Best Internet Security Software and How to Have It Protect Your Home and Business

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If you are looking for the best internet security software, Bitdefender is a company with a name that has stood the test of time. Bitdefender is a company with offices worldwide, an innovative cybersecurity company. It has been making and selling cybersecurity solutions to homes and businesses to protect computer networks and systems against a wide range of cyber attacks as early as 1990.

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Founded in 1990 under the name Softwin and headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, the company was later rebranded in 2001 as Bitdefender and expanded its offices internationally in 2004.
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In comparison, Mcafee who was the first to invent an antivirus program founded his in 1987 and Symantec introduced Norton in 1991. Although there were always contenders in the market, by 2015, Bitdefender had and has a global presence and was and is a notable brand.

Today, Bitdefender holds 440 patents issued for its proprietary technologies, and it has technology alliances with Microsoft and Linux. Bitdefender offers home users reliable free entry-level and premium cybersecurity products, services, and tools while offering small, mid-market, and enterprise-level businesses even more advanced security products, risk analytics, optimizations, and prevention services.

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What Is a Cyber Attack? 

Cyber attacks are real. Cyber attacks are any efforts made by hackers to destroy a computer system or infrastructure by various methods such as by brute-force (e.g., entering a site by using a password hacking software), data breach, malware (i.e., worms, viruses, and trojans), structured query language SQL injection, injected jQuery files, phishing attacks via fake emails, denial of service DoS, etc. A cyber attack can happen at any time, without notice, and can completely dismantle a computer, take or destroy data, and do other serious harm to a computer system, network, or infrastructure.

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What Is Cybersecurity and How Does It Work?

Anyone who uses a computer will likely be interested in implementing cybersecurity, which is a methodology (applied technology program, software, or application) used to protect or recover computer systems, infrastructures, and data from any breach of security or cyber-attack. The best internet security software uses multiple types of cybersecurity methods at once to offer the end-user the best protection possible. Common cybersecurity methods include cloud security, network security, application security, information security, endpoint security, and internet security.

●      Cloud Security protects data stored in the cloud.

●      Network Security protects networks from intruders such as by requiring stronger passwords and two-factor authentication.

●      Application Security protects applications by using anti-virus, firewalls, etc.

●      Information Security involves protecting print or digital files and data from being accessed, changed, stolen, or deleted.

●      Endpoint Security protects devices (i.e., mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, and tablets) from security threats.

●      Internet Security involves any form of technology needed to secure stored data online and make sure that messages in transit are delivered to their intended users.

What is the Best Internet Security Software?

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Bitdefender strives to be the best internet security software in its field, as evidenced by its core mission statement: “We are led by a vision to be the most trusted cybersecurity technology provider in the world, which means we constantly anticipate, innovate, and go the extra mile.” And, the company’s awards and contributions in the field of cybersecurity back this reputation as being the best.

In fact, the AV Comparatives Enhance Real-World Test, an independent organization that checks security software worldwide, found that Bitdefender was “the only cybersecurity vendor to prevent all advanced threats” (AV Comparatives, Dec. 2020). Furthermore, Bitdefender was recognized by the internationally-renowned AV-Test Institute for being the world leader of IT solutions in its four categories of internet security, endpoint security, endpoint security ultra, and mobile security (Av-Test, 2020).

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Does Bitdefender Have Solutions for Home Computer Systems?

Bitdefender offers the best internet security software for home computer systems with the following products: free or premium level security, a security hub for multiple devices, a small office security program, total security, internet security, antivirus, family pack, and mobile security.

●       Bitdefender Antivirus Free is a completely free entry-level cybersecurity software program that may be all you need, but it is basic. Advanced features like VPN, antispam, and firewall are not included in the free version.

●      Traffic Light is a free Bitdefender extension to use on browsers that will filter web traffic and block malicious content from opening.

●      Bitdefender Premium Security is a paid premium-level cybersecurity software program that includes antivirus, anti-malware, anti-phishing, antispam, a VPN, ransomware, parental controls and has a low impact on performance.

●      Bitdefender Box combines every security feature you can think of in a complete cybersecurity hub that all devices can connect to. Its features include a VPN, parental controls, network intrusion prevention, brute force protection, safe browsing, data protection, phishing prevention, antivirus, anti-malware, instant notifications, device detection, and remote device management. Tests show it has the best protection and the lowest impact on performance of any similar products on the market.

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●      Bitdefender Small Office Security includes antivirus, anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-fraud payment processing and safe online banking for your small business, protected video and phone conferencing, data breach protection, and complete threat protection.

●      BitDefender Total Security protects all devices without slowing performance. Includes multi-layered protection for all threats, VPN, and much more.

●      BitDefender Internet Security is the best internet security software available because it protects a device against all online cyber-attacks and includes a VPN for the virtual private network no one can enter except you for complete security and anonymity.

●      BitDefender Antivirus – includes VPN, antivirus, anti-malware, anti-phishing, but does not include firewall data protection or parental controls.

●      BitDefender Family Pack protects up to 15 devices so that everyone under one roof can be secured.

●      BitDefender Mobile Security protects only the mobile phone from cyber-attack.

What Cybersecurity Solutions Are Available for Businesses?

Bitdefender also offers the best internet security software for businesses with five very different security products available to match the varying needs of small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses.

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GravityZone Business Security is designed for use by small businesses.

●      GravityZone Advanced Business Security is designed for use by medium-sized businesses. This security system protects up to 100 devices, 4 servers, and 15 mailboxes.

●      GravityZone Elite is designed to protect an entire organization that is seeking a comprehensive security package. This security system protects up to 100 devices, 4 servers, and 15 mailboxes just like the Advanced Business Security solution and adds application control whitelisting, sandbox analyzer, hyperdetect tunable machine learning, and ransomware mitigation.

●      GravityZone Enterprise Licensing offers flexibility with licensing for enterprise-level businesses to enable one centralized data control center to be used to protect all data centers, endpoints, and devices on the premises.

●      GravityZone Ultra integrates endpoint protection and endpoint detection and response EDR for an even greater security protection.

●      Business Security Add-Ons are optional extra solutions to choose from for a business and include email security, security for virtualized environments, AWS security, and MPS security.


Bitdefender offers enterprise-level support for businesses, too, that begins with a free online support center where commonly-asked questions are answered. In addition, to help businesses overcome any challenges they may face with cyber vulnerabilities or risks, Bitdefender offers remote or on-site system health checks, help installing, deploying, configuring, updating, and optimizing the security software, and general help with the plan and design to create the right cybersecurity infrastructure for a business.

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What Security-Related Services Does Bitdefender Offer Home Users?

While Bitdefender is a leader in the field of home internet security products, the company also offers security-related services for home users, including digital identity protection, premium VPN, home network support, computer tune-up, VIP support, and live support.

●      Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection monitors your personal information and offers real-time alerts in case anyone changes your password or breaches your accounts.

●      Bitdefender Premium VPN is a super-fast VPN that fully protects your anonymity online and is available for all devices.

●      Home Network Support is a service with a monthly fee that covers tune-ups, virus removal, optimizations, phone and chat support, assistance with all devices.

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●      Computer Tune-Up is a very practical service available with a one-time fee to fix any Windows issues, driver errors, update drivers, remove obsolete applications, and eliminate slowdown sources.

●      VIP Support is a service with a monthly fee that covers tune-ups, virus removal, and optimizations, as well as professional installation and configuration of Bitdefender protection. It seems to offer the same services as the Home Network Support service.

●      Wi-Fi Home Scanner is a free service that scans your network to protect against intruders by seeing who may be trying to connect to it and alerts you if any unknown device uses it.

What Are the Basic Principles and Best Practices to Implement in Cybersecurity? 

Implementing a cybersecurity program will make sure your home and business computer systems are protected against cyber attacks. The following basic principles and best practices will ensure you are well informed and ultra protected:

● Learn to recognize spam and other online scams.

● Be wary of public wi-fi networks without the use of a VPN.

● Do not click on unknown links.

● Manage your social media settings.

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● Do not enter websites that are insecure.

● Do not download suspicious attachments in emails.

● Review and monitor your credit score.

● Keep all applications, themes, and software up to date.

● Use two-factor authentication and stronger passwords.

● Do not reuse passwords.

● Keep your devices updated.

● Back up your files regularly.

● Files stored in the cloud can be lost or stolen. Use platforms with end-to-end encryption instead.

● Strengthen your home or business network with a VPN to encrypt all messages passing through.

● Use a monitoring service that informs you when your data has been stolen.

● Place limits and protections on your bank accounts, checks, debit cards, and credit cards to avoid theft. Use internet security when doing online banking or shopping.

● Implement a reputable full-service cybersecurity software program.

● Always update your cybersecurity software if it does not update automatically.

And, while precautions go a long way toward preventing cyber-attacks, if anything should go wrong, experts in cybersecurity like Bitdefender have your back.

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How to Get Started Using Cybersecurity to Protect Your Home or Business?

Regardless of whether you are looking for increased cybersecurity for your home or business, Bitdefender has a solution for you. To get started, you can contact Bitdefender customer support. The word “support” is located at the top of the website. By clicking on the word “support,” you will be redirected to a support center page which offers live chat 24/7, phone support, and help articles to answer commonly-asked questions. Support specialists are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have and help make recommendations based on your needs.

If a person is interested in trying a Bitdefender cybersecurity product for their home or business, the website does offer the following mix of free trials and free software downloads to choose from:

●      30-Day Free Trial Versions to download include Small Office Security, Premium Security, Total Security, Family Pack, Internet Security, Antivirus Plus, Antivirus for Mac,

●      Free Mobile Apps to download, including the Mobile Security for IOS and the Antivirus Free for Android.

●      Free Desktop Apps to download include Antivirus Free Edition, Home Scanner, Virus Scanner for Mac, and Traffic Light.

By setting up a free trial, you will be able to assess if the product is right for you before buying it. This option offers the consumer extra flexibility so that they are free to try it and see how it works and then decide. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee on Bitdefender security solutions if not 100% satisfied.

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Bitdefender has a vast array of cybersecurity products and services available for just about anyone who needs them, including individuals, families, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and enterprise-level businesses. Bitdefender has been recognized as the leader and innovator of cybersecurity products. Adding a Bitdefender cybersecurity system to your own home or business will make sure your home or business computer systems are protected at all times against all potential threats and cyber-attacks.

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