What Is the Best Home Security System and How to Have it Protect Your Entire Home?

What Is the Best Home Security System

SimpliSafe is the most highly rated home security system available, and if you are a homeowner asking yourself, “What is the best home security system?” this is one company you don’t want to miss. SimpliSafe is reputable, easy to set up, and easy to use, comes with flexible terms, is consistent in monitoring your home, and has the best assortment of technologically advanced security features available.

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What is the Best Home Security System?

Without a doubt, your home is your refuge, your humble abode, and your central living space. For all that it is worth to you, wouldn’t you like to know, “What is the best home security system?” Look no further. SimpliSafe is one of the most reputable and safe home security systems available. Experts trust SimpliSafe because it is “The best overall home security” (U.S. News & World Report, 10/22/2020) and “The best mix of value, monitoring, and ease of use” (Popular Mechanics, 5/4/2020). SimpliSafe has an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau, which means that the company has been operating in a good manner and will make extra effort to resolve a customer’s complaint.

In comparison to many traditional home security companies out there, its customer review scores are excellent, too (TrustPilot, 4/2020). While taking into account all of these wonderful third-party ratings and customer reviews, there is little a person would doubt about SimpliSafe. Simplisafe is a solid, top-rated security system company.

How Does This System Work?

While most traditional security systems rely on electricity and are vulnerable to power outages, a SimpliSafe security system uses a next-generation approach to ensure that you are secure at all times.

●      Wireless Communication: Instead of electricity, its alarm system uses wireless communication based on radio waves, which enable the sensors placed in entry ways to your home to talk to the central base station.

●      Longer-Duration Batteries: You rarely need to change the battery in the sensors because they are made to conserve energy for a longer life duration.

●      Cellular Connection Backed by Wi-Fi: In addition to the wireless communication that exists between the sensors and the base, the SimpliSafe’s base station is also double secure because it uses both a cellular connection to communicate outside the home and is reinforced by wi-fi.

●      24-Hour Backup Battery: The base station runs on a 24-hour backup battery to ensure it will work for you even if unplugged or during a power blackout.

●      Smash-Proof Technology: The base station also comes with smash-proof technology that will keep it working even if an intruder breaks it.

●      Automatic Updates: Unlike traditional home security systems, the SimpliSafe wireless system will fully optimize itself with regular, automatic updates so that you will always have peace of mind even with long term use of your security system because it will always have the newest leading technology to maintain your home’s security to the highest extent possible.

What Kits Are Available at SimpliSafe?

Anyone who is asking “What is the best home security system?” will also be interested to learn which of SimpliSafe’s home security system kits is a best match for their home. There are five main security systems available in the shop (Foundation, Essentials, Hearth, Knox, and Haven) and each of these pre-designed kits comes with a set number of features. And, if a kit does not contain all the features you would like to have, you can veer off the well-trodden path and build your own home security system yourself using any of the features available at the SimpliSafe shop, if you feel so inclined to do so.

The kits available in the shop come in a variety of sizes, from small to large. For example, the ‘Foundation’ kit, which is the smallest, most basic, and affordable kit available, is quite suitable for the size and security needs of a small cabin, home, or apartment. It comes with an entry sensor to cover your main door along with a motion sensor detector (that detects humans and not pets). However, in contrast to this kit, the most popular option is the ‘Essentials’ kit because it comes with the entry sensor to cover your main door, and it also has sensors located at all the main entry points of your house.

Which Features Come With Each Kit?

When first taking a look over the site’s list of home security system features available, you may find that you are still asking yourself, “What is the best home security system?” In that case, you will want to explore each system in more detail in order to identify which one of the pre-established system kits may be most suitable for your home.

The five main security systems in the shop contain essential features added to each from a list of 11 essential features (Entry Sensor, Motion Sensor, Base Station, Keypad, Key Fob, Smoke Detector, Water Sensor, Temperature Sensor, HD Camera, 105dB Siren, Panic Button). All kits come with a base kit and keypad; but, the differences are quite noticeable when taking into account what features each contains. The smallest kit, the ‘Foundation,’ comes with four pieces (sensor, motion detector, base station, and keypad). The ‘Essentials’ kit comes with the same pieces plus two extra sensors. The ‘Hearth’ kit contains ten pieces including those found in the ‘Essentials’ kit plus smoke detector, water sensor, etc. The ‘Knox’ contains fourteen pieces and is made for a home with many entrance points because it has six total entry sensors as part of the kit. And, the ‘Haven’ kit contains fifteen pieces but it has fewer entry sensors but a wider range of add-ons than all of the previously listed kits.

           While these pre-established systems and their eleven essential security features may work well for most people, and it is entirely possible to select one of these systems and be all set up for a completely secured home inside and out, there may be instances in which a person may want to add extra security features to a plan or simply create their own plan. That is entirely possible with the SimpliSafe online shop because you can look over all the pieces available and order only the pieces you have personally selected.

The online shop contains a list of extra security features you may purchase but which may not be essential to your unit, yet are well worth considering, especially if security is that important for you and your home. The following features (the SimpliCam, Video Doorbell, and Smart Lock) offer additional levels of security above and beyond what the basic pre-established systems typically offer and are not available in your pre-established system. If you would like one or more of these additional security features for your home, you would need to personally select and add them to your cart in the SimpliSafe online shop before heading to the checkout.

●      Simple Cam is an extra security feature add-on that works on the outside of the home to visually verify the alarm in order to help dispatch police faster.

●      Video Doorbell is an extra security feature add-on which records a video of every thing that occurs on the outside of your door and even allows you to see who is at the door before they ring the bell or in the event they never ring the bell.

●      Smart Lock is an extra security feature add-on that automatically locks your door or window in case you forgot to lock it. The added benefit of this extra security feature is that it combines well with an external monitoring plan through which you may grant access or unlock the smart lock while away from home and keep track of who comes and goes from your home while you are away.

This short list of extra security features is not the total list. There are many more to consider including a carbon monoxide detector, which seems just as important as other hazard sensors already considered essential, and a glass break sensor which would really enhance any security system because it immediately sounds the alarm if there is a break-in.

How to Obtain a Security System Recommendation?

When a customer is new to SimpliSafe, one of the best things a person can do is to contact customer support in order to ask, “What is the best home security system?” in order to learn about the products and features directly from a customer service rep, ask questions, and even receive a security system recommendation based on your specific needs.

Support staff are available who can walk you through all of your options. The phone number is in plain view at the top of the site, and the contact form link is also located in the header menu. To find answers to commonly asked questions on the site, such as about orders and billing, general questions, and questions about how to use your system, a person might consider opening the Help Center located on the contact form page.

How to Set Up Your Security System?

Once you have chosen which security system you would like to use for your home, the next step of setting it up is easy to do yourself. The product will arrive in your home within a few days of purchase, and it installs easily in a matter of minutes. Simply open the box and plug it in. You will not even need any tools to set it up. You may ask a professional at SimpliSafe to help set it up, as well; support is available for that in the case it is needed.

What Terms and Conditions Come With a SimpliSafe Home Security System?

Unlike the long-term contracts available with traditional security system companies, customers at SimpliSafe pay month by month and are not locked into any contract and may cancel at any time. The system and its shipping fee is fully refundable within 60 days of it being in your home, if you are not 100% satisfied. Such flexible terms make SimpliSafe a popular company with many consumers because there is room to experience the product firsthand, get help from support on any issue, and still return it if it is not right for you.

How to Obtain Complete Security For Your Home and for Your Peace of Mind?

The SimpliSafe security system works via the entry point sensors. Because the entry sensors detect any changes in any of the rooms and entry points of your home, every inch of your home will be monitored well. If the monitoring sensor finds any suspicious changes in the home, it will alert the call center right away; the monitoring support team will call you and even dispatch police, ambulance, or fire truck if needed. The SimpliSafe monitoring operators are always available and ready to dispatch help for your home and your peace of mind 24/7.

While SimpliSafe offers you the ability to control who enters your home and when, three different monitoring plans (interactive monitoring, standard monitoring, and self-monitoring), which add additional support for you to protect your home in case there is an emergency.

●      Interactive monitoring offers the most comprehensive plan and is the most popular plan with customers because it offers every type of protection from police, fire, and medical dispatch 24/7 to unlimited camera recording, video verification, flood, and extreme temperature monitoring.

●      Standard monitoring does not come with camera recording, but it does come with police, fire, and medical dispatch, as well as flood and extreme temperature monitoring.

●      Self-monitoring offers the least comprehensive plan and is the least popular plan with customers because it offers one feature, unlimited camera recording.

The monitoring plan you choose is entirely up to you and well worth your time to consider.

With SimpliSafe, you are protecting your home as well as protecting your peace of mind. SimpliSafe systems are more highly rated and yet less expensive and more reliable than most traditional security systems. And, when your home is protected by the best system available, you can feel rest assured and safe. If you have been asking yourself, “What is the best home security system?” you can look no further. It is SimpliSafe.

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