Best Do It Yourself Home Security System

Best Do It Yourself Home Security SystemIs there any system that can be called the best do it yourself home security system? Such a system should offer complete home security and keep your family safe. Simplisafe is a DIY home security system that lets you choose which parts and products you need. You can customize your package based on your need and install it in less than 20 minutes. There is no need to drill large holes in the walls and around the house to install the cameras, as these portable cameras are easy to set up and work with.

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The best part about it is that it offers such small devices that it almost goes unnoticed. This helps ensure that your home is protected all the time, and you don’t have to worry about setting up large cameras everywhere as this device provides all that you need and more. It’s not just geared towards offering you security against intruders; in fact, it provides the complete package.

Confused? Let us explain. It is a 24/7 monitored system with professionals who are ready to dispatch a unit at any given time. And not just for intruders, it offers support in case of water damage, fire, and even medical emergencies, as it is continuously monitored by professionals who are constantly available to dispatch any kind of unit as per your need.

Did you know it’s an award-winning security system? Well, it is. It’s been recognized by the Wirecutter, the most reputable website for all electronics and appliances. They have even gone ahead and quoted it as one of the most “consistent monitoring response times” that’s the best you can get in the security industry. US News and World Report have awarded it for being one of the “Best Overall Home Security of 2020”.

Let’s dive a little deeper and see what else can this amazing device offer you.

Benefits of the Product

There are a lot of amazing features for this device. From the ease of use to the setup and installation. Every aspect of the device has been made easy and simple, as the name suggests. The technology is amazing as it safeguards you from environmental hazards as well as health and intruder emergencies. There is a lot to love about this device so let’s dig deeper to find out some cool features it has to offer.

Mobile Phone Integration

Arming and disarming the system can be easily done from your phone. It provides you continuous alerts on the phone and keeps you updated on the activity. It’s really easy to use on your phone. Along with that, it connects well with Amazon Echo devices, Apple Watch and Alexa.

This has a lot of perks for people who love an IoT way of life. Being able to turn the locks on and off from your Apple watch provides you with immense control that most other service providers are unable to offer.

Customized Packages

Of course, you can buy the standard package that comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Or you can customize your package by choosing which devices you need for your home by yourself. This helps you customize your package as per your needs.

Thus, if you have a lot of ground-floor windows, you may want to add the window glass break sensors to your package to ensure you cover all corners. And in case you have more than one entryway to your home, you can add in multiple keypads to ensure each door has a lock of its own.

Extensive Battery Life

The battery life on the devices is phenomenal. It almost never runs out. It can even last you a decade, depending upon your usage. Having a security system with a long living battery life is one of the best things that can be offered in a DIY home security system.

As we are all aware of the struggles of changing batteries of the smoke detectors and other alarm systems and how much of a hassle it is. Hence having a device that doesn’t run out of battery often is simply the best.

Incredible Range

With the number of devices that are available for you to choose from. It’s really easy to cover the entire residence or apartment with ease. You can customize your package to meet your specific needs and ensure that all nooks and corners of your house or apartment are covered.

It provides complete security to the home owners and renters. It’s especially renter-friendly since having a security system installed may require a lot of drilling and permissions from the landlord.

Which may be an issue, as some of the landlords may not allow you to make that kind of change to the apartment, let alone fix the changes you had to make on your way out. This can be a lot of hassle, hence choosing a DIY home security system that can be added to your home without any drilling is perfect for renters.

Protect Your Safes and More

It provides an impeccable security level as it protects your safes and other special drawers. How, you may be wondering? Well, all you need to do is install a motion sensor next to your safes and other closets; this allows the device to let you know when there is unusual activity in those areas without the alarm going off.

You can then monitor the action from your phone if you have a sneaky little HD Security camera placed nearby. This security system does cover all the basis and offers you a complete protection plan. All you need to do is be specific and think of all the places you need a device for and add them into your customizable plan.

Customized Alerts

Keeping everyone informed about the issue you may have faced, such as a fire or a burglary, may be difficult. Hence this app allows you to set up customized alerts for your friends and family, and they can be informed about any such occurrence by the app on its own. This saves you the hassle of calling people up just to share the bad news.

It can also be helpful if you are not in town and some kind of burglary attempt happens at your home. Not only the 24/7 professionals monitoring the system will dispatch a unit, but in fact, the app will let your friends and family know about it as well. That can assist in someone arriving at your place in time to deal with the situation immediately rather than you having to travel back home.

Duress PIN

Being in a situation where the burglars ask you to switch off the alarm system can be difficult as you can not let the authorities know about the actual situation that may be going on. Hence this device is able to offer you a solution for that as well. You can have a secret duress PIN; entering that code into the device allows sending a duress message to the professionals monitoring your home. They then instantly dispatch the nearby security providers to arrive at your place and rescue the situation. The competitors do not offer this level of customization in a device, making it one of the best, most consistent home security systems ever.

Designed to disappear

You don’t want a chunky camera hanging out in the middle of your home or a large device being hung from the corners of your room. This device system covers those issues promptly as it comes in a much smaller packaging with all the features of some of the best devices in the market. As a homeowner, you don’t want to be constantly reminded about the cameras around you or the products and systems that are watching you. Hence this system alleviates that issue and allows you the peace of mind of being safe and secure without the bulky devices hanging around in the house.

Best Do It Yourself Home Security System – and Inexpensive!

Yes! As compared to the competitors that offer similar services, Simplisafe’s packages start at $229. However, do keep an eye out for discounts on the whole packages as they are very lucrative such as the latest discounts they offered on all their packages slashed the prices almost 50% on all packages. For example, the Haven, which is the most extensive package that comes with 14 pieces and other app integrations and cloud video storage options, was available for $293 instead of the original price of $489. However, with or without the discounts, it’s still one of the cheapest DIY home security systems in the market.

How to Use

It’s one of the best security systems since you get to customize your whole package according to your need, and the staff helps you and walks you through the whole process of installation, including choosing the right products for the right places. It arrives at your doorstep in under a week, and after that, all you need to do is choose and pick where you want all the different sensors to go. It’s a much easier installation than that of other competitors since there are no drills or tools required to install it.

A good Velcro tape can end up securing all your home without any nails being dug into the walls. However, if you find it a bit too sophisticated, you can opt for the professionals from the Simplisafe team to arrive at your home and set it up for you. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about anything since you will be monitored 24/7, and in case of any kind of emergency or trouble, the professionals at the monitoring center immediately send out a dispatch to your location.

Who Is the Product for?

It works well for all kinds of residences and is designed to disappear. However, it’s especially great for the renters who may or may not get permission from the landlords to make these kinds of changes to the apartments.

Even for residences, you don’t want to drill holes into the wall to accommodate the wiring and have the patchwork done to fix the areas. To avoid all these hassles, this DIY Home Security system is perfect for all. Since it monitors every corner of the home with a long-lived battery and protects you not only from intruders but from environmental hazards, and can dispatch a healthcare unit in case of a medical emergency. What more can one ask for from a home security system?

What Are the Main Qualities of This Product?

The unbelievable customization that the product offers as compared to the other security systems on the market. Along with that, the extensive security plans and packages, without being forced into a 2-year contract. The device doesn’t require any kind of drilling or landline and can be easily installed with just Velcro or the adhesive that comes with the package.

What Is Less Attractive?

What’s not to like about this amazing security system! Except for the fact that for every extra item that you add to your customized package, you have to pay an additional amount, and by the time you are done with completing the package as per your need, your budget may be slightly out.

Hence it’s best to opt for the packages that they offer. Other than that, some consumers say that the video quality is only 720p which is low as compared to other much more expensive security systems on the market.

Final Thoughts

A perfect all-around product for any homeowners or renters. And I will even go ahead and say it can be used on commercial properties as well. It’s easy to set up and perfect in all aspects. Easy on the pocket with low rates and extremely customizable packages that make it easy for you to pick and choose your security plan according to your desire.

Mobile and app integration makes it easy to stay connected and up to date about the activities taking place at your home. There isn’t a better DIY Home Security System on the market.

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