Tractor Supply Dog Kennel: Is It Right for Your Pet? 

Do you think a tractor supply dog kennel is the perfect fit for your dog? This article will review different crates offered by the company and why crate training your dog might be essential. 

Dogs have always been den animals and enjoy having their own space they can retrieve to. A dog kennel gives your pet the privacy and comfort they long for. Various companies have introduced pet products in the market. However, tractor supply dog kennels are one of the most durable and pet-friendly products. 

This article will talk about why choosing a dog kennel from this trusted brand might be the right choice for your pet. We’ll also talk about choosing the right type and size of a kennel for your dog.

Introduction to Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply is one of the largest American retail chains of stores. These stores sell products for agriculture, home improvement, garden maintenance, livestock, and pet care products. The company is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, and has over 2,000 stores in the country. Tractor Supply is a Fortune 500 company and is registered under NASDAQ.

The company is dedicated to offering resources and support to dog owners around the country. In 2020, Tractor Supply announced a new multi-year sponsorship agreement with the American Kennel Club. AKC is the world’s largest registry of dogs and a leading advocate of dog sports in the United States. 

With this partnership, Tractor Supply promotes its agenda of supporting dog owners of all breeds and providing the resources they require to improve their pet’s welfare, health, and quality of life. 

Tractor Supply was founded in 1938 and, since then, has become the preferred pet shopping destination in the country. Their customers rely on the brand to offer essential products to care for their homes, family, animals, land, and pets. 

Tractor Supply offers a variety of customer service options to pet owners. You can buy a product online or pick it up from their store. You can also choose a curbside pickup. 

If you want to get your orders delivered to your doorstep, Tractor Supply offers a free standard delivery option on orders above $49. 

Over the years, the company has acquired various companies, including Petsense. This small-box specialty supply retailer works with small and medium-sized communities and aims to meet pet owners’ needs. 

Tractor Supply Dog Kennel

Along with offering multiple welfare and pet care products, Tractor Supply is a massive retailer of dog kennels. In fact, dog kennels are among the highest-selling products in their online or offline stores. The company gives you an option of a wide variety of dog kennels, from which you can select the best one for your pet. 

To make things easier for dog owners, the company gives out the exact dimensions of their crates. This makes it simpler for owners to choose the right size for their pets. Tractor Supply dog kennels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Is Tractor Supply Dog Kennel Right for Your Pet?

Tractor Supply is a trusted company that has been in the market for more than 84 years. This largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States makes quality products for your family, land, livestock, and pets. 

The dog kennels offered by this brand are made of good quality, durable materials. The brand offers a variety of options, from expandable welded dog kennels to heavy-duty welded dog kennels. So, whether you want a kennel for your Pitbull or Golden Retriever, Tractor Supply dog kennel has got you covered. 

The Tractor Supply dog kennel is built to keep your pet safe. The kennels offered by the company are sturdy, spacious, and secure, making them the right choice for your pet. They offer one of the strongest and most innovative kennels in America. Tractor Supply offers both outdoor and indoor kennels for your dogs. 

All of the kennels offered by the company are made of high-quality materials. The steel kennels are made of tubular steel with thick tubing and welded wire panels to keep your pet safe. The Tractor Supply dog kennel is coated with rust-resistant powder, which improves the durability of the crate. 

Along with offering quality products at your doorstep, the company gives you an EMI option. You can choose to pay for your Tractor Supply dog kennels by choosing the 12-month EMI option, which does not charge any extra interest. 

While the kennels offered by this company are a little more expensive than other brands, their durability and quality are worth the extra cost. With hundreds of positive reviews from pet owners, Tractor Supply dog kennels are the perfect fit for your pet. 

How to Choose the Right-Sized Kennel for Your Dog?

Kennels are much more than four walls and a roof for your dog. They are a cozy and safe space for your dogs, and they should feel comfortable inside their kennels. 

There are different types of dog kennels that Tractor Supply offers for pet owners. They are divided into two major categories – indoor and outdoor kennels. 

Outdoor kennels are huge metal kennels that give enough space for your dogs to roam and play around. They are generally more durable and made of high-quality steel to keep your pets safe from any predators. 

You can choose an all-steel cage or go with the one that has a roof on top. This keeps your pet safe and protected during changing weather conditions. 

The indoor kennels can be wired, plastic, or soft crate kennels. These dog kennels are a temporary establishment for your dog. You can use them while traveling with your pet. The indoor Tractor Supply dog kennel is portable and travel-friendly. 

Before selecting a dog kennel, whether indoor or outdoor, you must ensure that it’s the perfect fit for your pet. If a kennel is too small, your dog might feel caged and frustrated. If your indoor kennel is too big, it might not be easy to carry and take up more space than needed. 

To choose the right-sized kennel for your dog, you need to measure him from the top of his head to the floor and from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail. Any kennel you choose should at least be 3 to 4 inches taller and longer than the size of your dog. 

The kennel you choose for your dog would also depend on the purpose of the kennel. A Tractor Supply dog kennel comes in a variety of sizes and materials. You can go for the one that fits your needs. You might need a dog kennel for the following reasons. 

●    For building a safe space: You can use dog kennels to create a safe space for your dogs. It would be best to place their kennel in a quiet spot in your backyard or house. The kennel should be big enough to house all their blankets and toys, making their kennel more comfortable.

●    For safe transportation: Dog kennels are an essential accessory when traveling with your dog. You might need a plastic or steel crate to hold your dog safely in the cargo area while traveling by air. If your dog is tiny enough to fit in the cabin, you will still need a collapsible kennel to comfortably hold your dog. 

●    As a training tool: A Tractor Supply dog kennel can be a good training tool for your new puppies. It can help them learn new rules more efficiently. You can choose from a variety of kennels offered by the company. 

Why Should You Crate Train Your Dog?

Earlier, people believed that crates or kennels were cruel to your dogs. On the contrary, when a good kennel is used correctly, dog owners can teach their dogs rules and give them their own space when necessary. There are a few reasons why crate training your dog with a Tractor Supply dog kennel might be good for your pet.

● Dog kennels are suitable for household safety. When your puppies are resting safely in their outdoor or indoor kennel, you can complete all your work without supervising them at all times. Having your pet tucked safely away keeps them safe and gives you peace of mind.

● Dog kennels provide enough space for your dogs to play and run. Your dogs may feel bored and get into mischief in confined places. When they are in a kennel, they can run and play with their toys without causing any damage. You can keep your pet’s essentials like blankets, toys, and food in their kennel.

● These kennels offer a comfortable space for your dogs. A Tractor Supply dog kennel is enclosed with well-ventilated fencing, giving your pets enough light and fresh air. You can choose a kennel with a roof on top to protect your pet from excess heat or rain. Kennels protect your dogs and keep your family members and neighbors safe from your dog. 

● Dog kennels are great for house training. By keeping them in a kennel, you can teach them what or what not to do. With a kennel, you can praise them for all their right actions and correct them for the wrong ones. Some dogs are aggressive in nature, and a dog kennel is a must-have tool to train them. 

● Kennels are a little cheaper than fencing your entire yard. You will always want your dog to be in an enclosed space to keep them safe. Fencing the entire area is quite expensive. Instead, you can choose to buy a larger kennel for your dog for them to play, run and stay safe. 

What Caution Should You Take While Introducing Your Dog to a Kennel? 

While crates are suitable for your puppies and dogs, they might have a reverse effect when misused. With smaller kennels, your dogs might feel trapped and frustrated. Hence, it would be best to take a few cautions while introducing your dog to a Tractor Supply dog kennel. 

● While you can use a dog kennel to train your dog, you should never use it to punish them. It would be best to put an interactive toy in their crate or fill it with their favorite blankets. This will help them build a positive connection with their kennel.

● It would be best to never leave your dog in its kennel for too long. When dogs do not get enough human interaction or exercise, they can become anxious, frustrated, or depressed. 

● Your dog’s kennel should always have a comfortable bed. This helps them associate their kennel with their personal space. Their kennel should be big enough for them to roam and play around. 

● Your dog should not spend most of its time in its dog kennel. 

● Puppies below the age of six months should not be left in an indoor kennel for more than 3 hours. They are small and are unable to control their bladder. 

How Long Can Your Dog Stay in a Tractor Supply Dog Kennel? 

The amount of time your dog can spend in a dog kennel would depend on their age and the type of kennel. If you have an outdoor kennel where your pets can run and play, your dog can be left in their kennel for up to six hours. However, you should be prepared to pick their poop from the yard. 

If you have an indoor or closed kennel, then the time they can spend in the crate would depend on their age. If you have an 8 to 10-week old puppy, they should not be left in their kennel for more than 60 minutes. 

When your puppy is between 11 and 14 weeks, it can stay in its kennel for 3 hours. You can leave your dog for up to four hours in a kennel when they are 16 weeks old. Once your dog is fully potty trained and around 18 weeks old, it can stay in its kennel for five hours. 


Tractor Supply is one of the leading American retailers that care for families, pets, livestock, and your land. The company offers a wide variety of dog kennels that you can choose from as per your needs. The company offers everything you need, from an extendable steel cage to one with soft walls. 

A Tractor Supply dog kennel is the perfect fit for your dog. They keep your dog safe and secure. The kennel also offers a well-ventilated space for your pets to play and run around. 

These kennels help dog owners to train their pets more efficiently. While they may be a little more expensive than other brands, the quality and durability of the kennel are well worth the price. 

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