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Are you looking for the best Amazon music jobs? Or are you wondering about polishing your engineering skills on a big platform like Amazon Music? If so, you have reached the right platform so far! Amazon Music is one of the biggest streaming services these days.

It offers both free and Prime services. For its Prime members, Amazon Music offers more than 2 million songs. Hundreds and thousands of stations and top playlists are included in its features. Besides, this streaming platform now offers a wide variety of jobs for people with different expertise levels, including engineering, development, marketing, designing, and even ops.

One of the basic reasons people show interest in Amazon jobs is its features to offer High Definition, Ultra HD, and an extensive catalog of spatial audio. However, if you want to get enrolled in any of the positions of Amazon Prime, this article has a lot to offer you!

Let’s get started without any ado and unwind several Amazon music jobs.

Does Amazon Pay For Artists in Amazon Music Jobs?

Undoubtedly, engineers, developers, and ops experts are making dollars at Amazon Prime by serving their skills. But if you are an artist and want to get paid for what skill you have, Amazon has a lot of things to offer you. 

The majority of the artists remain confused about whether Amazon pays them for streaming their songs or not. Well, the simple answer to this question is yes! You’ll get paid as an artist on Amazon Prime.

However, if we talk about the average payout that this streaming platform offers, it will range from $0.734776-$0.99 for each streaming sold. In this way, it charges around 27% of your income. It’s not that much to not give it a try.

Almost all artists on Amazon Prime get paid for their songs in three ways. These paying methods include Prime income, Unlimited income, and Normal income. Let’s discuss each of these ways as under.


This payout method is for all the Prime members on Amazon music. So, if you have purchased the Prime version, you will probably earn some dollars. If you have uploaded a stream included in those 2000 songs that Amazon offers, you will get $0.0013890 per stream. This way will pay you around $1.39 per 1000 streams.


If you have used Spotify or Deezer, you may know how Amazon unlimited works. It is also known as the real streaming service that enables the listeners to listen to all songs online or offline. But one thing to keep in mind here is you’ll have to pay a small fee per month. In this method, the average pay per stream is around $0.0109580.


In addition to the payout mentioned above methods at this large streaming platform, normal income is also another option. Simple Amazon music offers its artist to get about $10.96 per stream. In this way, you get some dollars for each song you upload.

Software Development Jobs on Amazon Music

One of the most demanded Amazon music jobs includes several options regarding software development. Some of these working posts are software development manager and software development engineer. Let’s explore their details in depth.


As we all know that Amazon music is progressing day by day while offering many distinguishing features for both prime and normal streaming. That is why a software development manager is considered one of the best jobs at Amazon music. 

The person eligible for this position must be passionate about music and have a profound idea about the architectural chops. In this way, he will be able to bring different engineering developments to the platform.

Another important point to discuss here is that you’ll be solving the customer problems as a software development manager on Amazon music. You’ll also be a part of an agile team where every person is playing his role to launch cutting-edge error-free products to customers around the globe.


Are you passionate about building a better interface for the Prime users at streaming platforms? If yes, this Amazon job can be the best suit for you! Amazon Music is now hiring people who have their skills polished in designs and software programs of music streaming. This music platform is now focusing more on building a well-established and personalized music experience for the users.

Furthermore, you’ll be supposed to bring an easy approach for the users to different artists on the Amazon music interface. Software development engineers at streaming platforms are expected to provide services like voice-forward audio engagement on mobile and other devices and availability in all countries. 

In addition to all these tasks, software development engineers at Amazon music are required to bring new yet exciting ways to improve the music streaming methods.

Music Coordinator at Amazon Studios

Another amazing job position at Amazon Music is known as the music coordinator. It can be the best seat for those who are always anxious about shaping up the future of different movies and television shows. The eligible person must have a bachelor’s degree and more than three years of music coordinator at any other platform like an entertainment center or a production company.

If we talk about this job, the person has to work along with the Worldwide Head of Music. Thus, he will be at a reputable place in the music team of Amazon’s streaming platforms. He will be required to create error-free streamlined processes to ensure the music flow among different countries. The person should also have strong communication and interpersonal skills to deal with international customers.

The music coordinator at Amazon music is also supposed to create policies, track music budgets, collect cue sheets of the publishing information, and implement the cue sheets on Rapid Cue. Other than this, he should have the ability to organize the publishing information properly. So, if you have all these skills, you can surely apply now!

Programming Operational Manager

Diving into the ocean of Amazon music jobs is pretty confusing since there are so many options to choose from. One of these amazing options includes the position of operational programming manager. A person who loves to execute operating models and toolsets is the most suitable fit for this job. Amazon has a wide team offering its services to the people who love to stream worth listening songs.

In this way, you can use your ability as a perfect combination of personal judgment. You will have the data to identify creators and their original content maintain cross-functional collaboration with the operating procedures such as programming and marketing. There will also be a need to generate a plan that can meet all the goals for streaming songs around different countries.

A person who is looking to apply for this job opportunity must coordinate the execution of programming with the cross-sectional partners. There will be a bunch of data available. So you’ll need to identify the metrics of appropriate information as an operational manager. In this way, you’ll b delivering Amazon music services in the interest of customers.

Risk OPS Specialist at Amazon Music

Building the future of music and audio entertainment is one of the most requested Amazon music jobs these days. Thus, people who are looking to build a new Amazon music experience by helping customers discover their favorite music and podcast can apply for it. Currently, there is a need for an experienced RiskOps specialist to moderate the content while reviewing the moderation decisions. Thus, the major tasks will include PR, engineering, and executive leadership.

But, here is an important thing to know. The person applying for this job position must have high judgment and have the ability to work in an ambiguous place. He should provide all his services free of violations. Another important responsibility for the candidate is that he will have to conduct a root analysis (RCA) t0o figure out the critical issue.

There must be sustainable productivity since Amazon always aims to bring new things for its customers. You should be a self-starter in the ever-changing working environment. Strong ownership, focus, and determination are highly preferred. In addition to this, you should have experience using SQL/intercom and air table. Amazon also prefers candidates with experience in digital media and knowledge of publishing.

SR Technical Program Manager

Content is everything that increases the interface use of Amazon music. Thus, one of the best Amazon music jobs that are gaining immense fame is the need for a talented Sr technical Program Manager. Being one of the best streaming platforms, Amazon offers the best yet immersive content and creator experiences in its team. Thus, if you love music and want to build your future in the same field, you can apply for this job.

A Sr Technical Program Manager has the responsibility to define the newly developed Amazon Music features for customers around the globe. Thus, the basic role you’ll be playing is to make the customers fall in love with the music at Amazon music. As a technical program manager, you’ll be dealing with several areas. Some of your tasks include customer insight, innovation, product delivery, and business growth.

The person applying for this job must be proficient in communication skills. The basic responsibility is to take care of the customer insights while highlighting the bold product services. Amazon is hiring technical program managers in their teams just to boost up the business growth by managing the product road-maps.

Music Contractor Administrator

To improve the streaming processes, Amazon is now hiring a reputable music contractor administrator in its team. However, the availability of your music license is a must criterion for this job’s application. People who are looking to polish their skills in the entertainment industry will find it the best fit. However, the person applying for this job must be goal-oriented and fast-paced. He will be tracking the music licenses of the customers who are requesting a Prime subscription.

He should be experienced enough in routing the internal and external signatures for the Contract Central Database. In addition to this, he should be able enough to maintain a proper record of the management trackers. Providing research support for music is also another task of the music contractor and administrator at Amazon music.

There are also many other requirements that must be fulfilled when applying as a music contractor administrator. Some of these include a detailed understanding of purchased orders and their invoices, a profound experience in building the spreadsheet-database software, and working with a keen sense for every detail.

Public Relations Manager

Here’s one of the best Amazon Music Jobs for the ones who are located in LA or NY or the persons who can regularly travel to the head office. This job position is important and is also gaining importance since it brings more awareness among the users for Amazon Music and Wondery content. The person applying for this job must collaborate with the stakeholder teams.

The ability to collaborate is a must eligibility criterion for this job since it helps in building campaigns. He should also have experience in supporting multiple publicity campaigns as a global leader. In addition to this, the person should also be able to build a sustainable relationship with the media industry.

He will have the responsibility to generate coverage in support of content launches and maintenance of a steady drumbeat of podcast shows. He should manage the external vendors and work with the public relations agencies to improve the usage of Amazon Music around the globe. Besides, coordination with the Amazon PR professionals is also a requirement for this job.

Apply for Amazon Music Jobs Now!

Amazon is a hub not only for retailers or sellers, but it is also offering opportunities for people as Amazon Music. Many Amazon Music Jobs are available on this massive platform. Every job position is available with a sustainable salary. Thus, if you want to be a part of the Amazon Music industry, get ready to apply for any job mentioned above.

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