Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template: Using the Argon Framework for Web Design

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

For any up-and-coming programmer, ease of use and readability can make or break the usefulness of a programming suite. Oftentimes, programmers work in the language they are most comfortable with, and they prefer to use compilers that have an aesthetic they like. Bootstrap, React, and Reactstrap are some common open-source tool-kits to go to for many ground-up web-builders since they’re straightforward in their usage, and direct.


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Some people, however, find it easier to use a Bootstrap admin dashboard template that presents their information in a more organized and presentable manner. One such template is the CREATIVE TIM company‘s template, Argon Dashboard Pro React, which has two hundred hand-crafted elements for its users to take advantage of.

What Is Argon Dashboard Pro React?

Argon Dashboard is a Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template that essentially acts as a reskin for Bootstrap, React or Reactstrap open toolkit software that provides a ton of third-party elements and plugins for its users.

While it is built to work with the React open-source toolkit, this Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template works for Bootstrap and Reactstrap as well. Constructing a website is always a big undertaking, and this software is meant to ease that process without limiting its user’s ability to be creative in their construction– rather only to add on to it. This product does not replace programming knowledge, but it does greatly assist in helping those who want to circumvent some of the time that line-by-line programming can consume.

Using the pre-made widgets, the Argon bootstrap admin dashboard template does a great job of showing both the site creator and the site users some vital information that they need while interacting with the site. Along with the user experience it can provide for site viewers, the Argon dashboard template provides the site owner with metrics and data about their site, including performance rates, bounce rates, and a schedule, all of which are entirely customizable. Why is Argon Dashboard Pro React useful? The information about your website that Argon provides is beyond just useful, but is in fact game-changing for any website owner. Knowing the locations of your site viewers, where on your site they go and how they got there can allow you to make changes that will put your website on the next level.

It also provides you organizational tools that help you to construct a site and business that stay on track. Even if you’re already a well-organized person, you can use the Argon dashboard to set reminders and notifications for yourself. In terms of the user experience, the themes and elements provided by the Argon dashboard give unity and style for your site’s aesthetics that draw the users’ eyes in. With so many to pick from, finding a theme that suits your business’s aesthetics won’t be too hard at all.

Argon’s developer site, itself, is a fine example of their own product’s usage. The Creative Tim site is a well-polished and easy-to-use site that shows off several of their own product’s widgets. These widgets all are customizable with different fonts, colors and themes. This product is best viewed as a two-dimensional software service. It provides both information on your site, and templates and widgets for users. Its usage is for creating user-friendly and easily analyzed sites. While it will not write code for you, and it will not outright create a site for you, the Argon dashboard will help organize your code and provide user-friendly ways to present your code to its viewers.

The most effective usage of Creative Tim’s Argon software is as a support system and framework for your site. It acts as a document management system as well as a way to manage inventory. It uses customizable templates and over two hundred elements to provide a unique and presentable site for its users.

Its ability to provide site-makers with data about their site’s performance is a great tool for new sites that need help growing based on easily actionable data. Its organization is also great for less organized people. Still, it proves useful for those who have their business in order regardless because it provides a framework for team members and people working on your site.

One of its biggest features is that the Argon dashboard Pro React template give you documentation of all the changes and the ability to preview your site before publishing it so you can see exactly how it will appear to your viewers before putting it up live. The changelogs provided by the Argon software make for a great way to test your in-between site versions and to keep track of what changes have been made by other team members or even yourself.

Creative Tim’s website, which provides this software, has some great tutorials as well for their software. On their website, the tutorials, previews and guides are all easily accessible and the example webpages are a huge plus.

What Is Included With This Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template?

With a purchase on Creative Tim’s site of the Argon Dashboard Pro React, you essentially get access to the several hundreds of customizable components and the documentation capabilities mentioned before. Whether you purchase the dashboard or not, you can always access the tutorials, which can be a great way to see how using the dashboard will work. Using the tutorials, you can get a nice overview of the plugins and components that will become available to you. At first, you’ll get access to two hundred components and seventeen plugins, along with six example pages that you can use to help your website along and to give you ideas. As a platform, you’ll also gain access to many other purchasable items that can supplement your collection of components and plugins. These additional components and plugins commonly go on sale in large bundles so that you can get a useful set of helpful plugins for your site. The basic ones are fine as they are, but as you grow your site, you might just find yourself looking for more options.

One of the best features of your purchase is the immaculate customer support and tech support that Creative Tim’s website provides. You’ll be able to ask any questions you’d like to their support team so that you can always use their product effectively.

Who Should be Using the Argon Dashboard Pro React?

The sort of people that this product is made for are people who want to make a presentable and aesthetic site that also have experience with coding. It is not meant as a beginner or zero-experience code replacement like how Squarespace or Wix have been marketed.

The Argon dashboard product is made for somewhat experienced programmers that want some templates and colors for their site. The plugins and widgets are useful shortcuts for even advanced programmers, letting them cut significant coding time from their schedules.

The widgets also are nice because they are standardized, meaning having them across multiple pages on a site is easy without breaking the pattern and style of your page. Their ease of use is their main selling point, along with the consistency.

Ultimately, the Argon Dashboard Pro React is most useful for intermediate-level programmers and for people who have trouble keeping a consistent style in their work.

The Pros

The most useful parts of the Argon Dashboard Pro React software is that it provides a consistent aesthetic style for people of all skill levels. It is very clear in its communication, and it comes with great support. Even novice programmers and web designers can work on websites using just a very limited knowledge of coding.

The available tutorials make learning basic programming within the framework of the Argon dashboard quite easy compared to programming from scratch, and the combined usage of widgets and basic programming allows you to create some nice variants of all the templates provided to you with this software.

While still offering many templates that can help you to create your own unique site, the customizability offered via your own programming prowess makes for an entirely unique site if you’re willing to put the time in. The example pages as well offer some great ideas.

The management software for teams provided in the dashboard is great too, and allows you to manage your teams quite well. Seeing analytics on how well your team is performing along with your site is great, and being able to communicate with your team members on a centralized platform is always useful. Seeing your site’s growth on a nicely laid out graph can be a great morale booster for everyone too. That’s more of a peripheral bonus, but nonetheless, it is one.

The Cons

There are not many cons to this product. It’s a pretty solid package, but it certainly is one of those services where you get what you put into it. If you purchase this dashboard template, it will not be useful to you if you do not use it how it is intended. Without a proper understanding of the purpose of this service, it will likely be a waste of money.

The templates can, for some people, be the marker of a lazy site designer. If you’re using this dashboard template to create sites as a freelance website designer, you might find yourself being caught as unoriginal. You’ll have to put in considerable work to create a unique site out of these templates, or some creative widget and color usage to really stand apart from the others.

As with any web-design project, originality is of the highest importance, alongside consistency and user-friendliness. The analytic part of the Argon Dashboard Pro React is not particularly good at providing actionable advice. It is simply an information dump more than anything else, which means that if you don’t know how to interpret the data, it will be pointless to you.

Requiring some skill in data analysis is probably a good skill anyway, so it’s worth investing in such knowledge for the sake of it, let alone to properly use this software.

Synthetic Overview

The Argon Dashboard Pro React software is a solid framework for a website. It is a great way to channel your programming skills into an easy-to-use software system that provides both analytics, and aesthetics. Having templates to work off of, along with some widgets and themes, makes creating websites easy, and the constant support from such skilled tech helpers is a huge plus for those with less skill.

The Dashboard Pro React template is a solid choice for intermediate programmers looking to make a user-friendly and somewhat analytical webpage, but it goes further beyond than that, acting as even an organizer. It has tons of purchasable add-ons that can give you anything that you’re missing, and with its customizability, you can also turn whatever it gives you into something unique enough for your own purposes.

Some of the downsides are that it is not particularly beginner-friendly without some time dedicated to learning its systems, and those of the programming language you’re using with it. It also requires effort to be useful. For those looking to use it as a freelance web design program, the templates can feel unoriginal without some time spent on modification.

All that in mind, I would highly recommend this product, especially given the exceptional Creative Tim website and its great tutorials. For those with at least some skill in programming and with interest in aesthetic web design, this is a great framework.

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