Amur Equipment Finance

Amur Equipment Finance is a leading organization dealing with commercial financial services for industrial equipment. They have been ranked in the top five organizations nationally in terms of quality of service, and further have been certified within the standing Great Place to Work organizations. They have asserted that they are dedicated to assuring that all of their customers and working employees experience the world’s best potentials in developing capacities for success within the area of industry. 

They have been offering a range of capital financial services that can be customized by their clients, and have been routinely integrating expertise into practice. This has involved detailed considerations of related areas of operation in current industry, spanning technology, manufacture, transportation, and medicine, all used to support an established network of more than 15,000 vendors and organizational partnerships. 

The following details critical aspects of the organization’s establishments, operations, and developments in their persisting strive to optimize both customer experience and their organizational successes.

Industrial Role

In relation to general industry, Amur Equipment Finance has been able to compete with the best in achieving leadership within the top five of current operators. As new market entrants continue to introduce more variants, this organization continues to use its power and reputation in integrating evolving expertise and findings into its employee processes. Their equipment financing has been emphasizing the customer demands of speed and precision for application, and their service options have been prioritizing capacities for customers to tailor features in optimizing market positioning amid so many shifting industrial variables.

The service packages the organization has been offering span operational leasing, equipment financing agreements, and high flexibility in the structure of features. Operating leases allow clients to avoid depreciation while expending the entirety of monthly lease payment obligations. This involves the leasing organization to preserve equipment ownership, and to have a purchase option for fair market value acquisition at the end of the term (alongside continuation of rental or return). 

This has been ideal for clients who do not want to own equipment. Equipment financing has involved loan sizes ranging from $10,000 to $250,000, lengths ranging from 36 to 84 months, and funding time ranging from 24 to 48 hours. Flexibility of features has spanned stepped and deferred payment options, as well as seasonal and “balloon” (adjusted variantly over time to facilitate investment in certain months) paying. More recently, specific programs have continued to evolve in attempt to optimize client relations with changing market trends.

Wildcat Program

The Wildcat Program is an example of an evolved finance program that has been focused on facilitating optimal relations between clients and the most recent market variables and demand. The components of the program include introductory rates as low as 3.99%, for customers who qualify for participation, and with repayment term length spanning up to 72 months. 

The program was designed to provide new and competitive mechanics versus other options that are potentially available to customers in the present marketplace, further focused on providing them with as much as possible in order for them to optimize operational capacity among their competition.

Assuring that the program will continue to develop for objectives of optimal growth and thriving of participants, it is expected to continue to offer competitively low rates while being an example of how Amur Equipment Finance seeks service capacity maximization.

The continually shifting market dynamics affecting other industrial leaders as well as Amur Equipment Finance drives the organization to remain persistent in addressing new manners of product delivery and customer service. Innovation in financial service variables remains integral in the organization’s established strategic model for growth, while the Wildcat Program is an example of a development targeting assurance of small business participants in having the best financing options that are possible for modern industrial equipment demand.

Facilitating Innovation

The remaining emphasis on innovation and its facilitation of client demands has addressed workplace maintenance variables. The organization has been formally recognized, by Fast Company, as being among the top organizations in the industry as a Best Workplace for Innovators. This is applicable to the organization being a medium-sized business, as Fast Company provided recognition to companies of different sizes as being Best Workplaces for Innovators. 

The companies awarded with this formal recognition are strategically chosen based on observations of their extent of commitment to innovation facilitation across the entirety of their areas of operation, generally as a sum but in consideration of all levels of processes. Amur’s model for research and development and formal elements of organizational culture facilitating innovation were recorded as the reasons for its recognition by Fast Company. Its organizational culture has been long facilitating agility, intellectual exploration, and adaptive processes through flexibility have been directly promoted through written principles and leadership direction for some time. 

Fast Company has been working with Accenture to continually produce a list of 100 organizations annually in some ranking as superior innovation facilitators across industries of financial services in addition to others spanning technology, education, manufacture, and non-profit services.

Amur Equipment Finance itself, as an organization increasingly engaged in public relations, has been describing itself as prioritizing innovation. They have asserted that they are proud of their Fast Company listing, and that they have plans to continuing striving to be a leader of business in developing digital aspects and online presence across the organization and world. They further reported prioritizing investments in innovative staff tools and equipment for optimizing customer relations and skill development.

Amur Equipment Finance’s Mission and Core Values

Beyond the above, the organization’s mission and core values have been strategically designed and updated for optimized customer experience and leadership. The commitment of the organization has been described as encompassing loyalty, team member engagements, problem-solving optimizations, dependability in external relationships, and persistence in a general sense. 

It asserts that it prioritizes integrity through a combination of commitment and accountability, and that it works to facilitate innovation and communication simultaneously by requesting opinions of coworkers while discussing potentials with higher level management.

Amur Equipment Finance’s vision and mission has integrated a focus on innovation through a consideration of technological development optimization, teamwork, and results emphases that integrates an allowance (and even encouragement of) enjoyment while engaged in work processes. 

Teamwork strategies have involved the use of communications strategies, idea generation methods, customer relationship development techniques, and collaboration with management and leadership staff with a prioritization of results or outcome. Their focus on results by strategy development prioritizes time use, organization, resource optimization, seeking opportunity for improving customer service capacities, improving operational processes in an evolving manner, facilitating lifelong learning through strategic training, and continuing to integrate top-of-the-line technology. 

Their emphasis on fun is designed to optimize aspects of organizational culture and staff performance, as well as openness in communications for optimal stakeholder decision-making and flexibility. They also promote hard work and work ethics by supporting team relations and fostering healthy work-life balance in aspects of their organizational culture. They also support the community by strategically designing activities that facilitate residential involvement. 

Beyond the above, their mission is to provide the most competitive and high-quality service and feature elements that are possible to provide to their customers. They have continued to succeed in this while striving to be innovative in their technology use, which is expected to continue as investors make more decisions in expanding their organization. 

They strive to continue providing an ideal organizational culture and internal environment, trying to be competitive in recruiting and employee retention as an aspect of their overall competition, which helps them to transfer value to their client base. 

Paycheck Protection Program Engagements

Amur Equipment Finance’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is another aspect of the company that makes them valuable to customers while a strategic choice among others in the industry. Such development requires the approval of the United States federal government’s Small Business Administration (SBA), and the organization found it to be ideal for the purposes of extending liquidity and better service aspects to their customers. 

They believed that small businesses had greater capacities to gain from the implementation of the program, and that they could perform substantially better in the marketplace if they integrated such offering capacity. They have communicated to the press that they believe small businesses are critical to the economy of the nation, and they have been striving to provide their client base with funding accessibility in or to help them in addressing current economic challenges among the existing obstacles in general industrial competition. 

The program was initially created through the CARES Act to provide customers in need of effective financial services with expanded potentials in order to address negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic created changing conditions that affected critical aspects of business, there was a resultant demand for added capacities to address these to at least regain past successes, if not surpass them.

This program and the Wildcat Program are examples of how the company seeks optimization of resources and optimal innovation to provide customers with the best possible service and feature elements which can be provided to the client base. 

They believe this is critical in gaining the most market share possible, and in retaining market leadership. They further continue to conduct market research in order to consider the best potentials to provide the most to customers. 

Evolving Growth Strategy

The organization’s growth strategy has been evolving alongside the types of program developments and organizational process aspects described above, attempting to integrate the aforementioned employee training improvements while developing facilities internally and in number across the nation and world. 

This evolving growth strategy has been successful in terms of industrial leadership as described as well as improvements upon past developments achieved by the organization, with the record growth reported in the fourth quarter of 2020 providing them with further information regarding the successes of their applications. 

This is strategically used in comparative analysis in the company’s adaptive strategy, including the maintenance of flexibility and continuing investments in technology and program optimizations for their objective of providing clients and employees with the best that is possible. 

Their application for services quantity was reported to increase 34 percent across the past two years, and their originations having increased 27 percent, as a result of their evolved programs and investments. They have reported in their public relations that their growth strategy plans have been resonating with the range of operating small businesses which have been comparably successful within present industry. 

Amur Equipment Finance’s role in this modern industry experiencing expansion in the continuing shift of economic emphasis from manufacturing to financial services has required them to face unique competitive combined with economic challenges. 

There has been a consensus in industry that financial service providers continue to increase their capacities in a manner analogous to levelling up for the combination of demand and shifting variables. Their current customer base spans over 15,000 vendors of equipment and partnership for more than 40,000 small businesses, which they naturally intend to expand further while exploring other market capacities in the coming years.

The organizations’ digital presence has also facilitated improved customer service capacity and general competition within the present marketplace. It has been one of the largest growing areas of all of its growth, due to the nature of technological capacities and strategic investments justified by stakeholders. 

Their online traffic has been measured to have grown by a factor of approximately 16 across multiple years, as uses of mobile applications, general internet internationally, aspects of software and digital tools provided by the organization, and program developments that have been extended to small business ownership.

Blending the objectives of optimal organizational growth with industrial leadership in relation to the small business market presently targeted, the company has been able to raise the amount of employee base operating for service providence by approximately 50% since the past March. As this has been amid remaining pandemic conditions measured as continuing to effect aspects of business operation, they believe this to be a particular success while making them optimistic of capacities for similar or greater improvements in the future. 

This has included the introduction of two new office locations, in South Dakota and Nebraska, bringing the quantity of facilities in its home state of Nebraska to three. Asserting to the public that they want to continue striving to be some champion of small businesses, they further assert that they continue working to support the resilience and ingenuity of entrepreneurs believed to be power sources of small businesses in current industry. 

They have reported believing their growth has demonstrated they are developing into a most preferred partner of finance service for small business organizations across the nation, and they look forward to providing record-breaking service through 2021.

Implications for Continuation

Some of Amur Equipment Finance’s recent deals and partnering engagements have resulted in shifts in their strategic planning for future efforts. Among these have been its closing of deal near approximately $75 million in value, focusing on a five-year development involving investment and unsecured private noting to be implemented into operations. 

Meanwhile, as it increased its capital, the organization had the capacity to partner with investor bases with more variety in fundamental traits than previously, providing them with more experience they believe useful for their continuing strategic development. This trend is expected to continue. They further continue to communicate their confidence in the general investment community, while the investment community has vouched for the organization’s business model and projected path for growth amid its overall measurable successes. 

The vice president of the company has further reported that their strategies are believed to allow them to continue to integrate new growth objectives and program offerings genuinely exciting to clients, which will improve their services to partners, vendors, and customers in the United States as they consider expansion capacities and competition in the international community.


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