Expanding Consciousness- A Work in Progress

Expanding consciousness is the first mission of Gaia, a website that contains more than 8,000 enlightening films, original shows, yoga and meditation classes, and more of what you might be looking forward to.

Expanding consciousness can benefit you in numerous ways. All the content that is a part of the website offers great benefits and that too whilst staying at your home.

This article will further consist of what Gaia aims, how to become a part of the website, and also what each category offers.

Expanding Consciousness: What Does Gaia Aim to Provide?

Gaia is a website launched to increase consciousness among people through interesting videos on various subjects and topics. It is available in 4 languages, including English, Dutch, French, and Spanish.

The site aims to enhance your perspective about quite a few things that are a part of your daily routine and also has videos and content that can help you adopt a healthier lifestyle.

It includes documentaries, articles, and series on topics such as spiritual growth, techniques to decrease stress, and also has science-related knowledge.

How to Stay Updated on All the Newest Content?

To get access to the complete website, you first have to become a part of it. Once you scroll down the website, you can see an option to start a free trial and just by entering your email address there, you will get access to all the premium features that the website offers for a few days.

The website requires you to put in billing details even before the free trial, but it’s completely safe as a transaction will take place once you are willing to purchase a plan for yourself.

If, at the end of the free trial, you are willing to further continue your journey, then you can also purchase a plan within your budget.

To permanently become a part of the website and to get access to all its consciousness-expanding classes content, you have to go and click the ‘New to Gaia- sign up’ option.

Then, you have to go through the 3 plans that will be displayed on your screen, out of which you can select the one that suits you best.

The final step is entering your credentials, after which you will have access to every interesting feature and content, once you have made the payment, of course.

Self-Help Content on Gaia

The website offers sessions on personal growth that are conducted by experts from all over the world e.g. Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Judith Orloff, and has other videos related to the topic as well.

This specific heading aims to help you strengthen your personality, make you more aware of your talents, and also help expand your consciousness through consciousness-expanding classes. It is more or less essential for each one of us.

Spiritual growth is a necessary part of our lives and has immense significance. Reading content regarding such topics and watching eye-opening videos will help in developing a strong connection with what and whom you believe in.

This covers every aspect of spirit, from ancient to modern spiritual practices and traditions. If you are ready to begin a spiritually awakening journey, this can be your first step towards it. It will benefit your mental and physical health both.

Not only this, the website gives access to other content, for instance, relating to food and nutrition, to make you follow a healthy diet and detox your body regularly.

Documentary series related to longevity and wellness that include all about chronic diseases, life extension, growing old, and immortality and all the content is reliable as health experts have been working on ways to increase life-span for years now.

Metaphysics has been a topic that attracts one, so if you too are on an outlook to know and explore more about the universe, you can use Gaia.

To get access to the videos, series, and documentaries related to these topics and other consciousness-expanding classes, you have to visit the homepage of the website, and you will find all the topics on the top right-hand side once you click ‘…’. You also can use the search bar to search for specific content.

What Makes the Content so Unique?

Consciousness-expanding classes should be considered a necessity in such a time when the world is changing so much and every day has become a day of initiating something new. Gaia’s website is considered to have the largest library of conscious media that does not have limited content. Using this website can surely prepare you for a lifestyle you need to adapt to in extreme times.

Not just this, you can also share your knowledge with others by being a part of Gaia, i.e. by working for this website (to know more, continue reading).

Several famous lecturers, researchers, and motivational speakers play major roles to make the content unique and true. Someone who dares to travel his/her path can benefit a lot, and that too free of cost. You can not specify for whom the website is made for as seekers, wanderers, explorers, and dreamers all work together for your wellness.

The good thing is that using Gaia is not hectic or troublesome at all as more than one person can use the same account and membership for TV, desktop, and all mobile devices. In addition to this, videos that interest you can be downloaded so you can watch them offline later.

To get a plan, your budget won’t get affected either, as you have the option to pay monthly and annually; it all depends on you.

About the Uploaded Series and Movies

The website offers access to content writers, directed by the world’s top experts, authors, teachers, and researchers. You cannot explore enough as new exclusive content, full of knowledge, is released every week. You can get a hold of your favorite movies and series at one place, Gaia.

Today, series are more preferable to some if compared with movies maybe because they are longer so they contain more knowledge about one specific topic. The website has its original series uploaded that are made by more than 50 hosts and guests, among which are Ben Stewart, Caroline Myss, Alex Grey and so many more as well. You can specify the personality if you want.

Moreover, other series are also uploaded amongst which currently ‘Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible,’ with four episodes is the most popular. The website aims to upload content that will enhance conscious learning and is committed to finding the best series and interviews to support this evolution.

The filmmakers working for the website put in maximum efforts to gather series with unique content e.g. UFOs. All these are great for expanding your consciousness through consciousness-expanding classes.

What Events does Gaia Offer?

Events+ are offered by Gaia to form a like-minded community and aim to inspire people in every possible way. You can get access to workshops and conferences conducted by the world’s preeminent thinkers and teachers.

All the events are conducted online and the topics are mostly the ones that are demanded by the participants.

To experience what the workshops behold, you can watch a few videos that are available free of cost once you scroll down the page. The videos include content related to physical and mental growth, so watching them won’t be a waste of time at all.

If you find the videos interesting, you can catch up and stay updated on all other upcoming events just by paying a small amount of money, i.e., $299, yearly.

All the workshops are conducted by experienced speakers and researchers that include Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Steven Greer, Nassim Haramein, and many others. These are all a part of the consciousness-expanding classes.

Most of them have their journey of success and what hurdles they’ve passed through, whereas others have knowledge about the latest discoveries and stuff you might’ve not even heard about before, which proves how beneficial they can be.

What Are the Benefits of such Content?

Being a part of such workshops can transform your life very positively in powerful ways, and it is also a good way to experience energizing events to wake up full of motivation every day and be an inspiration for others as well. Being a part of these events can be a big step towards your personal development, and you can also lend a helping hand to others regarding what you learn.

You can share the video of the first event or session with anyone you might think will be interested. This will make you play a major role in developing the community and its people. The one you refer the video to will also be able to seek knowledge. Other than this, you can connect with other attendees from around the world through the live chat during each event to share your experiences and journey. This will be an important step to gain confidence in yourself and what you have been through to date.

Paying a small amount doesn’t trouble you when you’re benefiting from it, thus the most beneficial thing is the access you will get to a growing library of past events, that too which you can explore on your suitable time and schedule.

As a few of us don’t like reading, so we prefer to watch short videos or movies whereas others prefer books over watching stuff. Gaia benefits both types of people as it has innumerable articles, movies, and series, so don’t worry about what you prefer as you will not regret it once you start exploring the website regularly.

How Can You Work at Gaia?

A team is what makes a project successful. Similarly, at Gaia, there is also a team of workers constantly working together to achieve what the CEO first aimed for.

You can also be a part of this team and the consciousness-expanding classes as several posts are available for people to work with, for instance, experienced graphic designers, video editors, and content creators as well.

Dealing with customers is an integral part of any successful business so a team of customer representatives can also be hired. Product management, publishing, and engineering are other fields you can work in for Gaia.

You have to work on campus, and that too will be with no regrets as the campus is surrounded by natural beauty. The campus has become more like a crystal palace as several different crystals are kept inside, be it amethyst or smoky quartz. This is because their beauty keeps the employees working. Every day at the workplace is filled with Days are filled with organic food, sunshine, and conversations regarding the interesting consciousness-expanding classes.

To work as an employee, you can register online through their website. You first have to open Gaia.com and click on ‘Work with us’ that can be seen on the top left before the search bar. You can go through the positions and their requirements and can apply for what suits you the best. You’ll find amazing salary packages with lots of other benefits underneath the detail of each position.

Once you find the right position for yourself, all you need to do is click ‘apply now. Fill in all the required credentials and input a file that contains your resume and CV. Submit your details, and if you’re fit for the specific position, you might receive a call from head office or an email.

Final Thoughts 

Gaia offers hundreds of different series, documentaries, and articles that are written or compiled by famous authors and directors. All the content is unlike any normal content as topics are chosen carefully, and they are mostly the ones you don’t find a lot of information on. They also emphasize taking care of your mental wellness and personal growth through their consciousness-expanding classes.

You can also become a part of Gaia as it offers amazing posts with great salaries, and the process is also very smooth. Not only this, the website offers other benefits, e.g., you can get access to the upcoming and past events (webinars, workshops, and conferences). You can also purchase a plan that suits you to get access to every premium feature as well.


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