Financial Planning and Wealth Management

If you are an investment professional or personal investor, I’m sure you’re wanting and willing to do all that you can to stay up to date and informed on the current market. makes that easier than ever. With comprehensive products and services such as the Morningstar Indexes, Morningstar managed portfolios, and retirement manager. is your one stop shop for all your wealth management needs. is concerned with understanding your personal dreams and ideals, they feel that finding out what really matters will help investors feel empowered and helps drive their success. With policies such as their open transparency, Morningstar sets themselves a cut about the other competitors. Their transparency policy really gets to the heart of the issue, showing exactly how they make money (no shady behind the scene business deals) and how they approach editorial content. Lastly, the average consumer is on guard and worried about their personal data being shared in unsavory ways, but’s transparency policy shares upfront how they are using and storing your personal data so that you can rest easy knowing it’s safe.

Morningstar is dedicated to selling different products and services to both personal and professional investors. Delivering accurate and timely data and research in sleek, user friendly and easily digestible designs.

Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Let’s talk wealth. Wealth will often hold a different meaning depending on who you ask. According to research, one of the largest and best identifying markers for wealth is an abundance of scarce resources. But on an individual level, the meaning of wealth fluctuates from making over 100,000 thousand a year to having a net worth of over 2 million as threshold for being wealthy. Your own perception of wealth is something you have to come to for yourself by asking “what does wealth mean to me?”.

Once you find your answer, the next step to wealth management is figuring out how to actually obtain this wealth. Finanancial planning is that next step. While wealth management concerns itself with services that help manage and grow your investments, estate and tax planning and even banking services. Financial planning is looking at your entire financial situation and figuring out how to achieve your long and short term financial goals.

Tools for Success

How does help you with your financial and wealth management? Morningstar offers premium services that will help guide you through the investment world. These premium service offers help with:

-Finding new investment ideas

Utilize their research with screeners. Find portfolio anchors and underrated stock that could skyrocket. Once you’ve chosen your preferred stock use’s comprehensive overview to view it’s strengths and weakness. Morningstar’s analysts also use a rating system for their highest rated funds, these are marked by either a gold, silver, or bronze badge. These fund selections are presorted along with the current top mutual funds and stocks. Morningstar sorts by rating, but also by type and by investment goals.

-Getting the right information has over 150 independent analysts that make round the clock in depth reports on thousands of securities, allowing you to buy with conviction.


Diversification is the act of making sure your investments are spread out among the market. You do this by investing in various securities and different type of bonds all of different risk, reward and statistics. Diversification is important as it minimizes the risk of loses and can maximize your reward. Morningstar helps you diversify your portfolio with their professional grade tools.

Get the News

Not only does offer great tools and services, it also has the Morningstar Investor Newsletter at your disposal. It’s the perfect tool for anyone that’s interested in investing in:

ETF’s -ETF’s are exchange-traded funds. It’s a type of investment fund that is traded daily on the stock exchange with prices that grow and shrink based on the supply and demand of the current market.

Stock –buying a stock is buying a fraction (or share) of a company or corporation, with the amount you make fluctuating with the profits of said corporation.

Investment Funds –Funds are pools of money put together for a specific purpose, so an investment fund is essentially pooling your money alongside other investors. The pool is ran by a fund manager. This fund manager invests your money for you in several companies (this aids in diversifying your portfolio) and you have no influence in which companies that your money will be invested towards.

Their newsletter provides the latest information regarding analyst reporting and research, a list of securities on the Morningstar watchlist, bonus reports that offer investment supplements, and also offers email alerts. You also get personal, subscriber only access to an editor, the editor is there to answer any questions that you may have and also subscriber only website access that has current data on portfolios and watchlists.

Optimizing Your Investments

With Morningstar Direct you will have access to an investment analysis platform that can heighten the way in which you work. You can apply’s multi-asset data to advanced portfolio analytics and performance reporting this will help to make the ever-changing market more coherent.

Morningstar Direct offers a way to understand your firms’ data in conjunction with their global multi-asset database. This data base includes, but is not limited to information on the following:

Historical Portfolio Holdings –Holdings are the contents of your portfolio or the portfolio of an entity. These holdings may be a part of a large range of investment products.

Equities –Equity is when you own an asset that could have liabilities along with it. To determine the equity, you must subtract the liability or debt from the actual value of the asset.

Model Portfolio -A modern portfolio is diverse mutual funds with a similar amount of risk.

CITs -Collective Investment Trusts are a cumulation of retirement plan investors into one investment pool.

Separate Accounts

ETFs –Exchange Traded Funds are a basket of securities that you can buy and sell.

Indexes –these measure the stock market or a subset of the stock market.

Strategy-Level Data

ESG data –ESG is environmental, social and governance

Fixed Income Data

With Morningstar Direct you also you access to their research as it’s being published, this research is based on global insight and historical context. They curated this information to your day-to-day needs. You also are able to see their research ratings, moat ratings and analyst ratings; Breaking down complicated information and making it more efficient for the layman so that communication with your clients will be stronger than ever.

Keep Your Clients In The Know

Morningstar makes communication even easier between you and your client. With their Presentation Studio you can narrow down complex information into easier to follow visual reports, whether this information is for creating products or for giving advice.

With Morningstar’s Research Portal you can subscribe to different topics in order to gain information to share with your clients. These topics are put together by one of the largest teams of independent analysts in the world. You will have access to real-time information and all the research behind it so that you can be at the top of your game when speaking with your clients.

Use their research to create simple visuals to convey risk forecasting for returns on funds, models and accounts. Or assess potential catalysts of portfolio risk and other risk factors and discover return correlations. In turn, you can use this information along with’s prebuilt templates or custom reports to easily keep your clients up to date.

The Full Picture

Not only is for the individual investors, it’s also for the professional investors as well. Morningstar will help you zero in on your clients’ preferences and create financial plans that fit their needs and financial health. Morningstar aids in this by offering client data management, client profiling and financial planning. Using their data you can identify sound investment opportunities as well as make personalized portfolios. Morningstar offers investment research and due diligence along with screening and selection to help you build these portfolios, but also for your own organization.

Using Morningstar’s portfolio management and portfolio monitoring you can make sure that your client’s portfolio matches with their objectives and aligns with the research. Using these portfolio management tools alongside Morningstar’s other tools, such as client communications, financial wellness and market monitoring you can use their reliable information to take action and empower you clients to make investments that will allow them to follow through with their plans.

Find Your Place

With the investment industries ever changing climate and fickle trends it’s important to know how to navigate with confidence and conviction. Creating detailed, intimate plans that have both the foresight for your future growth but also the presence of mind to take in the current trends. A way to do this is through comparing datasets of industry trends in order to make the best and wisest decisions. Morningstar makes those compares quick and easy with their performance comparisons, risk profiling, and market monitoring.

It’s very important, as an individual investor, to not only think of your current needs and interests and also the current market, but to also always be thinking of the future. Keep your future goals and plans in the forefront of your mind and make sure you are making decisions that will further you along the path to achieving them. This is also true for your clients as professional investor.

Open and honest communication with your client cannot be stressed enough. allows you to keep the communication simple and comprehensive with their visual showcase of products and their individual metrics that your client will worry about the most. Morningstar’s showcase offers visuals on ratings and rankings, reporting solutions and comparison tools.


In today’s world people are more worried than ever about how they affect the world around them. This is true for investors as well. If you fall under the umbrella of those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, you’re probably taking steps to be environmentally friendly in all walks of your life. Investing is no different.

ESG is the way to move forward with that. Environmental, social, and governance investing is sustainable investing and will help you incorporate ESGs into your portfolio. You may be worried that with ESGs comes a higher cost, but that isn’t always necessarily true. In fact, many investors will find that going green may also come with a smaller price tag.

Morningstar helps you on your path to going green by their Morningstar Sustainability Ratings. Now you won’t have to dive in blindly to a new kind of market, instead you get all the comprehensive in-depth research Morningstar’s top analysts have to offer. Not only this, but Morningstar offers steps to help you build your own ESG friendly portfolio and they also offer many tips and tricks to help you along the way. Along with their well-researched articles and newsletter.

Whatever your investment needs, be it at a personal or professional lever, Morningstar is dedicated to helping you realize them and guide you through. If you are looking for a singular space to get unfettered and unaffiliated investment news, you can’t go wrong with Morningstar as they are committed to giving you the most accurate information to help you accomplish your goals and sharpen your investment strategies.

The world of finance and investing may be a confusing place, especially for those that are just looking to start out, and even those who are unsure of what they want or don’t know exactly what they are looking for. There are many places to search on the web and it can be hard for the uninitiated to know what information that they can trust or what information is misleading. But with you can rest easy knowing that their top independent researchers are constantly looking at and putting together the most recent information and giving it to you in an easy to digest form. Never worry whether you are up to date on market trends no more! Morningstar has you covered.








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