Morgan Wallen Merch – Buy Signature Collection Items at the Official E-Store

Shopping for the Morgan Wallen merch collection is just a matter of a few clicks. The celebrity country singing star has launched curated gifts, tees, mugs, neck gaiters, posters, and exclusive signature collection items on his website. 

Followers and admirers in 30+ countries worldwide can now receive their orders shipped at the doorstep. So, get ready to explore the entire collection of items stamped with the ‘MW’ logo. 

In this article, you can find the choicest Morgan Wallen-inspired merchandise and gifts collection to grab at the official online store. 

What to Expect at the Morgan Wallen Merch Store?

If you just saw this post, there may be a lot of speculations before visiting the official Morgan Wallen merch e-store. Enthusiast shoppers may have seen several online stores selling a range of Morgan merchandise. But, this merch store is part of the Morgan Wallen website.  

The manufacturers have designed the items with a prime focus on the expectation of the fans. MW store became popular soon after his chartbuster album- Dangerous. The Double Album was released in January 2021. 

There are tees with theme designs of Morgan’s popular albums- Dangerous, Sand in My Boots, Whiskey Glasses, Up-Down, and lots more. Customers at the site can also shop for some utility items such as coolie bottles, tumblers, keychains, etc. From colors variations to designs, there are several options for the buyers. 

Furthermore, you can also shop for CDs of your favorite albums in the store. The collection includes the debut album- If I Know Me. 

Some items are released as part of the limited-edition collection. Once sold out, the stocks may no longer be available for sale. So, if you like any such item, place your order early to get assured delivery.

Top 10 Items to Shop at the Morgan Wallen Online Store

  • Morgan Wallen Gaht Black Pullover Hoodie

The classic black hoodie boasts the catchphrase- GAHT on the front and the iconic MW logo on the back. To eliminate the guesswork on the term, Morgan declared that the combination of 4 alphabets represents an interjection. It means you can use this interjection for anything and everything. 

This is a stylish unisex sweatshirt for informal attiring. It is made of a cotton-polyester blend of 50/50 shrunken fabric. The material eliminates the chances of size issues after washing. It is a heavy pullover hoodie offering soft touch, comfort, and warmth. 

  •  Wallen Hardy ’24 Tees

This T-shirt collection comes in two color options: white and solid black. The unisex tee features the ‘WALLEN HARDY 24’ impressed in vibrant hues. 

The tee was designed with passion depicting the significance of Wallen’s bonding with Michael Wilson Hardy, the celebrity country singer, and songwriter. The tee rose in great demand among fans ever since the duo announced the Dangerous tour 2022. 

Apparels on the Morgan Wallen merch store are printed using the high-tech printing technique. The advanced technology guarantees precise pigment patching and supreme print durability.

  • Morgan Wallen Black Double Bird Tee

The buyers are spoilt for choices when browsing through the Morgan Wallen e-store. This double bird tee features a large image of the star singer on the front. 

Preserve it for a lifetime as a memorable possession or use it as a regular casual wearable. The tee has become popular among teens. Many people choose to put on the t-shirt during live concerts.  

  • Morgan Wallen Dangerous Black Tee

Still fascinated with the 2021 Dangerous, The Double Album?

This one is for you. The Dangerous Tour begins on 21 April 2022. It is no surprise to see this tee in high demand among fans. 

The black tee highlights the photo of Morgan alongside the name of the studio album on the front. There is also an MW logo on the back. The design was launched soon after the success of the album last year.

The tee model is part of the Morgan Wallen merch signature line. It features Wallen’s sign inscribed in the photograph. 

The Dangerous black t-shirt is made of combed cotton. It is a high-quality breathable fabric perfect for summer wear. 

  • Morgan Wallen 2022 Calendar

The 2022 official calendar is special for Morgan’s fans. It has an exclusive pic of the star for each month. Like all other MW merchandise, the calendar is a unique valuable thing for the admirers. All pages highlight the country singer and his persona.  

This year’s calendar has arrived with a set of exquisite features: 

  • 16-months calendar dates
  • 18 exclusive images of the maestro
  • Cover page in gloss finishes 
  • 8.5×8.5-inch square design
  • 90 gsm paper stock 
  • Multipurpose large-grid planner page 
  • Morgan Wallen Dry Bag

Whether heading for camping or a kayak ride, a dry bag can store plenty of goods. The 5lts capacity roomy ‘MW’ stamped dry bag looks stunning in a vibrant orange hue. It floats on the water surface even when stuffed with heavy objects. 

The protective top closure system keeps the components inside the bag safe from moisture contact during extreme conditions. 

This bag is made of twin layer covering. The outer surface is made of mesh polyester and PVC mesh. It also has a sturdy waterproof polypropylene inner lining to keep the things away from moisture contact.  

  • Morgan Wallen Neck Gaiter

Teens often show reluctance to wear unappealing traditional neck warmers. Do not miss the style quotient during the chilling months. The Morgan Wallen merch collection offers a solution. 

Try the MW neck gaiter to revamp your fashion statement. It is designed with the Dangerous album theme. The affordable neck cover makes an ideal gift for friends, birthdays, etc. 

The lightweight polyester material feels warm and comfortable during winters. It is shrink-resistant and retains the glossy sheen after several washes. 

  • Morgan Wallen Black Campfire Mug

The design theme of this cup is onliest for Morgan. In tandem with the MW logo, it also features the number 865 and the alphabets T and N’. TN stands for Tennessee, the hometown of the star. The three-digit number 865 represents the area code of Morgan’s country home Knoxville, TN.   

This enamel-finished and steel-bordered mug contours a glittery black tint. The mug is printed using sublimation graphics for a long-lasting color impression. 

16oz. capacity is perfect for a cup of morning tea or coffee. It has an inner iron core to add strength to the material and keeps your favorite beverages hot for a long time. 

Special Instructions: Do not put this mug in the dishwasher. Only handwashing is recommended for this product to retain the gloss finishes. 

  • Morgan Wallen Bottle Opener Keyring

This is a cute little possession to keep the memories of the star in your mind. The strong metallic opener allows you to remove the seals from the bottles in an instant. Put all your household or car keys in the ring to avoid misplacing any of them. 

The split ring attachment mechanism ensures it will not pop open, scattering the valuable keys. It is a small keychain with the MW logo printed on one side. 

  • Morgan Wallen Dog Collar

Don’t miss the star’s memories even while playing with your doggy. The Dangerous themed black dog collar is unique to identify your pet even in the crowd. 

This dog collar is available in 2 sizes- small and large. The small size fits puppies of 10lbs-30lbs and the large collar is big enough for dogs up to 75lbs. 

Just for a piece of information, there are several other giftable items on the storefront. The range of hats and ballcaps is worth mentioning in this regard. 

Morgan Wallen Merch- Pricing and Quality 

Morgan Wallen’s official e-store maintains the perfect balance in terms of prices and product quality. Considering the reputation of the maestro, the makers have chosen standard quality materials for all products on the site. 

The tees are available at reasonable pricing. Sellers are going with the lowest price margin for many items. However, the high-quality products may cost you more on the checkout page. 

Product quality is the top priority for the makers. The makers mostly use ringspun cotton and polyester fabric for most t-shirts. MW t-shirt designers imply the dye-sublimation method on polyester items to prevent smudging and fading issues. The craftsmen have used the digital printing method with reactive dyes for some expensive items.  

The wearables are made in various sizes to provide the perfect for every buyer. All caps on the website have an adjustable backstrap to keep you comfortable. 

MW merchandise range is created to meet the diverse needs of the customers. From unbreakable tumblers to apparel, there are various items of daily use. 

Some items are designed to meet distinctive requirements. The orange keychain and dry bag are made with a focus on the floatation mechanism. These articles are light and float on water. You can use them during water adventure sporting activities. 

Morgan Wallen E-Store- FAQs

Buyers may have some presales queries. Herein are answers to some of the questions customers may have on their minds when browsing the site. 

1. What are Pre-Orders?

Some products are displayed with the pre-order tag on the gallery. The seller accepts orders from the customers before the launch of the product/album, etc. 

When you place an order for the item, it ensures you will get it before others after the product release. 

2. When Will I Receive My Pre-order Product?

The estimated product release and shipping date are published on the product information page. However, there may be delays depending on the manufacturing, warehouse operations, etc. 

The sellers leverage their best efforts to deliver the item by the release date (for the US-based customers). 

3. I Live in Australia. Do You Provide International Shipping?

Yes, the international shipping facilities are available for the entire Morgan Wallen merch range. All items from the MW webstore are available for shipping in 30+ countries worldwide, including Australia. 

Please check the dropdown menu on the checkout page for the list of international countries. The seller may take 3-6 weeks to deliver the items to international locations.

4. Is There Any Return Policy if the Buyer Is Unsatisfied With the Product?

Yes, the products on the MW e-store carry 30-days return policies. If a buyer is dissatisfied with the purchased item, he can return the item to the seller at his own cost. 

You must fill in the Merchandise Return Form and send the printed copy of the form with the purchased item. 

If the product is not used or tampered with, the seller will send the new item free of cost. 

5. Is There Any Promo Code or Fan Club Program on the MW E-store?

You may contact the customer support on the MW website for information on promo codes. The merch store does not offer any fan club membership or special offers.  

Get Ready for a Shopping Spree at the MW Store

The Morgan Wallen website has a lot to offer music lovers, ardent shoppers, and fans. There are plenty of gift items, utility goods, posters, and other stuff in the Morgan Wallen merch store. These products represent the star with the official MW logo, exclusive images, etc. 

All products in the store are designed with the MW star logo and themes. The overwhelming popularity of the e-store shows the urge of the buyers to collect MW store items. 

This list comprises only a few bestseller items at the online shop. There are lots more for the die-hard fans on the product gallery. For comprehensive information, read the FAQs before proceeding to purchase. 

MW merchandise store is linked to the official website. You can watch videos, play albums, and book tickets for the upcoming shows here. Sign up for the MW site account to explore the entire collection, news, etc.

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