Best Harley for Beginners – What You Need to Know

Harley was founded in 1903, but still, now it is the most successful and well-known brand for motorcycle manufacturing. Harley Davidson provides the best motorcycles for beginners as well as for thrill riders. In recent years, there has been an increased demand for these motorcycles due to the urge to find new hobbies to kill boredom. 

Harley manufactures lightweight and cheap beginner motorcycles with easy handling. Their working efficiency is much better than the others available in the market. The Street 500 and 750 released a few years ago were the best Harley motorbikes for new riders.

People usually like to buy budget and environment-friendly motorbikes that need fewer resources to provide a safe journey. Many bikes by Harley Davidson use less gas and leave low carbon footprints, making the best for cheap prices and long-lasting joy. There are some factors you must think about before getting a bike for obtaining your license.

Guidelines For a Beginner Level Motorcycle Rider

Traveling on a motorcycle is thrilling and fun, but a person must know to handle it properly to prevent any mishap. There are many motorcycles safety courses out there for learning the ability to ride the motorcycle like a pro rider. Here are some guidelines for the newbies to follow during their rides.

Get a Helmet and a Jacket

Apart from buying the best motorcycle in the market for a thrilling experience, your safety matters the most. A helmet is the most important piece of equipment that fits properly on your head without impairing your vision. It protects you from any cranial injury in the case of an accident. It is never recommended to buy an expensive helmet. Buy the one that is manufactured by following all the security protocols. 

Buy a jacket that is exceptionally designed for motorcycle riders. These jackets help to avoid the injuries of the internal organs during the accident and prevent the situation from getting worse. These jackets are made from leather or synthetic materials like Kevlar for increased reliability and durability. These jackets also protect you from extreme weather conditions. There are also some designed boots and gloves for motorcycle riders. You can also buy them for additional safety.

  • Learn to ride a motorcycle

You must learn to ride a motorcycle properly before getting on the roads. For learning, you can sign up for the safety courses or go for personal learning from someone. These courses help you to learn basic handling and operational protocols for confident journeys.

You must learn the basic controls of the motorcycle you are going to ride; otherwise, it would be dangerous. Basic learning can build your confidence even during your first journey.

  • Buy a proper bike

You must know about the essential specifications in a motorcycle according to its body structure. Low seats motorcycles are good for the short-heightened riders and the tall riders; the seats much are high enough for getting your body in a comfortable and easy position. Follow the protocols to ride the motorcycle for getting control over the bike from the start.

Practice as much as you can. Start from the short distance journeys and increase the duration to build up the confidence. Learn to keep it balanced on the ground. The motorcycles with a low center of gravity and less weight are easy to balance and ride.

Common Specifications in a Bike for New Riders

The new riders need comfortable entry-level motorcycles for better control and safety. Everyone has a unique body structure, and the riding style and the structure of the motorbike must be following that. That’s why Harley Davidson is the best choice for beginners. The new riders face many challenges, including fear which is the worst. These bikes help you to overcome your fear.

A person must take up a motorcycle safety course to get an incredible learning experience. These courses enable you to get the right training in a short time, and a person usually gets over the fear through this course.

Seat comfort is another important factor in a motorbike. If your height is average, your seat must be heightened enough to keep your feet in a flat and comfortable position when you stop. For the tall riders, the seats must be a bit higher. The comfortable seats allow the rider to be comfortable during the whole experience rather than sticking their knees too far or being on their toes.

There are also some slow-speed bikes but harder to learn. In repeated learning, you are going to waste fuel. With a limited budget, you cannot afford to waste fuel this way. The best Harley for beginners is there to save you valuable money and provide you with a safe and sound traveling experience.

Best Harley for Beginners in 2021

If you are looking for some good motorcycles as a newbie, then this article includes what you are looking for. Here are some best and latest models of Harley bikes for beginners in 2021 to consider for the new thrill.

  • The Street 500

The street 500 with the 500CC engine is the best beginners level motorbike by Harley. The liquid-cooled revolution X engines help to get a better traveling experience in heavy and hot traffic. Your journey is smooth even when traveling through the holes on the roads. It is lightweight and easy to lift off the side stand with the optional anti-lock brakes to keep it on the right track.

The seat of this motorcycle is 28 inches high, and the frame is narrow. It is easy to learn and handle in jammed traffic. Your traveling experience will be enjoyable on all types of roads. The appealing look and design make it the most demanding motorcycle for beginners.

  • The Street 750

The design and weight of street 750 are the same as the street 500, but there are some modifications in this model. The engine is 750 cc with increased power and torque. The front bikes are upgraded. 

This bike is going to take your journey to a much better place than the previous model reviewed in this article. The seats of the street 750 are of average height, and the frame is narrow. It allows the rider to get control of the motorcycle.

  • The Sportster XL 883 Super low

The SuperLow by Harley Davidson comes with an 883 cc Evolution Engine with 55 ft.-lb. of torque, an adjustable rear shock. It is improved over the years. This model has a fuel tank with a fuel capacity of approximately 17 liters for long journeys. The weight is just 545 pounds, and it is easy to handle. The price tag is not going to drain your bank account. 

The engine is upgraded with many new features like aluminum heads to make them reliable and long-lasting than the previous models. The price is below 10,000 dollars with the amazing handling and design. These all make it the best choice to go for.

  • The Sportster Iron 883

The iron 883 attracts the attention of buyers with all its latest updates like emulsion shocks. It is the least expensive of the other competitive motorcycles available in the market. The comfortable design and amazing looks urge the buyers to consider it as their first bike as a beginner.

If you have the proper control over the clutch and braking, this motorcycle is designed just for you. The torque and power of this bike are good enough to go to your travel destination safely. The acceleration gotten is the best for a smooth traveling experience.

  • Softail Standard

The Softail has a powerful Milwaukee Eight engine with a low seat and easy handling. This bike has enough power to take you on short trips that are under 100 miles. The motorcycle gives you a smooth journey irrespective of any ups and downs on the road. The architecture of this bike distinguishes it from other competitive motorcycles. 

This Harley motorcycle costs much less and has approximately the same features as the closest competitors. The only drawback of this motorcycle is its low seat making it uncomfortable for tall riders. With single-disc front and rear brakes, it is easy to handle at a low speed. You can also spend some extra money to buy an antilock braking system.

  • Softail Slim

With the 107 ci Twin Engine, you will get the most entertaining journeys on your Softail slim as a beginner. The 671 pounds and admirable performance make it easy to handle for the newcomers in the world of thrill rides. The classic looks of this motorcycle attract the buyers to get them as their first bike. 

No windscreen and storage in the slim that is most importantly required in long-distance cruising are awful and the windblast created is tiresome. This motorcycle is for short journeys for the newbies. This is best for the short-heightened riders because of its slim handles and stops. It has three more colors besides a vivid back color. The brakes are good enough to stop it easily. This motorcycle is one of the best Harleys for beginners.

  • The Livewire

If you want to cut some of your expenses by not paying for the gas, the livewire by Harley Davidson is going to provide you with the same thrilling experience. Being an electric motorcycle, it is eco-friendly and fun to ride. A single battery charge can last for up to approximately 60 miles which is impressive. The no-clutch system makes it easy to control by the new riders. The acceleration is ideal for a smooth journey. You can easily stop or accelerate this bike through its easy control system.

There is a fake tank and the boast charging socket is under its flap. You can refill the battery charge in approximately one hour with the correct charger during the long journeys. The full battery charging is done in approximately 13 hours with its three pinned wall charger that can be found coiled up under the seat. This is not the most powerful Harley but it is good enough for learners and beginners.

The other traveling experiences you are going to get from the livewire are the same as others in this range. There is nothing to stand it out of the line. It is lightweight, so easy to move and change the direction while riding.

  • Street Rod XG750A

The Street Rod XG750A is based on street 750 with increased performance and efficiency. Buying a Street Rod XG750A is a good choice for beginners instead of Street 500. People usually get over their fears in the first few months and upgrade to motorcycles having engines with greater power and torque. Opting for the Street Rod XG750A is going to be worth your money.

Its seats are heightened enough to keep you in a comfortable position while riding it for several hours. This motorcycle costs a little more than the previous models but its working capabilities are definitely worth the paid amount. With its black custom-designed for aggressive riders, you will enjoy your journey around the town. 


There are many motorcycles manufactured every year by the Harley Davidson for the new riders as well as experienced riders. The best Harley motorcycles for the beginners reviewed in this article are the best entry-level motorcycle for learning and traveling to limited destinations. For long-distance journeys, people usually prefer faster and efficient bikes that are expensive and more durable.

With all the safety equipment and learning courses, you will get ready to go for a thrill in your life. People usually buy motorcycles to kill the boredom of riding the same car again and again. In recent years, people are buying and learned to ride new motorcycles as an outdoor activity. On a limited budget, you can buy any of the above motorbikes to start as a newbie. You can upgrade it later according to your needs.


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