Best Putters for Beginners: The Buyer’s Guide   

You have just started playing golf, and you are wondering how you will master this game. If your ultimate goal is to be good at this game, you need advice on the best putters for beginners. You will discover that you cannot hit the ball constantly off the tee with some uniformity if you do not have the proper tools.  

One of the things that most golf players do not put into consideration is the importance of putting. 

Overall, putting might seem like an easy thing to do. However, it needs a number of skills to master it successfully. If you want to be a good golfer, you should master these skills and practice them regularly.

To achieve this, the first step you need to take is to buy a good putter. You might be clueless when it comes to differentiating and selecting the best putters for beginners. 

Many people overlook the importance of a putter. Getting a putter that matches your golf game is vital if you want to have a high score. Putters are readily available on the market day compared to other golf gears. This is advantageous because you will get to choose from a wide variety and select one that suits you perfectly.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Putters for Beginners

Before we jump into buying the best putters for beginners, let us first get to know the different putters that are available.

Mallet vs. Blade

Different types of putters are available. They come in various designs and head shapes. The most common putter styles are blade putters and mallet putters. You need to know how to select the best putters for beginners for a particular putting stroke. Let us go through the two styles to help you choose the one that best suits you. 

  • Mallet Putters

Mallet putters are easily recognized by their extravagant styles and bigger club heads. The mallet putter and the blade putter have the same clubface. However, the mallet putters have bigger club heads and are available in different forms, such as half-circle, square back, etc. 

The clubface of a mallet putter carries the most weight, but then again, the weight can be distributed to different parts of the clubhead due to the lengthy clubhead. This helps in stabilizing the putter during a hit. This weight distribution will stir up a distinct sensation if you are using a mallet putter in comparison to a blade putter.

Mallet putters have the optimal hit location. This part of the club will carry a rolling putt away from the turning or pushing features. These are usually found in badly struck putts. Mallet putters offer a greater balance than a blade putter because the weight is at the end of the clubhead. 

When the ball is hit, that weight at the edge of the club will help reduce turning and handling, which can cause bouncing and slide as soon as the ball is hit. Simply put, usually, the ball is inclined to go where you target it – which is great.     

Another benefit of mallet putters is positioning. Since they come in different designs, they can help you with positioning, but they cannot position your putt due to the extravagant styles and heavier bodies. When it comes to putting precision, positioning is vital, and the mallet putters can come in handy here. 

Some mallet putters are heavy because of the big club heads. When swinging an object that is heavy, you need more strength if you want to put the ball into the hole. Also, the best putters for beginners are those with a weightier club head as it will force through tall grass more easily than lighter putters. 

  • Blade Putters

Most golfers prefer blade putters because their designs are simple and have a more old-fashioned look compared to a mallet putter. If you visit any mini-golf course, you will encounter a blade putter because these are usually offered there. Just as the name suggests, blade putters have a straight clubhead and blade-designed with a thin body. Do not be too quick to judge, as blade putters can push state-of-the-art technology. 

Blade putters are popular in the PGA TOUR pros. They come in several variations. Each distinct display specs for weight, face-type, such as insert or not insert, and loft. 

Blade putters have their weight placed on the top. The shaft that joins the clubhead at the blade’s heel (or near to the blade’s midpoint), the optimal hit location is shifted near just before the heel. Since the heaviness is distributed within the toe and the heel, these putters are suitable for anyone with a curve stroke.  

  • Putter Length 

Why is putter length important, you might ask? When selecting the best putters for beginners, choose a length that is one or two inches longer than you consider is a good option.   

A golfer’s putting stroke is affected by the putter length. If the putter is not the right length, it can lead to an unfitting swing curve and affect the course, which will push the ball off your target mark.  

You will instinctively stand far from the ball if the putter length is too long. You can also adjust to the additional length by taking your elbows closer to the body instead of allowing your arms to naturally hang underneath your shoulders. This would go against the normal weight motion everyone wants to see. 

  • Pricing 

When you look at other equipment for any sport, you will notice that the price difference of putters varies greatly. One person can pay $20 and acquire something that assists you in making putts. Another person will pay $500 for the same equipment and get the same results, i.e., make putts. The most important thing is you are precise, and you can manage the distance. Price comes in second.

Think of a putter as an investment. If you do it sensibly, you will only go through this route a few times throughout life. 

Some people are passionate about collecting putters. Some golf fans gather personalized and unique putters.  

If you plan to spend a huge amount of money on putters, consider the weight, positioning, and steadiness. Irrespective of price, you are in charge of putting the ball into the hole, not the putter. 

  • Putter Grip 

There are many ways to grip the golf club, and similar to many things in golf, there is no ‘one size fits all’ putter grip. That is why the grip is very important in putting fundamentals. Some golfers are comfortable switching between different grip types. This allows them to break out a fall or boost their putting a little. 

The aim of any putting grip style is to boost a hit directed by the arms and shoulders. This can be achieved if the hands and wrists are kept as silent as possible. That is how to create repeatable action and steady outcomes.

If you are new to golf, the best way to know the right putting grip style for yourself is by trying out different styles. We can only guide you on the many ways to grip a putter, but you will have to do the actual testing.  

Best Putters for Beginners

Mastering the game of golf is a process that takes some time. However, putting is easy and does not take long to master. The two things that will set you on the right path of becoming a good golfer are getting the right equipment and a lot of practicing. 

Below is a list of the best putters for beginners 2021 that will help you as a beginner. As for practicing, we leave it up to you.  

Overall: Odyssey White Hot OG Two-Ball Putter

The White Hot Two-Ball Putter was released in 2021 and came back with the feel, spotless look, and general advantages that this putter came with. 


– This is the current version of the famous two-ball putter. The mallet is double-fold face-balanced, suitable for hits with little face turning and curve. 

– The White Hot insert feature is provided in the stepped steel and the latest red Stroke Lab shaft. All are equipped with the grey DFX.

– It is well known for having popular putter inventions in history and offers an incredible top performance package.


– It is too pricey.

Cheap Putter for Beginners: Pine Meadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter


Concentration is easy when positioning the lines because of the difference between the white head and the green grass. 

– The length of 34 inches for professional golfers is right on target. 

– It comes with a ball picker, and this helps in easy and swift playing.

– Brilliant balance for swinging. 

– The added weightiness of the head is ideal for a nice long line.  


– It might be too weighty for people who are beginning or people that have been using light putters for a long time. 

– The white head can easily stain.

– The white paint starts peeling after using it for some time.

– Easy to stain on the white head

Premium Putter for Beginners: Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D Printed Supernova Putter

The Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D Printed Putter is well known for its durability. It is not easy to miss a ball if you use Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D Printed Putter because it has a big clubhead. If you have decided to master this game, then this is the putter to go for.


– State-of-the-art technology.

– Very noticeable on the golf course.

– Exceptional steadiness offers forgiveness.

– SIK putter face operates to have putts rolling fast.


– For those who like simple putters, this is not for you.

– There should be more focus on precision.  

Consistency: Taylor-made Spider Tour Black Putter #3

As a beginner, you will notice that your putting stroke will vary and improve daily. The spider Tour Black Putter#3 will help you be consistent during your game. The clubhead is weighty and provides the most steady and remarkable impact spot.  

It contains a vibration-damping foam put into the body, and this improves the sound and feel. They further added a Super Stroke GTR grip on the putter. 

New golfers need to keep in mind that they need to avoid using their hands and use their bigger muscles in the putting hit. 


– Tour-proven style.

– Remarkable steadiness at impact. 

– Pure roll face to enhance distance handle.


– Takes time to adjust to the big clubhead.

Best For Alignment: MAZEL Tour GS Men’s Golf Putter

When you want the best alignment lines as a beginner golfer, the MAZEL Tour is highly recommended. At the top of the putter, some lines guarantee that your set-up is always on target and accurate.

For a golfer to make constant putting hits, they must have confidence in their alignment. The MAZEL Tour club head is constructed with 431 stainless steel and a CNC Milled face, and this blend gives steadiness at impact and better touch.  


– Competitive pricing.

– Anti-shock grip set.

– Extended alignment lines.

– Perfect sized mallet clubhead.


– It has no insert in the face.

Best Putters for High Handicappers 

Although they are often put in the same group, there is a difference between high handicappers and beginners. 

A high handicapper is a person who has played golf several times and is experienced on the golf course. They usually had selected their equipment well when they began. However, they need guidance on perfecting their game.  

Best putters for beginners, for high handicappers or the best putter for average golfer are the ones that give you confidence. If the feeling you get is ease and confidence about a putter, the game becomes easy. 

Follow Your Instincts!

Just like any other sport, comfort is essential in golf. Therefore, you require gear that, when you touch it, feels right. If the putter is not right or you use used putters, it will make your short game worse. It will also prevent you from mastering the essential skill of putting.


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