Luxury Jobs – 12 Luxury Jobs You Should Know About

Who says that luxury jobs are not for everyone? Even if you are a person who does not like to hustle and break a sweat, there is still such a job somewhere just for you. It does not have to be something that requires a lot of headaches and hard work.

Many people opt for jobs in which they are skilled, or they acquire skills for jobs. But if you are lucky enough to turn your hobby and interest into a job, you won’t need anything else. It is like a dream come true in which you only have to do the things you love in order to earn money.

If you are looking for such jobs, you can find them right here in a minute. Here’s a list of luxury jobs that you will be yearning to do:

Lifestyle Specialist

Dreaming of having a lavish lifestyle and building it with utter ease can sound bizarre. But the luxury jobs of building someone else’s luxury lifestyle are always available. There are people who have loads of cash but do not know how to keep up with the people of their level.

For that specific thing, they hire different people who have a keen eye and vast knowledge in building a luxury life. From social groups and parties to trips, appointments, and more, you can turn a simple lifestyle into something from a movie.

It may sound like an easy job. However, it requires high-level management skills and communication power as it requires you to handle each and everything in a person’s life. 

You must stay up-to-date with the recent trends and should indulge in the interests of the client to provide everything according to the client’s desires and wishes.

From all the luxury jobs in the world, if you think that this job is for you, you must cheer up as there are many people who would require a lifestyle specialist in their life and have the money to hire one.

Yacht Purser

Imagine going on a soothing and calming getaway on a huge yacht filled with luxury stuff and high-end services. These types of yachts are often owned by millionaires who want to experience a quality life on the sea.

It is a different kind of adventure, and it can also be a place for formal gatherings and romantic weekends. But it takes a lot to turn a simple yacht into a luxury dreamboat. And that job is handled by a yacht purser. After all, luxury jobs do not mean that you do not have to do anything.

You must need extensive management skills and handling power. It is because the whole yacht will be under your control, and you will be responsible for handling all the events and options in the yacht.

The yacht purser has to take care of the services provided, the dining rooms, the guest rooms, the trip management, and the entertainment on the yacht. A similar luxury job is the cruise manager, in which the manager handles everything in the ship.

Both of these luxury jobs pay a hefty amount of money, and rich people hire these managers in order to make their weekends memorable and fun.

Event Management

Throwing huge parties and planning massive events is a must for huge brand owners and multi-millionaires. These people represent their brands and get more clients through their exquisite parties that are unforgettable.

At the same time, these parties can only be made unforgettable if there is a person with a whole team managing that even to finesse. That person is responsible for each and everything in the event. The food, the guest list, the decoration, the entertainment, the sitting arrangement, the event time, the venue, and the event type is in the hands of the event manager.

It may sound like a hard job and one that requires skill and passion as a major aspect. But these kinds of luxury jobs usually pay a lot of money and are totally worth it.

With cooperation and coordination with the client, you can turn your client’s vision into reality. It sometimes feels amazing to turn someone else’s vision into a practical thing, and the satisfaction is immaculate.

Brand Management

It is not unusual to think that famous brands like Dior, Nike, Adidas, Damas, Pandora, and Gucci are run by highly qualified marketing experts who manage the brands like a pro. Many other people require people that will handle their brand and are responsible for every little thing for the brand.

People who have loads of cash want to turn their cash into something that will be worth the money and will turn into an investment that pays for a lifetime. Thus, they invest in creating brands and in handling these things; they hire qualified people and creative professionals for it.

If you plan to become a brand manager, you must know that this is a job of high responsibility that requires creativity, passion, devotion, and management skills. Hiring marketing experts, designers, accountants, and other important personnel for the brand is your responsibility.

It is one of the famous jobs in luxury jobs and can make good money if you pursue it.

International Luxury Buyer

Are you skilled in shopping, and do you aspire to shop for your life? Why don’t you become an international luxury buyer? It is a dream job for many girls, and it is perfect if you like to buy but don’t have enough money.

There are many busy people whose lives are packed to the extent that they do not have time to buy clothes and other necessary things. The only solution for these people is to hire an international luxury buyer. They acquire people who will understand their needs and will make their lives easier by doing their shopping for them.

As an international luxury buyer, you will have to understand the client completely, get to know the person and their choices, and once you are done with the coordination, your job is to fill their wardrobe with magic.

You will have to buy complete outfits, buy cars, or even the smallest of things such as makeup and sanitary items. Shopping will become your life, and you will spend all your time managing the expenses and buying things from the budget provided.

Most probably, you will be given a credit card and will handle it as per your wish and the client’s satisfaction. One way or another, it also requires sharp observation and decisiveness. After all,luxury jobs require luxury-level traits.

Travel Designer

If you know about tour guides and think that their jobs are one of the best jobs in the world, try thinking about travel designers as they have more power than tour guides. The luxury jobs such as travel designers are made for the people who love to travel and have an interesting viewpoint on trips and traveling.

The person responsible for managing the travel for the client will look after everything that comprises a travel journey. From accommodation hotels, food, vehicles, events, parties, and clothes to fun activities, adventures, and luxuries, everything is under the control of the travel designers.

Picking luxury spots that will turn out into an adventure of a lifetime will be the job of a travel designer, and if you think you have what it takes to be one, then these luxury jobs are perfect for people like you.

Internet Project Manager

Are you always ahead of your game with digital marketing and social media managing? You should try to become an internet project manager. They are the internet gurus that can turn simple and non-existent brands into internet sensations.

If not, these people are responsible for turning people into celebrities on the internet. They got to know what it takes to make a thing go viral and use it on their client’s demands. There are many wealthy people that have enough money to own brands or a luxury lifestyle.

However, turning into an internet sensation is now easy only by money. You must have social media optimization skills to make this possible. Thus, by having the skills of digital marketing and social media handling, you can get yourself one of these luxury jobs that pay more than you can imagine.

Company Presenter

If some person has money, it does not mean that they have the persuasion techniques to win over investors or clients for their company. At the same time, even if they have the money to own a company, they do not have the confidence to represent the company in the best way possible.

Thus, for the company’s best interest, they hire a person that will represent the company in the best way possible. The person has to showcase different agendas and propositions for the company and convince different people.

It not only helps the company to move forward and get a strong client base, but it also allows the company to expand and have a nice representative. If you are interested in this job, you must have good presentation skills, confidence, speaking skills, and PowerPoint skills. These types of luxury jobs will get you dinners and reservations at the top hotels of the area, and you will get to know the richest people in the city. The best part is that it pays a lot of money for you to invest and become rich yourself.

Luxury Jobs: Hotel Reviewer

Did you ever think that your sleep would provide you more than comfort? If you are a sleep lover and love nothing more than sleep, then being a hotel reviewer is the best job for you.

You have to go to different hotels and stay for a night or two. After staying a whole night in the hotel, you have to review different stuff at the hotel and compare it with the other hotels. Once you have reviewed all the hotels, your job is to select the best hotel and suggest that place to your client.

These kinds of jobs are those jobs which will never make you tired, and you must be skilled in comparing and noticing details. At the same time, you must be good at making decisions because, in the end, you have to provide the final answer to the client.

Luxury Jobs: Art Auctioneer

If you are interested in viewing the arts and know the value of different art pieces, the luxury job of an art auctioneer is for you. You only have to showcase different art pieces after selecting them from different sellers and putting them up for auction.

The best part about such luxury jobs is that you will be filled with rich people who will be ready to buy different art pieces. Not only will your social circle be filled with great millionaires, but you will also be invited to great places with exquisite dining choices.

If you are interested in this job, you have to be a person with great confidence and a spokesperson. With the art of dealing with different people and having great taste in arts and creativity, you can ace this job and earn more than you can think.

Luxury Jobs: Casino Staff

Casinos are places for people with money. They come to play with money and risk their money on their luck. It is always fun and adventurous, which makes it even more famous.

Being a casino manager can get you to socialize with rich people and high-level societies. These kinds of luxury jobs will offer fun and money at the same time. If you are interested in this job, you must have experience as a casino manager or a staff person first.

Luxury Jobs: Entertainer

Being responsible for someone’s entertainment is a big deal, especially if the person has all the money in the world to get anything he wants. In order to become an entertainer, you must be experienced in coordinating with the client and find out his choice to continue with it.

At the same time, it requires creativity and management skills. The entertainer should be able to come up with creative ideas for the entertainment of the client. This involves the setting of events and handling different parties.

Now that you are aware of the list of luxury jobs, your task is to select the one you want and motivate yourself to work for it!


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