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Since email marketing has a significant impact on any business, it becomes a necessity to list down the top email marketing companies for the flourishment of one’s business. In the age of technology and an increase in online activity, effective marketing through online services such as paid ads and websites is heavily being utilized. Email is one of the most widely used tools for work and personal purposes, due to which, according to research, it is being used by 3.9 billion people in 2020 and is expected to grow to 4.48 billion people by 2024. 

It was found that as of 2019, email marketing was the third most effective tool for marketing, as 87 percent of marketers are reported to make use of it. In fact, when an email is welcoming and appealing to a customer, the open rate is said to be 82%. 

This article will enlist and pour light on some of the top email marketing companies and the reasons for choosing each. The advantages and benefits of email marketing will also be discussed. 

The Benefits of Email Marketing

The popularity of email marketing is growing day by day, and this fact is reflected by its impact. According to various research, the personalization of an email makes it 50% more likely to be opened and viewed by customers. Moreover, adding interactive content, such as videos, increases the engagement rate by a whopping 300%. In terms of emails from brands that customers like, 49% would like to receive promotional emails from them.

It was seen from a study conducted in 2020 that the amount of email engagement increased to 78% in a period of one year. Business-to-business (B2B) marketers prefer email marketing as the best mode of communication. Its popularity can be seen from the upgrading of desktop emails to mobile-compatible ones. Various factors need to be considered to ensure a successful Return of Investment (ROI). 

These are just some of the benefits of email marketing that are enough to employ trust in email marketing companies. 

Advantages of Investing in Top Email Marketing Companies

Before investing in the top email marketing companies, the advantages and benefits of doing so must be known. It is necessary to be aware of the perks that these companies have to offer. They are stated as follows:

Usability: Emails can be used for long periods without the need to make a new one.

Access to the customer’s data: Unlike social media websites that do not share the personal information of users, emails can allow the company to obtain all the relevant data they wish from the user.

Flexibility: Once you have created a list of emails, there is no need to create a new one every time. The same list can be recycled and used each time, thereby eradicating the arduous process of manually creating a new list each time. The high-performance feature of emails to automatically generate an established list of recipients makes the sending process easier. There are three methods to add emails of recipients:

  1. Copy and paste the emails.
  2. Import and extract all the emails from a file.
  3. All the email addresses of the recipients are added individually.

User friendly:  As opposed to creating difficult ads and marketing websites, emails can easily be created using predefined templates and features. Hence, it is faster and easier to use compared to other online marketing mediums.

Cheap:  Email marketing is extremely cheap, and the return is much greater. It aids in establishing a successful fan base, boosting sales, and increasing interest in the brand by the public. 

Tools and features: Email marketing companies have tools that make the process easier. Features that make the top email marketing companies include the bulk of email contacts addition, automation, regular reporting and analysis, campaign management, and high-quality content.

Additional advantages of top email marketing companies:  Email marketing companies speed up the process of marketing so that the primary company can focus on other tasks. Each company is distinguished and unique based on its ease of use, features, payment methods, and payment plans. 

Multiple pricing schemes: The price of sending a marketing email can be of two types:

  • Price per subscriber: It is the price charged on a single email sent to several subscribers. If a company wishes to send multiple emails to the same subscriber, this pricing plan is the best option.
  • Price per email: This is the price of the number of emails sent to a single subscriber. If a company wishes to send the same email to multiple subscribers, this pricing scheme is the best option.

Top Email Marketing Companies

Now that we have gone through the benefits of investing in email marketing companies let’s take a look at some of the top email marketing companies. Below is the list:


Cheapest pricing: $25/ month ($0.0025/email)

Sendinblue easily tops the list of the top email marketing companies. It is said to be the best marketing email tool due to its ease of use. It is best for the expansion and growth of lists. The optional feature of data mapping asks the user to match extra information to the email address. The most outstanding feature of Sendinblue is the email design tool. It allows the user to review the look of the email overall on desktops, tablets, and mobiles. 

The layout does not make use of multiple pop-ups, which makes it user-friendly. The emails can be created from multiple options such as drag and drop, “Rich Text Editor,” and custom HTML codes. A summary page is provided at the end so that the user can double-check the setup, design, layout, and contact information. Their editor is workable on mobile as well.

It has a free plan and a premium plan that requires payment. A sales contact relationship management (CRM), live chat, and the access to Facebook ads is a defining feature of the marketing management tool. Its payment packages include Free, Lite, Premium, Enterprise, and Lite+. Customers have the liberty to cancel, pause, or suspend their paid subscription.


  • It does not offer refunds. 
  • They are customer-focused as a helpline, and live chat is available to assist the customer in case of any queries or difficulties. However, this feature is only available in the premium package.
  •  Some features are locked in the free plan.


Cheapest pricing: $9/month ($0.018/contact)

The defining feature of ActiveCampaign is automation. CRM features allow companies to manage sales directly and target all the best leads, which makes it useful for small businesses. It is also highly useful for companies that want complete control of automation processes. It provides 21 extensive and unique templates with different layouts for creating marketing emails. 

The prices and packages are also reasonable. Live chat can be added to the site, and delivery rates are also high. Before building an email, a campaign needs to be built, for which various types are available such as automation, split testing, or RSS triggered. 

It also has an internal image editing tool. Templates, editor tools, customization, and inserting HTML codes are the various options available. It provides tracking features, an option to schedule emails and check the rate at which the emails sent are marked as spam. 

This unique feature makes this software stand out. It also provides a mobile application to check reports and customer activity and allows access to the CRM. It also provides a machine learning aspect.


  • One disadvantage is that it can be complex for beginners. 
  • The website may be expensive for startup companies that have less capital. 
  • The mobile application acts as an information tool rather than an editor. However, the editor feature can be accessed on the mobile browser.
  • It only provides chat and email support during working hours.
  • Additional support features are only available on the premium package. 
  • No refunds are given.


Cheapest pricing: $7/ month ($0.01/contact)

MailerLite stands out due to its modernity and contemporary features, as it is operational by a young team aged 25 on average. It provides the lowest subscriber price and is the simplest email marketing service. It is useful for small startups and freelancers who want an easy and affordable solution. 

They focus on both national and international audiences as their customer support features and interfaces are provided in many languages. It has a very strong and fast editor, good payment plans, and is very user-friendly. Its 62 templates have good designs and are very flexible. 

It provides superiors marketing tools such as sign-up forms, landing pages, and reports. They have good delivery rates as well as A/B testing. It is easy to use and has good features with easy functionality. It allows linking to Mailchimp for importing email contacts. 

The mobile application allows viewing the campaign’s results, preview emails, schedule messages and manage subscriber lists. It provides more than 110 integration options. It is one of the cheapest and affordable options.


  • The mobile application does not act as an email editor. 
  • The text block cannot be edited inside the email. 
  • Its mobile application is only available on Apple Store 
  • The software is not fully compatible with the mobile browser. 
  • It does not have various tiers for its paid plans. 
  • 24/7 support through email and live chat is available in the Premium plan only.

Constant Contact

Cheapest pricing: $9/ month (0.018/contact)

Constant Contact easily makes it into the list of the top email marketing companies. It has the best drag-and-drop builder, and it is best for small businesses. It stands out from other top email marketing companies as it provides the longest free trial of 60-day. On the payment plan, a refund within 30 days is also available. 

Email contacts can be imported through multiple options, either by copy-pasting, importing from a file, or syncing and importing forms from other third-party applications such as Gmail and Outlook. The designing tools make use of the drag and drop functionality. 

Around 100 mobile compatible templates are available, but users have the liberty to customize them completely, according to their liking. Many toolbars are available for unlimited features such as adding elements or editing them. A preview option is available to have an overall look at the designed email. A mobile application is also available on Google Play Store and App Stores. Therefore, it is highly flexible and can be used to create and send emails. 

Users can keep tabs on the statistics and receive notifications. It also provides customer support on the phone as well as a live chat. It provides web hosting and also provides landing sites, and e-commerce pages. It has more than 270 applications for integrating extra services and is the most beginner-friendly.


  • It is difficult to add images as three windows will appear. The user needs to navigate through all three of them
  • The campaign management tool takes time to get comfortable to navigate.


Cheapest pricing: $10.50/ month ($0.0105/contact)

It stands out as the most user-friendly email marketing company. Quick-action buttons are available in the dash broad to aid users in adding contacts fairly quickly and easily. Contacts can be imported from a file. The email building process is very easy and simple. Pre-designed templates are available. 

The user also has the freedom to start from scratch or use an editor to insert their desired HTML code. Drag and drop tools are available, as well as a building blocks toolbar and customer segmentation. The option to preview the email on both desktop and mobile is available. The option to add images from Free Stock photos is available. 

A summary page is available for the user to enter the subject line and add recipients. It provides pop-ups instead of redirecting, thereby removing the need to redo the editing page. The mobile application lets users create emails and manage contacts. Customer services are available round the clock through emails and live chats.


  • A Shutterstock gallery is available, but it is not free. If the user previews the email and likes the image, he can purchase it. 
  • It does not have an internal image editor, so it must be edited separately before uploading it on the website. 
  • GetResponse does not have a refund policy. 
  • The email editor of the mobile version is not up to the mark as there are fewer customization options.  
  • Only text-based emails can be created through the mobile application.

The Final Analysis

The use of top email marketing companies is undoubtedly an effective marketing tool to boost one’s business. Using a website with the most contemporary features is the best option. Amongst all these companies, the choice should be based on what features the company wants and which one will be the most useful and compatible for them. 

The value-for-money aspect should also be kept in mind. In terms of pay per email, the use of Sendinblue is recommended. In the case of paying per contact, the email marketing services provided by Constant Contact are the best option. MailerLite is useful for those who want simple and affordable software. 

Companies that do not want to invest in a monthly payment plan can opt for Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor as they provide the best features. Smartly investing and utilizing the most compatible and top email marketing companies will be an efficient and remarkable tool for the successful marketing of any company.


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