center’s search bar, which will retrieve a variety of suggested articles related to your search.

If that does not answer your question, you may consider clicking on the chat button located in the help center window to speak directly with a live agent. Before speaking with a live agent, though, you will want to first login to your personal account to have it open and ready to access your travel plan information so that you may receive more personalized help once the chat agent is available.

Save Your Favorites in Your Wish List

By clicking on the heart icon located in the header menu, registered account users can save their favorite attractions, events, activities, and destinations to their personal wish list and retrieve these after logging back in to their account at a later time. This feature is useful for site users that are still exploring activities but who are not yet sure which travel plans they want to book as well as for users who want to save alternative travel plans should anything change with their current bookings prior to or during their planned trip.

Having a backup itinerary is also good in case you finish an activity and need more things to do or in the case you wish to extend your stay even longer to see and do more travel activities.

Easily Create and Save Bookings

In addition to exploring travel destinations on the site, users may also use the site to book their entire travel itinerary from start to finish. To create a booking, click on the word “Bookings” located in the header menu, which will redirect you to a page where you can start exploring the attractions you wish to book.

Based on your interests that you type into the search field, a list of popular tourist packages and destinations will appear in the results. From the results, you can pick and choose which ones you would like to do. You can book a variety of unique experiences, including outdoor activities, tours, sightseeing packages, cruises, restaurants, and other fine eateries, arts and cultural events, purchase tickets and passes, book seasonal events, classes, and workshops, and reserve travel and transportation services.

To book an activity, you click on it to open its reservation page. You then can book now and pay at a later time in order to reserve the activities that you don’t want to miss out on. You are not locked in and can cancel for free even up to 24 hours within the time of the booked event with a full refund. With Viator, users are not locked into travel plans and are offered the flexibility to easily change, cancel, or add to their bookings if their travel plans change, which often can happen.

The Viator Experience

The very thing that makes Viator stand out in this regard as a top of the line experience in the travel industry when compared to many other travel agencies is that you do have the ability to cancel a trip or activity up to 24 hours before the event (with a complete money-back guarantee) and there is 24/7 support available anytime from anywhere while traveling. However, regardless of good planning or intentions, to truly ensure a good experience with any travel plan, travelers should remember some good rules of thumb or principles to use based on experience.

1. Be sure to know your destination well before planning any trip.

2. Caveat emptor still applies when booking any trip with any travel company. The buyer alone is responsible for verifying the actual quality and adequacy of the service(s) before booking.

3. You will need to take into account the fact that travel plans anywhere in the world can change overnight without notice due to bad weather, natural disasters, covid lockdowns, sold-out events, and changes in global travel restrictions.

4. It is imperative that you be well-informed and have alternative travel plans should anything happen.

5. Be sure to travel to a destination when it is best timing and most-advised timing to do so and avoid locations that have regular travel restrictions or bans placed on them.

6. As well, it never hurts to double-check your bookings that Viator has made for you after you have completed them by directly contacting the hotels, restaurants, airports, trains, and event holders to make sure they received your bookings in advance from Viator and that everything is set up as it should be.

7. By contacting the actual event holders, you will learn more about the events and situations surrounding these secondary reservations in advance, which could help protect you in the long run, offering you more assurity and ability to stay well-equipped to handle any possible changes that could occur before or during the actual trip.

8. Be aware of visa and vaccination requirements for all travelers and make sure these are all up to date well in advance before traveling.

9. Be sure to play it safe and carry with you copies of all travel documents, identification cards, and credit cards and have important personal contacts, bank contacts, etc., maintained in a list in case your luggage, phone, or devices are lost or stolen.

10. Notify Viator as soon as you can if you need support. It may be a good idea to keep the phone number for Viator in your contact list as well, in case you do not have internet access at any point.
All in all, while taking into account travel advisories, safety precautions, as well as being well-informed about possible travel hazards, Viator has your back.

With Viator, you have the assurance of obtaining quality trip advice, services, and award-winning support by travel experts anytime from anywhere while accessing the most comprehensive repository of travel information at your fingertips.

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