What Is an Internet Marketing Niche? – and the New Market Landscape

Internet marketing is an evolving concept that has taken the world by storm. Anything that you can possibly think about can now be bought online or offline. One might wonder how could that be or how does the internet provide such a wide variety of products and services that are so unique in their nature. The answer to that question is the internet marketing niche. Hence, if you look for an answer to ‘what is an internet marketing niche’ and how you can start your own business in the new market landscape, look no further.

What Is an Internet Marketing Niche

An internet marketing niche is the drilled-down version of a larger market. Need more details? To understand what an internet marketing niche is, let’s take the example of Clothes. Clothes are the broad market; that we can subdivide into further categories that will still be broader than the micro-niche you want to target. Under clothing, you can find the following subdivisions:

  • Clothes for men
  • Clothes for women
  • Clothes for children
  • Clothes for the elderly
  • Clothes for disabled people

The examples above provide you an idea about how the initial broad category can be subdivided into multiple narrower categories. These categories mentioned below are by no means small. Here lets elaborate the concept of what is an internet marketing niche by further subcategorizing the example of clothes for women, such as the following:

  • Women clothes for running
  • Clothes for pregnant women
  • Clothes for disabled women
  • Clothes for fancy occasions
  • Women’s clothes for casual wear
  • Women’s clothes for gym
  • Women’s clothes for tennis
  • Women’s clothes for football
  • Women’s clothes for cricket
  • And the list goes on

Among these categories, there are some targets that you end up achieving, which we will discuss later. However, from the distinction provided above, you can easily understand how the sub-categorization of one particular niche can lead you to so many specific products and markets that are either untapped or need customization.

Your main purpose here should be to find an untapped market and an audience that seeks products for their particular needs, and you have found yourself a niche. It needs to be understood that finding a niche and an audience that is actively looking for that particular product may require a lot of time and effort.

Why Is Choosing a Niche so Important

Choosing one specific niche will help you target a specific audience that only you can cater to. There are so many retailers as well as mega-sites out there like Amazon that sell everything.

It can be hard to compete against such giants if you go after the broader market. Hence, finding a niche that is small and is uncatered will help you find people who need your services.

Moving forward with the example shared above, let’s assume that you choose the niche of Clothes for pregnant women. Within this niche, you can easily create further niches by introducing a different style of clothes for women. Such as the following:

  • Tops for breastfeeding
  • Maternity bottoms
  • Tops for the third trimester
  • Tops for the second trimester
  • Bottoms for the third trimester
  • Bottoms for the second trimester
  • Best feeding bras
  • Breastfeeding full dresses
  • Breastfeeding wraps
  • Breastfeeding capes

All these options can be catered into your niche of clothes for pregnant women. Including clothes for after the birth is also a good idea since the soon-to-be mothers are generally hunting for good clothes to wear once the baby arrives.

Hence, if they are on your website and find good clothes that match their need, they might as well add those to the cart.

These categorizations mentioned above should give you a fairly good idea about what is an internet marketing niche.

What Are Keywords

Keywords are terms or words that the consumer or your customer types in the search bar to look for the service or product. These can come in many forms and sizes; some are considered long-tail due to their length, while others are just considered major keywords.

Keywords play an important role in establishing your presence on the internet. As these keywords are the main words that the consumers are typing in the search bar, the number of times it shows up on your page will determine whether or not you end up on the results page. However, keyword stuffing is not advisable.

Moving forward with our example of clothes for pregnant women, this is a long-tail keyword, and the women who intend to buy these clothes will type this long-tail keyword on their web browser.

Why Are Keywords Important

Keywords play an important role in guiding the consumer to your website. There are a lot of websites that you can use to find keywords that have low competition and low volume. That will ensure that your keyword is unique and only a niche market is looking for that product or service.

Using Keywords Tools

Make use of online keyword tools such as Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is one of the most top-rated keyword research tools online. It gives you a complete detailed list of relevant keywords that people searched online, including the keywords’ difficulty and volume.

These kinds of indicators can help you in deciding whether or not to move forward with that niche.

Other tools can also be made use of, such as the website Ask the People. It is one of the best websites to build a mental map and understand the way your keyword can be used and is searched by people. It is a great way to explore new ways of using your keywords and drilling down on them. This can further jog your mind to come up with other relevant keywords.

The good thing about both these keyword research tools is that you can download the files and save them on your computer to look at them whenever you want.

Another great keyword research tool is keyword.io. It helps you in finding long-tail keywords used by people to search topics around your keyword. This is a very handy tool as it allows you to download all the data for free, and you can have access to it any time. You can then even upload all your information to Google Planner for further details.

Why Go For a Specific Niche

In case of a specific niche, you will be able to speak to the audience that is specifically looking for the service or product you provide. Your job as a niche marketer is to be able to solve or answer the question of the people who are looking for specific products or services.

Continuing with our example of clothes for pregnant women, when women type these long-tail keywords in the search bar, their intention is to find relevant websites that will either help them find solutions for clothing as a pregnant woman or will provide them with clothes they can buy instantly.

Hence, in order to grab the attention of the audience, you will have to create a website that specifically caters to clothing for pregnant women, and if you own a store, you can just upload the articles for them to purchase, or you can write reviews about clothing from various brands that target pregnant women and link them. This way the customer will be able to compare the prices of the products and buy as per their requirements.

Benefits of a Niche Market

Say you target the keyword clothing for women; in this category, there are so many brands and stores that offer clothing for women, the competition with mega stores will make it impossible for you to reach your target audience. However, the example that we used of clothing for pregnant women is such a specific niche, and it can further be drilled down, and more micro niches can be created.

When a customer uses such a long tail keyword in the search bar, they are generally at the very end of the purchase funnel. And ready to make the buying decision, which is exactly you want them to be ready to make the final call and buying the product from your website.

We have talked about all the reasons why you should focus on a niche market. Now it’s time to look at some real-life examples of niche markets that are real-life success stories.

Examples of Niche Marketing

Lefty’s: The Left-Hand Store

Almost 90% of people are right-handed people. However, there is that 10 percent of left-handed people. Since most stationery, kitchen gardening, and other tools are produced for right-handed people, left-handed people have had to adjust to use the products for right-handed people.

This provides an opportunity for companies to cater to the 10 percent of the population that is left-handed. Lefty’s saw the opportunity and grabbed it, and the online store offers kitchen utensils, oven mittens, stationery for kids and school, garden tools, and much more.

This is a perfect example of serving a niche market. Since it only caters to the 10 percent of the population that is left-handed.


Untuckit is a clothing store, and you might wonder how someone can create a niche in a market that is already so saturated. However, this site just comes to prove that making smaller adjustments and being a little creative with your thought process can help you target a niche market that is specifically reaching people who are looking for a very specific service or product.

Untuckit is a store that sells shirts for both men and women that don’t need to be tucked in and look nice without being tucked in. Instead of wearing your shirt and not tucking it in, you can wear a shirt specifically designed in a way to not be tucked in. This is also a prime example of targeting a niche market in an over saturated market.


Bee’s Wrap

In recent years people have become more conscious about eco-friendly and cruelty-free products. Companies used to appeal to this audience by donating a small part of the proceeds to a particular cause. However, now people are more conscious about how the product itself is sourced along with how it is produced.

This has allowed a niche for vegan, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products to appear on the market. This allowed Bee’s Wrap to rise to the map. They target a very specific niche of providing bee wrap to remove the use of plastic wraps.

The product is reusable and is super easy to use after a simple wash. The website provides complete details on all the usages. It’s worth noting how they were able to capture a small niche and engage conscious buyers to purchase reusable bee wrap to store their vegetables and other food products.

Glorious PC Gaming Race

Shazim Mohammad is the owner of the website and has running automatically along with making six figures business. The website solely aims at PC Gamers and selling products from mouse, mousepads, keyboards to much more.

This has allowed the website to target a specific niche that has targeted PC gamers to buy products that are solely for their benefit. This makes it a perfect small niche example that has turned into a six-figure business that is being run on autopilot and can gain more followers every day and facilitate more PC gamers since the gaming industry is booming and will be much bigger in the coming years and will allow for the gamers to buy their products according to their specific needs.


At the end of the day, all the examples and the methods showed in this article prove that you can bend and think slightly creatively to create a new creative niche market that can then be catered to with the help of creative products that serve a unique purpose or solve a unique problem. Building your own niche market can be a difficult process; however, do your research and try to look for what you can offer to the people. And you might just land on a perfect niche.

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