Affiliate Marketing Business Ideas: An Ever-Green Marketing Model

Affiliate Marketing Business IdeasAffiliate marketing has widely become a source of earning for more bloggers and vloggers, from posts on Instagram to YouTube videos and blogs. Everyone is promoting the products they use and love and earning revenues from the sale of the products. But how difficult is it to find affiliate marketing business ideas?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an approach to reaching larger and new groups of prospective consumers through affiliates. Affiliate marketing is about hiring affiliates to promote your products and paying them for each sale made from their platform. The choice of affiliate is where it becomes interesting since the internet is filled with YouTubers, Instagram bloggers, and web bloggers; you can choose any platform at all to implement affiliate marketing strategies.

However, in choosing the affiliate, you need to stay mindful of choosing the right affiliate that matches your product and is capable of highlighting it the right way. There are three payment strategies under affiliate marketing, and those are pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, pay-per-click.

What Are Affiliate Marketing Strategies?

Affiliate marketing strategies are the tools you use to target your audience. Considering the number of devices that are out there for people to reach different kinds of audiences, it is worth noting that your brand can also reach those audiences if you collaborate with them. Working with affiliates opens up a new window of opportunity for your brand. Affiliates get a good commission on each sale while the brand gets sales of its products, especially if they have found some good affiliate marketing business ideas.

Let’s look into some affiliate marketing strategies and examples:

Blog Strategy

Creating a blog as a personal diary to write about your journey with diet or pregnancy, to anything at all. A blog has the ability to cater to any subject at all, and you are at liberty to create any kind of content you like. That’s the benefit of having a blog that allows you to build a relationship with the audience and share your personal experiences with them about how you are getting along with any aspect of life.

Your blog should have the capacity to cater to different categories and further dive deeper into the sub-categories of each section. This enables you to create unique niches that can then allow you to gain affiliate marketing opportunities as your blog gains regular audiences. Using long-tail keywords will allow you to build a blog category that is unique to your audience and your blog. Finding the right long-tail keywords and products is important for this purpose.

How to Incorporate Products Into Blogs?

For instance, you make a category on gardening in your blog as a sub-category: you can branch out into seasonal flowers, all-weather plants, tools to maintain the garden, which fertilizers to use, how to create a vegetable garden, and so on. The list goes on. There are so many sub-categories to gardening that you can find using various keyword research tools to find high- and low-density keywords and use them accordingly. Also, when making sub-categories on what tools to use, you can approach the company whose tools you are using and ask them to work with you.

Hence, the post you write about the tools for gardening will include links to purchase these tools from Amazon or the company’s website. Choose to go for the Amazon affiliate program that opens a wide variety of products for you to promote.

Each post can have either one or two or up to 12 links directing the users to buy the product directly from Amazon by clicking on the link. Amazon or the website can then track the sale back to you, and you get a handsome commission for the sale.

Example of Affiliate Marketing Business Ideas

The Healthy Foodie: In each of her recipes, she details on how to make the food and then, at the very end of the blog post, mentions the ingredients that are used in the recipe with links directing people to the Amazon website to buy instantly.

This is the best way to entice a consumer to buy the products as they instantly fill the basket with the necessary ingredients to make the mouth-watering dish.

Mega Website

A Mega website methodology works on the basis of utilizing long-tail keywords for sub-category niches as well as using high volume and high competition keywords. A mega-site caters to small and large niches by creating blog posts about reviews and comparisons of products.

These kinds of websites are generally tech-related in nature and include detailed reviews of the products along with a link to purchase the product from Amazon or other affiliate sites. This is why they are seen as great affiliate marketing business ideas. Some bloggers also attempt this strategy by making a group blog and having contributors list down their favorites of the month along with links to redirect to the website.

Having a mega-site gives you the variety to write about anything under the sun. Hence, it needs to be categorized in a way that when you write on one category, you should be able to place it under one sub-category. Given this format, each category will have multiple sub-categories, which will allow you to create content for multiple brands and products.

The Core Strategy

The main idea behind a mega-site is to find the main keyword and associated categories. You can add other subjects and find their relevant keywords and add them on as categories. Once you know all the categories that you will be catering to and all the sub-categories that will be involved, you must first create content for the main categories and then focus on the long-tail keywords.

That can then open hundreds of long-tail and some small keywords that can be used and optimized in a couple of months to generate traffic. The sub-categories can be further subdivided into further categories; it all depends on the kind of research you do.


One of the best examples of this strategy is is a massive website with hundreds of categories and sub-categories, including a deals page where you can get a discount on the products mentioned on that page. From home ware to the latest tech, everything is on sale and mentioned in this section. Check out their deals here: The wire cutter deals.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Why limit to just one site with one niche when you can create as many as you like? Diversification will allow you to reach a different group of target audiences for each niche. However, the art of creating a lot of sites would mean you would have to make them stand out visually as well.

They shouldn’t look like they have been created by the same creator. Hence, using different colors and dynamic website designs for each niche to help create an illusion of a different site owner. Your strategy will include creating a site that could be a mega site and then venturing into mini-sites around various niches. The mega-site can cover topics from every subject, while the mini-sites will focus on smaller niches.

Diving Deep Into Each Niche

You must target a niche where you can create several categories and posts that will target different consumers. You could start a website on veganism like “The Healthy Foodie” and share recipes and your story about switching to veganism.

Her site is a mix of her personal story along with delicious recipes to make food fun while staying vegan. Along with that, her recipes provide her the opportunity to redirect visitors to Amazon, where they can quickly collect all the ingredients for the recipe and be on their way to make the dish at home.

Example: A website with a name like The Good Housekeeping

From the name of it, the website seems to be about housekeeping only. Yet, when you go inside the website, it could cover everything you can think of from COVID-19 to the top 10 dishwashers with a small category for good buys, where products are listed with their prices, and you can instantly buy them.

Such a website is worth a visit as it could talk about various subjects and attract consumers by covering a large variety of topics. The parenting, culture, health, and compost bins GH could cover it all. This is an excellent example of a website that would work with diversification, each segment being categorized separately, and it could be seen by the way the information is presented.

The Long-Tail Keyword Strategy

This is a very unique strategy as you can create many long tail websites. Each website will consist of merely 5 to 10 pages of content, while the linking on each page will be on the basis of short-form keywords, which will help assist you to be at the top of the search results pages as you will have lots of small keywords that will be directly targeted towards your audience.

This strategy works best if you have around 5 to 6 websites; hence looking for bulk offers while buying hosting will be a good option.

Such websites are focused on generating content around one specific niche and can grow as the products or more keywords get generated. This strategy is generally applicable to technology-based websites such as Cameras, Printers, Computers, and Gaming consoles.

You can keep adding different new products as they get released into the market and can build authority based on the detailed reviews you provide for each product. Along with that, you can provide a link to buy the products from amazon or other websites.

Example is a great example of this strategy as the content is minimal and solely focused on a few small niches. Three major niches you will find on the website are cameras, printers, and phones. This site can give you a good idea of building a website on a singular niche and adding extensions and categories as the site gets visitors.

All the content on the site is revolving around cameras and capturing pictures even posts that don’t include links are being targeted towards capturing good pictures. This is a great technique to gain a significant following based on your excellent reviews and the rate list provided at the end of each article that allows you to buy the product from Amazon. This site is worth a visit; hence click on this link to visit the site:

Review and Repeat

Suppose you have mastered the art of ranking your website as the number one of the number second website on one of the search engines. Then you can repeat the process and create a new website to rank in the same niche as a third or fourth number website.

The art is to ensure that you do not let the visitors know that the same person has created the website. You can create several sites on the same niche, and you will be able to dominate any search engine at all. This means you will not have to create content on different niches, and you will not have to build websites on all different niches.

Finding the right niche for your content will determine the success of your site. A niche for which you can create content that can get you the right kind of traffic and repeat the process for another website with similar content is one of the interesting affiliate marketing business ideas, and both your sites will be ranking on the top searches of search engine.

The Core Strategy

The core strategy here is to master one particular niche and rank your website among the top 10 once the process is complete and you are among one of the top 10 search results. Recreate and repeat the process for another website that can then be ranked under the same niche as a separate website.

You can even make more than 2 to 3 websites, and that will help you generate more sales and cater to a much larger audience despite being in the same category. However, your core audience will be the same for all websites.

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