Olive Green Sofa – A Comprehensive Guide For Buyers

Olive green sofa is one of the popular choices among homeowners because of its versatility and eye-catching appearance. An olive green sofa can complement a variety of living room styles and designs while creating a sense of warmth and richness. 

Often, an olive green sofa has a neutral background color to ensure the olive green hue stands out. The best way to find an olive green sofa is by considering your preferences about height, size, material, and color. 

This article will explore all these factors in detail, discuss how they can affect your overall buying decision, and review some olive green sofas.

Choosing a Sofa Color

It is advisable to select a sofa first if you are planning to start a decorating project afresh because you can decorate around it. The sofa is the centerpiece of the room. You can draw inspiration from the sofa, which could be covered in a rich luxury material or a multicolored print.  

If your room is already decorated and all you are doing is adding a sofa, selecting a color becomes vital. You will have to decide if the sofa will be neutral or if it will be bold since there is a color scheme.  

If you want your room to appear bigger and unified, you can select a style that favors a sofa that balances the color of the wall. This idea will create a uniform color design. If you are purchasing a sofa to go with your wall call, it may be difficult to change the wall color in the future.   

Most of the time, it is recommended that you purchase a sofa that matches the other color schemes and is not the centerpiece nor hide into the wall color. 

Buying A Sofa: What To Look For

Light/Dark Sofa

The next thing you need to think of is if the sofa should be light or dark. To select the right color for your sofa, you need to first look at your floor. How will your sofa sit on the floor? Is your floor dark wood carpeted, or will it mix into it? Traditionally, a sofa is big, covered, and most materials absorb the light. This can cause the room to become dark significantly. 

If both your sofa and floor are dark, it will seem to fade into the room. To accent this, you can try getting a dark sofa with light wood legs. This will create an illusion of an optical area between the sofa and the flooring. 

You can also make the sofa color pop out by putting a rug that is light in color under the front of your sofa. This will break up the dark colors. You can also put a coffee table which is made from metal or light wood. This will help in defining the sofa from the flooring.  

Unlike the dark sofa, a light-colored sofa comes with a challenge of marks and wear. Be realistic in how the room is being used before going for a light-colored sofa. If you have pets that like sleeping on the sofa, they are bound to leave stains on the sofa. We recommend that you purchase slipcovers that can be washed if you buy a light-colored sofa and have kids or pets. They can accentuate the style.  

What Is The Shade Option That Is Right For Your Needs?

As soon as you have determined if your sofa will be light or dark, the next step is to think about shade. If the sofa is not the centerpiece, then go for a neutral shade (this is what most people go for). It is easy to decorate the surroundings if the sofa is neutral. You can easily redecorate in the future if you want.  

If you work with your color scheme, you can choose a sofa with any shade and integrate it into your space. You can add decorations or prints with a similar shade as the sofa. This will help in spreading the color all over the room. 

Design Tips Concerning an Olive Green Sofa

Before you start decorating your living space with an olive green sofa, decide whether you will go for a subtle or a bold look. This helps when you want to decorate around your olive green sofa. If this is not considered, it can be pretty challenging to decorate a living room with that olive green sofa. For example, the color of the wall will make a huge difference, but you can also accessorize it to help display or incorporate it into the rest of the room.

Below are tips on how you can incorporate other colors when you have an olive green sofa:

Green Sofa and Walls

The surrounding walls around your olive green sofa will make it conspicuous or fade into the room. This all depends on your preference. If your wall color is neutral or has the same undertones as your sofa, it will give a subtle look. The neutral colors that will match your olive green sofa include white, beige, tan, and gray. You can also select a color like blue if you want a cool-toned shade. This will match the undertone of the sofa. 

Bold colors stand out. However, the intensity of the color on your wall should match the color of the sofa. If, for instance, your sofa is forest green, opt for a dark shade on the walls.

If your olive green sofa is the centerpiece of the room, ensure that it contrasts with the wall, i.e., pair a light green sofa with dark walls and vice versa. You can also opt for a color that is directly opposite on the color wheel. This will create a conspicuous contrast. You can go for colors such as red and orange.

Green Sofa and Floor

The floor should also be put into consideration in relation to your olive green sofa. The floor should match up with the walls and the sofa because it is underneath it. If your living room has hardwood flooring, it can match any sofa color because it is a neutral shade. You can match it up with a floor mat that will help anchor the living area. 

Do not buy any color when it comes to choosing the floor mat. Apply the same ideas that you had when selecting a wall color. The advantage here is you can choose a floor mat with a pattern. This will add attractiveness and visual appeal to the living room.  

When selecting the floor mat, it is not a must that you look for similar green color as the sofa. If your sofa has a solid, rich color, the floor mat can be any pattern, even animal print! The design should have features that are the same shade of green as the sofa. This will create a nice blend. 

Matching Furniture for Your Olive Green Sofa

Your olive green sofa will come with armchairs of the same color if you buy them as a set. However, if you buy the sofa separately, you will be required to look for matching furniture. When buying standalone pieces, do not attempt to match the colors since it is difficult to find the same shade as your sofa. We recommend that you find armchairs with the same shades.  

Living Area Decorations

Do not forget that the little extras help tie the style together. If you put accessories like throw pillows, they help dress a sofa, and they come in different colors, designs, and fabrics. With the throws, do not be anxious about mixing different pillows for your sofas. You can do some in colors different from the sofa and others to mix with the green, and don’t forget to throw in some neutral colors. 

To make the room appear organized, integrate green tones that are the same color as your sofa in other parts of the living room. You can have a tan, blue, and peach throw pillows on the sofa to give you an idea. On this, you can add a patterned throw to integrate one or more colors with green. You can also have green candles to the occasional table or even a painting with the same shade of green on the wall over the fireplace.    

How to Care for Your Sofa

As we have seen, sofas are an integral part of our homes. They act as a play area for our kids and our close friends, a place to rest. For the sofa to remain attractive, you need to take care of it. Wondering what to do? Read below:

1. Clean your sofa: It is as easy as it states; it will look good if you clean your sofa. The cleaning methods are different depending on the fabric and finish. Each manufacturer gives detailed instructions on how to clean the fabric. So before you start cleaning, ensure you read the instructions carefully and follow everything as stated.  

2. Hot items should be kept off the sofa: You should never place any hot objects, such as iron, on your sofa as it will leave ring marks.  

3. Buy sofa covers: Furniture covers are a godsend! They protect your sofa from dirt, especially if you will be away for quite some time. They come in various colors and designs, giving your sofas an attractive appearance. The advantage of sofa covers is that when they get dirty, you remove them, clean them, and put them back. 

4. Keep pets off your sofa: Most people like a good snuggle on the sofa with their dogs. However, these pets can be messy. The pets can tear your sofa fabric with their claws and soak up the sofa with urine and saliva. So train your pets to keep off the couches.  

5. Repair your damaged sofas: Wear and tear have to happen at some point. As your sofas get older, the chances of tears are more. If you notice your sofa is wearing out, consult a professional who will provide you with a suitable solution.  

Olive Green Sofa: Reviews

1. Jennifer Taylor Home Nicholas 84.5″ Mid-Century Modern Sofa Olive Green

About this item (you can buy it here)

Product details

Nicholas Mid-Century Modern Sofa Collection by Jennifer Taylor Home will fill your living room with contemporary vibes with their olive green sofa. Their elegant track arms, upholstered back pillows and square tufted seats are assembled into an elegantly attractive and comfy three-seater sofa. The solid wood legs are naturally textured in the gray-brown shade, giving it a rustic-modern classiness.   


  • The sophisticated and traditional furniture will never go out of style.
  • Crafted from the finest materials like kiln-dried hardwood and 11-layer plywood for strength and durability.
  • Aesthetics are top-notch with a premium texture of woven textile and high-density foam beneath.
  • Comfort is unparalleled. Flowing springs provide coziness and support for any size of person.
  • 2 removable and interchangeable seat back cushions for custom lumbar support.
  • 2 arm bolster cushions were included to support arms, neck, and head while reading or watching TV.

Product Specifications:

  • Upholstery Color: Olive Green
  • Product Dimensions : 84.5″ W X 35.5″ D X 34″ H
  • Arm Height: 25″
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
  • Assembly Required: Minimal assembly required – Leg attachment only
  • Seat Height: 19.5″
  • Product Weight: 101 lbs
  • Seat Depth: 21.5″
  • Seat Width : 61.5″
  • Upholstery Material: Performance Velvet

Recommended Location




Assembled Product Weight

101 lb


Jennifer Taylor

Manufacturer Part Number



ACG Green Group, Inc.

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

35.50 x 84.50 x 34.00 Inches

2. Lifestyle Furniture LF102B Avellino Right Hand Facing Sectional Sofa, Olive Green – 35 x 103.5 x 74.5 in.

About this item (you can buy it here)

Product details

  • It comes with a storage ottoman so that you can hide your trinkets in a convenient place.
  • A great contemporary sectional for a large family or group of friends.
  • A simple and comfortable design for effortless living.
  • The Ottoman comes with a storage compartment, so you don’t have to look around the house to store your stuff.

Product Specifications

  • Color: Olive Green
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Right Arm Chaise: 74.5 W x 32 D x 35 H
  • Left Arm Sofa: 71.5 W x 32 D x 35 H
  • Ottoman: 37 W x 24.5 D x 16.5 H
  • Dimensions: 35″ H x 103.5″ W x 74.5″ D
  • Weight: 111lbs
  • SKU: LFSLF015

Avellino’s Right Hand Facing Sectional Sofa is ideal for a large family, and the storage ottoman helps keep things orderly and out of the way. 

Other Specifications



Manufacturer Part Number



Lifestyle Furniture


LifeStyle Furniture

Home Decor Style



Fabric Care Instructions

Clean with water-based or dry.

If you follow these tips mentioned in the article, you will find that choosing an olive green sofa is easy. You already have information on how to blend with the walls, flooring, and accessories. And if you want your sofa to remain appealing for a long time, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean it!


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