Cool Things to Buy for Your Room – A Guide to Making Your Room More Welcoming

An individual’s room holds a deep connection with who they are as a person and how they like to feel in their spare time. Bedrooms are the places where people spend most time of their day when they are not outside or at work. And hence it must have certain things that resonate with one’s true self to make it more welcoming, comfortable, and fun that you may want to spend more time there just relaxing and letting in the vibes of your cool room. So here, we bring you a list of cool things to buy for your room with an emphasis on the word cool. Hence, things that are rare to find, unusual, appealing, and provide a useful function in one’s daily life. And if you like to have things like this, you would love to see the cool things to buy for your room that we have summed up in this article. 

Cool Things to Buy for Your Room: Industrial Edison Lamp

Price: $49.80

Brand: UrbanIndustrialCraft

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This lamp definitely makes it in our top cool things to buy for your room, as it has an unusual industrial piping type design to it. Which makes it not only a cool and beautiful lamp to own but also makes it a very pleasing-looking accessory and could also serve as a decoration piece. With the capacity to choose the finish and color of the wooden base and the dimming socket, the makers of this lamp leave the room for color-contrasting on the buyer’s end so that it fits perfectly with your room’s color scheme and feel. 

The base of the lamp is made from a block of wood where most of the electronics are housed too, and the shaft on which the lamp hangs is industrial themed pipes. Whilst the final dimming socket is what leads into a decorative LED filament bulb. With the ability to change the intensity of light produced by the lamp it increases its functionality from being a cool-looking table lamp and a decoration piece to even serving as a night light.

This lamp is powered by the AC mains and has a milage of 15,000 hours, but the replacement bulbs are still very easy to find at any local hardware store. The materials are made from steel, and are handcrafted by the people at UrbanIndustrialCraft. The lamp is 8 inches wide and 12 inches high, whilst its cord has a length of 8 feet. Another important thing to notice is that this lamp is not to be operated at AC mains higher than 110-120V.

Spiral LED Lamp

Price: $26.98

Brand: NUÜR

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

This product is a lamp with a distinctly modern design, aimed at a futuristic undertone. The lamp is approximately 13 inches in terms of height and 7.3 in terms of its diameter/width. Focused on a slight artistic and aesthetic design criterion, this lamp can have functions ranging all the way from being a bedside nightlight, a table lamp for a study table, to even being used as an office decorative table lamp. It is made from aluminum material and the base is coated with a non-slip metallic material to provide stability and safety. It has a temperature of 3200K and 550LM, and provides full control to the user, as it provides the capacity to change the brightness according to the user’s needs with a touch controller. 

Also, this lamp is powered by 9 watts; therefore it consumes lesser electricity and saves energy. So, it easily makes it into our cool things to buy for your room list. An important feature is a 12-month warranty and a 30-day return guarantee that is also offered by the makers of this product.

Flipping Out Clock

Price: $136.12

Brand: Cloudnola

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

If you like to possess items with a certain shock value and uniqueness to them, you are surely going to like this product. This is a clock, but not a simple clock with analog needles or even a digital one. Instead, this is a flipping clock, which flips a card each minute. 

A product that runs on 1D battery power, which is a very standard, commonly available type of battery, this clock makes for a great gift that you can choose to give either to someone else or keep for yourself. With its elegant and tasteful design, this makes it into our cool things to buy for your room list very easily. 

It has the capacity to be mounted on the wall whilst also having the capacity to serve as a fantastic-looking table clock. The clock is based on the AM/PM 12-hour time frame and has a gold and white-colored design to it.

Cool Things to Buy for Your Room: A Modern Little Trash Can

Price: $19.99

Brand: mDesign

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This product is a great functional and visually appealing addition to one’s room. A bin with a neat and clean look, that isn’t too big and also has a lid on top of it, is just perfect. This bin is small and is made from a metal frame which has a finish that is available in several different colors to choose from, and not only that but also that this finish is water and rustproof, so it couldn’t stay out of the cool things to buy for your room list. 

Its design is clean, smooth, and visually appealing, with a satin finish that is available in most colors. This bin also possesses a lid with a hands-free opening mechanism connected to a pedal, so that makes its existence acceptable even in plain sight, and all the more easy to use.

There is also a removable bucket placed inside the bin, which can be accessed and cleared without any hassle. It’s made up of steel and also has a rust-resistant finish for durability, and along with all this, the removable interior bucket is made from shatter-resistant plastic and thus can withstand quite a lot. The measurements are very compact, as the height of this bin is 10.04 inches, the diameter is 6.57 inches, whilst the capacity, in general, is 3 liters.

Automatic Touchless Trashcan

Price: $37.27

Brand: Ninestars

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This product is one big addition to our cool things to buy for your room list, as it indeed is one very cool thing to buy. This is none other than an automatic touchless trashcan that will detect the presence of a person looking forward to unloading trash into it and will open its lid for them. The company provides a warranty for the product and provides a guarantee for the motion sensor’s water resistance which makes the cleaning process for this bin very easy, straightforward, and hassle-free. 

This bin runs an algorithm called the delay sensing technology which tends to save energy by making sure the lid doesn’t open for false alarms such as pets, kids, or walking by, and that is done by waiting for a small delay period to initiate the opening of the lid process. The lid is rated that, it seals odor and prevents contamination, whilst the lid opening and closing process runs on two AA batteries, where alkaline batteries are recommended for best performance. It also has a removable trash bag design, and it allows for very convenient cleaning and clearing procedure for the bin.

Cool Things to Buy for Your Room: Safi Floor Mirror

Price: $499.00

Brand: Safi

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

A room seems almost incomplete without a mirror nowadays. And thus, this next product will complete your room’s look once and for all with its wonderful design, and the character it brings with itself. This particular mirror stands tall at the height of 61.81 inches, length of 38.19 inches, and width of 11.81 inches. 

It is supported by a spherical holder and requires the assistance of the wall to stand, and thus requires to be mounted. Not only does it have a unique growing oval design which is very cool, but it also brings more space to your room as it is ground to the top mirror. 

This lovely mirror will elevate the look of the room you choose to place it in and will bring forth coolness points which are very important when discussing cool things to buy for your room. 

The package will be delivered consisting of two parts, one being the mirror itself, whilst the other one being the spherical holder for the mirror to aid in getting it to stand tall. The mirror will require assembly after shipping. 

Knight Pen Holder

Price: $24.49

Brand: TBWHL

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This product is a must-have if buying cool things is your forte because of its uniqueness and edginess. A knight pen holder doesn’t get any cooler than that. This is going to make you want to write some medieval letters and scriptures. 

So, when you are done writing and need to place your pen somewhere, it would be safe, you give it to a knight to hold it for you. Yes, this really is a knight kneeling to be handed over a pen. This pen holder is the perfect edgy accessory to have; from being a decorative gift to being a functional product, it can serve as an office table accessory as well as a fun decoration piece you may want to leave on your study table. 

This knight is made up of resin and is available in many colors you can choose from, and the measurements of the pen holder in total are 4″ x 5.5″ x 5.75″.

Modular Light Panels

Price: $229.99

Brand: Nanoleaf

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

These are the pioneer products at this point, almost even dictating the definition of the word cool. And this product is none other than modular stackable light panels with a triangular design. This product has taken over the market and is one of the most popular cool things to buy for your room. 

These are callable and customizable in every sense, not only does their triangular design provide enormous room for designing your own patterns, but their customizability offered by Nanoleaf is also off the charts in terms of coolness. 

Placing these will transform any room into a futuristic landmark with a character and story attached to it. Futuristic and fascinating, Nanoleaf’s this product is outstanding. One controller has the capacity to connect to 30 panels, and the colors for these panels can be changed and edited from the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App. 

This package consists of nine light panels, nine linkers, nine mounting stencils, and a total of 28 mounting strips. Can be set up with Apple Home App as well, and even Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, etc. can take control of these lights. 

It can be made to have solid colors or customized to change colors on a time period or even be set up to respond to music and dance with the change in rhythm. 

The Final Analysis

The products listed here are our top picks for cool things to buy for your room. And they have been described fully in the article. These products are chosen based on the amount of uniqueness and overall appeal they have in terms of visual, and functional criteria. 

Each product is selected for its own unique traits based on what it brings to the table and on its novelty characteristics. Most of these items or their alternatives are easily available at most online as well as walk-in stores, like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Target, Walmart, etc. However, it is advised to look for products from established companies, which can provide not only a unique style and design but also a great quality and that the product lasts for a long time and is durable.




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