Why Do You Want to Work for Amazon

Why do you want to work for Amazon is amongst the most popular questions you’ll hear when people talk about switching jobs or interviews. It is the most asked question by an Amazon recruiter. 

There are several things to consider when you are looking to switch jobs. But working at Amazon should be at your top list. The company offers a vast amount of opportunities and benefits to its employees. 

In this article, we’ll discuss why you want to work for Amazon, the benefits they offer, and how to ace the interview round.

How Did Amazon Grow from a Bookseller to an International Giant?

Amazon is one of the biggest organizations in the world. It’s hard to imagine when the company didn’t dominate the market. They have acquired corporations, created their product, and started a successful television streaming platform. However, Amazon began in the residential home of Jeff Bezos in 1994.

Amazon started as a bookstore. It was the biggest bookstore on earth and held almost all the books you could imagine. The company established itself as a trusted base and a dependable, well-curated online resource. In just three years, the company launched its IPO. It grew from selling books to selling video games, home goods, and toys. 

In 2000, Amazon launched its marketplace, where third-party vendors can list their products on their website. This means they don’t have to tackle any warehouse overhead and take a small portion of the vendor’s sales. In the next five years, the marketplace paved new revenue paths for this company. 

Since then, Amazon has acquired more than 89 organizations and invested in hundreds of startups. They have started their line of products, streaming platforms, and even jumped into on-demand cloud computing platforms. 

The company grew due to its immense focus on customer relationships and satisfaction. Each employee of Amazon works towards offering a better service to their customers. Today Amazon is worth $1.75 trillion, and Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men on the planet. He did all of that by focusing on his customers’ demands.

Why Do You Want to Work for Amazon?

When you are switching your jobs or looking for one, why do you want to work for Amazon is amongst the most popular questions to pop up. Amazon has over 566,000 employees and is the second-biggest private employer in the entire United States. In this section of our article, why do you want to work for Amazon, we’ll discuss a few reasons you’ll love this e-commerce giant.

1. Has a Supportive Environment

Amazon has a good and supportive working environment. Their pay scale is better than other companies, and they offer multiple benefits to their employees. Additionally, the company gives you the freedom to move around. 

All the employers at Amazon promote people to be themselves. If you have an idea to help the company grow or scale its business, they’ll be more than happy to listen. They believe that their employees are the key to customer satisfaction. 

2. Great Opportunity To Learn

Amazon is the biggest private company in the market. The people and the place give you many opportunities to learn interesting things and get new experiences. This is amongst the top reasons to answer your question – why do you want to work for Amazon. 

The company offers its employees multiple assignments. You get to deal with demanding clients and numerous tasks. The benefit of this is you become a stronger and more experienced person in your work field. You also become more prone to success in the coming years.

3. You Meet and Work with Intelligent People

One of the biggest reasons to answer your question – why do you want to work for Amazon is you meet intelligent people. At Amazon, you will always find someone who has something new to teach you. 

The company hires intellectual employees who can give their input in different departments. The best way to learn is to observe their behavior and actions closely. 

4. Get Access to Healthcare Benefits

Unlike other corporate companies, Amazon works towards the wellness of its employees. They believe that when their team is healthy and free from any stress, they’ll work and perform better. 

At Amazon, you get an option to choose between three medicare plans, which cover different aspects. The plans include health care services, dental plans, vision plans, and the cost of drugs. They also have a short-term and long-term disability plan.

5. Get Access to Employee Discount Programs

Another primary reason to answer your question – why do you want to work for Amazon – is the employee discount this company offers. If you work at Amazon, you will receive multiple Amazon Restricted Stock Units. They also have a 401K savings plan, which comes with a company match.

6. Assistance with Relocation

Depending upon the position you are offered at the company, Amazon will assist you with your relocation. They have partnered with a partner company that ensures that your relocation is as stress-free as possible.

The partner service assists their employees with real estate, helping you find the perfect destination to live in the city. Amazon also helps you pack and move all your commodities, including your car. Whether it’s maid services, parking, or other utilities, Amazon always makes sure to help you out.

Answering Amazon Interview Questions

Acing your Amazon interview round is the first step towards working at this successful company. The interviewers are intellectual employers who look for people who can prove themselves worthy. By preparing in the right direction, you can make the cut at one of the most successful private organizations on the planet.

While some people try to jump the gun by memorizing answers to a few basic Amazon interview questions, this is probably not the best way. Employers always try to find people who can add their personal touch and experience to the answers they give. You need to understand the question and then answer it your way. Mugging up the questions won’t take you too far.

By following the proper technique and developing an overall strategy, you’ll be able to face off any unanticipated questions as well. Here are a few questions you might come across while giving an interview for Amazon.

Why Do You Want to Work for Amazon?

Why you want to work for Amazon is amongst the most popular questions recruiters ask. The best way to answer this question is to think like your recruiters. Understanding why they asked the question in the first place can help you answer it more clearly. 

One of the first reasons why recruiters ask why do you want to work for Amazon is to analyze whether they have the right skills to accomplish the job or not. 

This also helps them evaluate whether you are motivated enough to be fully invested in your job or not. They test your motivation. Amazon, Facebook, Google, and other similar companies want to make sure that you will be interested in the projects and they are the right place for you. 

When answering the question, why do you want to work for Amazon, you can admire how customer-obsessed the company is. You can share your experiences when you deal with customer support at Amazon. You can also talk about your experiences working on a similar product and how you can be helpful for the company. The key is to be specific with your answers. 

Can You Describe Your Most Difficult Customer and How You Were Able to Handle Their Needs?

Amazon rose to great heights because of its loyalty to the customers. Suppose the job you are applying for is even remotely connected to customers. In that case, you should expect this question from the recruiter. Dealing with demanding customers is challenging, and recruiters at Amazon want to make sure that you’re up to that task. 

You can talk to them about one of your experiences with a demanding customer. Explaining your story in detail and concentrating on the part where you did everything to keep the customer happy and solve their problem will be an excellent answer to this question. 

If One of Your Work Colleagues Stole a $2 Item, What Would You Do?

Since most of Amazon’s business is customer-centric, shrinkage or depreciation is a significant concern. If you are looking for a job at Amazon’s warehouse, you can expect such behavioral questions from the recruiters. Analyzing how you as an employee will react to theft is an important question. 

You should note that the item’s low value is mentioned to throw you off your stance. This question’s answer is pretty straightforward. No matter the article’s value, you need to tell your recruiters that you consider stealing an immoral action, which needs to be addressed. Telling them that you’ll report the activity as per Amazon corporate procedures is the only correct answer to this question. 

Tips for Interviewing at Amazon

When you are preparing for an interview at Amazon, you might think you need to practice trick questions. However, interviewing for Amazon is a little different. 

They don’t need witty people but employees who are intellectual. They need people who understand their customer base. Let’s discuss some tips that might help you prepare for your interview in which you are asked why do you want to work for Amazon

1. Be Ready for Behavioral-Type Interview Questions

Most questions that employers will ask in your Amazon interview will be behavioral-based. The recruiters can ask about some challenging situations you faced and how you handled them. 

The best way to prepare your stories and answers is to go through the job description in detail. Even when you are answering why do you want to work for Amazon, your job description would be of great help. 

2. Format Your Answers on the STAR Method

The STAR method is one of the best ways to answer behavioral questions. Based on this method, you answer questions by discussing the situation first, then analyzing the task, discussing the action, and the result of the situation you describe. 

You should formulate your entire story with the help of specific questions like who was involved, what you did specifically, and what were the results of your actions. Practicing your story in front of a mirror helps you gain more confidence. 

3. Focus on the Team

Recruiters at Amazon are always looking for employees who are focused on taking the entire team forward. Even when you are answering the question, why do you want to work for Amazon, you should focus more on the team aspect. It would be helpful if you had a prior experience where you took everybody together and solved an issue. 

4. Talk About Failures

All recruiters prefer candidates that are more open about their failures. They like people who described a situation where they failed, how they coped up with it, and what they learned. You can talk about your experiences and how you have grown over the years. 

Recruiters at Amazon believe that failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you try and improve from the lesson you have learned. You should understand how you have positively taken risks and communicate that to your interviewer. 

5. Learn Why You Want to Work At Amazon

One of the most popular questions that recruiters ask is – why do you want to work for Amazon. Being clear about your goals and objectives will make it easier for your recruiters to analyze whether you are a good fit for the company or not. 

It helps your interviewers understand why you are exploring an opportunity with the company and better understand who you are. You should discuss why Amazon fits into your career path, what you can contribute to the company, and what you seek to learn from the community.


Why do you want to work for Amazon is one of the most popular questions you will come across while interviewing for the company. To answer the question, you should be able to analyze why Amazon fits your career path. Understanding their benefits and what the company provides to their community would help you better understand this question. 

While interviewing for Amazon, you should never mug up the answers for common questions or prepare tricky questions. Instead, you should shift your focus to behavioral questions and be prepared to discuss your experiences and what you have learned from your previous company. 


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