Modern Health System Facilitated by Nurx

Modern Health System Facilitated by Nurx

The modern health system has brought a revolution in the overall healthcare system, and Nurx stands out as a leading company in this regard. 

With the shift in world conditions due to the pandemic and technological revolution, the need for an integrated healthcare system to make healthcare remotely accessible has surged. Several companies are offering their services in this regard, and Nurx is one among them.

What Is Nurx?

Nurx is an online healthcare service offering on-demand prescriptions and medical testing kits to customers. The company offers its services through a well-managed website and a mobile app

Customers can go for any option at their convenience. It offers free shipping of the products ordered by the customers. They can also take benefit from their online consultation service.

Key Features of The Service

Following are the key features of the services offered by Nurx. 

  • Get a 3-months prescription delivered to you by the company that will automatically refill it according to the schedule.However, if the person’s insurance covers one months’ charges at a time, then the company ships medications for a month.
  • You can get the products delivered within 3-5 business days.
  • It is completely safe to use since state-licensed professionals review all the requests.
  • The company delivers testing kits and prescribed medications without any delivery charges.
  • The products come in safe packaging.
  • All the partner pharmacies are fully licensed to deal in medications. They fully abide by necessary rules and regulations.
  • The home test kits contain prepaid return labels to facilitate an easy return process for the customer.
  • The home testing kits are delivered in partnership with Molecular Testing Labs (MTL).
  • All testing kits are FDA-authorized. 
  • The company takes the services of an accredited lab for sample testing.
  • You can access it without health insurance also.

What Does Nurx Offer?

The physical treatments offered by Nurx consist of a long list ranging from skincare treatment, birth control, Herpes treatment, and at-home testing kits. Here are some of them.

Acne Treatment

The company offers a well-defined range of medications for acne treatment. It includes antibiotics, retinoids, and spironolactone. You can get treatment for several types of acne treatment, including mild, moderate, hormonal and body acne. 

You can personalize your treatment by choosing topical, oral medications, and skin regimens. The acne treatment cost can be as low as $20 with insurance and $30 with out-of-pocket payment.

Anti-aging Skincare

You can find a range of products for anti-aging skincare. It categorizes into topical medication only and does not include any oral ones. Anti-aging skincare medications are only available on an out-of-pocket payment basis and are not covered under insurance. 

It can cost you as low as $30 per month. Since the company delivers 3-months medications, it charges you accordingly.

Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is a common issue related to skincare, and Nurx has its medications. It is determined after detailed consultation with the medical providers. The medications include topical and oral, which can cost you a minimum of $20.

Birth Control

It offers a variety of different products for hormonal birth control. You can choose from the pill, patch, ring and shot according to what suits you best. 

The cost of getting birth control medications with insurance is as low as $0, and without insurance, it can cost you a minimum of $15 to get the medication.

The company delivers the urgently needed pills overnight. There are over 50 birth control formulas offered by the company, among which you can select the best for yourself after discussing it with their medical representative.

Emergency Contraception

The company offers quick delivery of emergency contraceptive pills overnight. It includes prescription-only(Ella) and prescription not-needed(New Day) medications delivered to the customer. Ella is covered under insurance, and New Day is only available for out-of-pocket payment.

Migraine Treatment

Personalized migraine treatment is a key feature of Nurx. A migraine specialist assesses the patient’s condition and then prepares a personalized treatment plan. They deliver the medications to your doorstep, and the specialist follows up the treatment. 

The prescribed medications include Gepants, Triptants, Anti-nausea medication, anti-hypertensives, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants. The specialist may also prescribe any medication other than the list for direct pickup from the nearby pharmacy.

COVID-19 Testing

The company offers two COVID-19 testing kits for at-home testing. One is for Rapid Antigen Testing, while the other is based on PCR molecular test. Both are FDA authorized and need no prescription. It enables people to get results within 15 minutes and is available in all 50 states. It also offers bulk delivery of testing kits for business organizations.

HPV Home Screening

HPV is a common virus that can lead to cervical cancer if not treated on time. The HPV home testing kits offered by Nurx are efficient enough to detect 14 virus strains with a high risk of causing cancer. 

The testing kit costs $49 under insurance coverage. You can take the painless test at home, find results and then contact the expert team to get personalized medical advice.

STI Testing

The STI testing kits make it easier for you to track your health with fast testing results at home. It includes basic covered, healthy V and full control kits with a difference in specifications. 

You can get quick results at home, and their experts then provide professional advice accordingly. You can utilize your insurance plan for payment or pay out of pocket. The minimum charges with insurance coverage are $75, and without it are $150.

Herpes Treatment

You can treat oral or genital herpes at home with the medication offered by the company. It is covered under insurance. The medication prescribed and delivered by the company is Valacyclovir, along with medical consultation. It also offers cold sore creams to accelerate the healing process.

How To Place An Order At Nurx

If you want to order a testing kit or a product from the company, you can follow the process described below. Keep in mind that the process for various products may slightly differ. It is clearly mentioned on the website.

Register and Select The Service

The first thing you need is to do is to access the Nurx website through the web or install the app to create an account there. Once you have done that, you can then proceed to select the desired service.

Select the service you want to avail of or the product you want to purchase and enter the required details. It may include your address, email address, and contact details. They must also show consent to telehealth.

Answer Questions Related to Medical History

The customer is then required to answer some questions related to his medical history. The questions are aligned with the desired product or service selected by the customer. 

In case the buyer wants some kind of skin treatment, he might be required for photos also. But this is a conditional requirement.

Pay Medical Consultation Fee

The customer is required to pay the medical consultation charges covering service charges for different procedures. It includes an examination of medical history, relevant prescriptions, treatment plan and follow-ups that are scheduled afterwards. 

The fee might range between $15-$60 and differs according to the product or service requested.

Order Confirmation and Checkout

Next, you have to confirm your request and check out. As soon as they checkout, a professional state-licensed health professional reviews and assess their request. 

In the light of the information provided by the customer through the questions asked earlier, he then finalizes the prescription. The company places an order for it and ensures delivery of the testing kits or medications to the customer.

Pay The Service Charges

Make the payment that is calculated for you, considering the insurance amount. The details about insurance coverage and estimated prices are given on the website’s pages. They also include out-of-pocket prices. The buyer can decide on whether to make the out-of-pocket payment or utilize insurance coverage.

You can include medications in insurance coverage, but you must make an out-of-pocket payment for the consultation fee. One thing that must be kept in mind is that you can only utilize the insurance coverage if your insurance program is included in the network of MTL. Otherwise, the company adds the amount to your bill of the consultation fee.

Before confirming the request, ensure that your insurance plan is among those several plans, included in-network if you do not want it to be added to the total bill.

Wait for the Delivery

The company partners with several licensed pharmacies for the delivery of prescribed drugs and testing kits. These companies quickly make arrangements for the delivery but still, it might take them at least 72 hours to deliver the product to the final customer.

The payment process is entirely online, where customers can use their savings or health bank accounts, Visa and Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Pros And Cons Of The Service

Customers who have experienced the services offered by Nurx have mixed reviews about it. here are some pros and cons as reported by the customers.

It has a well-designed website with a simple user interface. The site is mobile-friendly also and offers smooth and fast loading. All the services and medications are categorized in the main menu for ease of access.

The website provides a whole lot of useful, relevant information regarding each of its services, treatment, and medication in detail. 

You can access the blogs section for more informative blogs about healthcare. You can also download the app easily on Android and iOS access the service directly from your mobile.

There is a section for customers reviews on the site to help you decide whether or not to take this service. Read the reviews and decide for yourself.

Some customers report downsides of the service also in various areas. Here are some of the cons as reported by customers.

People faced difficulty in canceling their orders due to which they get the automatic prescription refill even when not required.

Some also mentioned shortcomings in customer service. You do not always get timely delivery of medications, and sometimes it exceeds the defined period of 3-5 business days.

Some customers also reported that the company overcharged fees for its services. A big downside of the service is that it is not available in all states.

Things To Keep In Mind

There are certain things to take care of while processing the order request that can save you from inconvenience later. Have a look at them.

  • The services are not offered all over the country but in 34 states only. You must first check if your state is included or not from the website and then proceed further.
  • While submitting your request and confirming your order, you must take care of some points to avoid inconvenience afterwards.
  • Be open and completely honest while submitting your request because it determines the medications prescribed to you.
  • While talking with a health representative, share your medical history in detail, including any complications in the past. This will help them determine the most suitable medications for you.
  • The company automatically refills the prescriptions according to the schedule. If you do not want the service for the next schedule, you must cancel before it. Otherwise, you will get the shipment and have to pay the due charges.
  • You can amend the orders multiple times before checking out. Once you check out, the order is final, and everything included is charged.
  • The company reminds the user of an in-process refill. Make sure to make the cancellation request within 48 hours of the reminder.
  • You will have to contact the customer support team to deactivate your account and know the details about order cancellation.

Some Alternatives To Nurx

There are several other companies offering modern health systems similar to Nurx. Here are some of them to consider.

  • The pill club
  • Wisp
  • Simple health
  • Hers

All the companies are slightly different in terms of cost, availability of service, and variety of treatments offered. 

Final Thoughts

The online healthcare services provided by Nurx can be useful for accessing basic healthcare facilities from your home. It reduces the number of unnecessary visits you pay to the doctor or the pharmacy for refilling medications. However, it does not remove the need to visit a doctor. 

It is ideal for a quick screening test at home and prescription. In case you have a lot of queries or need a face-to-face assessment, you should consult a doctor.

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