Retirement Planning Advice: Where to start

When it comes to retirement the resources and information out there are endless. Simply considering retirement planning advice can be overwhelming which is why so many people procrastinate or flat out avoid it all together.

Investing for retirement is a big deal. People who invest in stocks need to find information quickly or they fall behind and miss the opportunity. Fool stock advice regularly outpaces the S&P 500. No one has the time to investigate and research every stock pick available, even those who do it for a living generally need several researchers on staff.

Investors need a resource that can bring dozens of inciteful and informed research analysts together to consolidate and track this quick moving industry to provide the best retirement planning advice before its competitors. Fool has been doing this for decades and is still considered one of the most trustworthy and accurate investment advisors on the market. Their success record is consistent and they provide the documentation to prove it.

They also include retirement resources and brokerage services outside of their trade resources.

What Type Of Investor’s Use Motley Fool

One of the most popular, if not the most popular sites for finding retirement planning advice is Motley Fool. has been at the top of the list for nearly thirty years, claiming for the last 17 of those years they’ve taken the key market index by at least four.

This site is primarily for busy people who don’t have the time or the patience to spend hours a day researching options before buying and trading stock. It’s considered semi-active trading.

Beginner investors who are interested in the stock market utilize this site as a way to learn the game and get solid advice that reduces some of the risks. It’s a solid resource for retirement planning advice because they can trust the information they’re getting.

It also has a single yearly fee, so members who are learning and unsure don’t have to worry that there will be additional costs or fees later on if they make a mistake.

What to Expect

Members receive 2 stock picks every month chosen specifically for their portfolios. Fool also has a ‘Best Buy’ list, every Thursday a new list of current top market general picks are posted on the site. They have a list of popular stock picks that members can view daily.

Many users may recognize some of the companies or products but there’s a good chance they will introduce stock picks members have never heard of and wouldn’t have known about without this resource.

Members have access to the owners, Brothers David Gardner and Tom Gardner talk about their own investments, why they went in one direction and not the other, what they hoped to achieve and what failed to live up to expectations. Their podcast is one of the most subscribed investment podcasts available.

They follow their advice and use their experiences to inform members of how well stock is doing and which ones surprised them. They have social media posts with new information, and a podcast for people to listen to and get more information about the stock picks and changes in the market as they happen.

When financial experts, and portfolio management firms use this as a source of reliable information and value, beginners can gain beneficial retirement planning advice as well, at a reasonable cost with the confidence their naivety isn’t being taken advantage of.

What Not to Expect

Investors who have years of experience and enjoy researching to find their stock picks themselves shouldn’t use this service. It provides all that work for its members. More hands-on, very active investors would find this a waste of money to pay someone to tell them what they already know.

For experienced, knowledgeable investors can seem a bit pushy, and limited. These individuals have already delved into the facts, data, and statistics for stock picks and generally already have an idea of which stocks they’re looking for. Paying a fee for stock picks when they have picks of their own is unnecessary and wasteful. One person can’t research everything available every day and this service narrows down the stocks that are hot right now.

Fair Stock Advice

There is always a risk in investing, always. That is true for as well, retirement planning advice is just that, advice. Not all stock picks are going to perform as suggested, there’s no guarantee of success.

One of the great features that Fool has that many similar platforms don’t is they show their failures as well. They don’t hide the stocks that didn’t perform, they talk about them, discuss what happened, and list the ones that were expected to do well and didn’t.

This transparency provides a layer of trust, they’re forthcoming and learn from their mistakes which gives members a chance to learn from them. It’s an open, ongoing dialog about current events and predictive discussion.

Effects On The Market

Beginner stock investors may be late to the party, something as standard as mentioning a stock pick in a newsletter can increase the value of that stock. This means that buyers who invest after the discussion can sometimes pay more for each stock than before the newsletter was sent.

This is all part of the learning curve and anticipating the stock market, knowing when to buy and when to sell is critical. The newsletter included with memberships can be very inciteful but can sometimes increase the point of sale. Market buzz can boost a stock quickly, those who act fast and get there before the word can spread generally get them at a better rate.

The Motley fool newsletters and podcasts can give people an edge but only if they respond to the advice before it can impact the stock. Within the first week of a stock pick being discussed in an open market forum, its value can increase by 5% and keep rising as long as the talk continues.

When To Sell Stocks

Thousands of variables affect the stock market, bad harvest seasons, weather, political factors, wars, and even trends. The team at Fool researches extensively and non-stop, they know what global events can have an impact on profits.

The majority of the world’s natural rubber comes from Asia mostly derived from Hevea trees. A monsoon can destroy a farm in a matter of hours, causing a shortage of the rubber latex needed for natural rubber. This polymer is one of the most important ingredients for modern production. It goes into surgical gloves, seals, tools, aircraft, ships, and thousands of other products.

How could a monsoon in Thailand cause stock in a California-based electronics company to plummet? Tires. A shortage in something as mundane as rubber can have a detrimental domino effect on the transportation industry. A delivery truck can’t drive without tires.

When deliveries don’t arrive, everything stops. Which in turn can slow down production and the supply train. Limited supplies can increase costs and send a company into bankruptcy when it can’t keep up with demand. A successful promising company can go under when a critical component is lost or delayed.

Motley Fool has a team of research analysts keeping track of these changes, eyeing potential disasters, and they can predict losses with a strong degree of accuracy. Buying the right stock at the right time is important but knowing when to sell is crucial to maintaining those profits. These two brothers don’t simply push products, they also advise on when to get out before those profits are lost.

How Much Will This Service Cost

The first year is $99 for new members and $199 a year after that. There is a 30-day refund policy for new members who want to try it out without committing to the service.

They also have toll-free customer service with real people who answer the phones.

Reputation By The Numbers

2020 was a rough year for everyone, but investors who took Motley Fools’ advice had an average return of 91%, given that the S&P averaged out at about 37% returns they are living up to their reputation. Not every pick is going to be a winner, which is why diversifying a portfolio is so important but this team does well above the norm.

Of their 120 stock picks last year, only 14 didn’t perform as expected. 56 of those picks doubled, 37 tripled, and 27 quadrupled. 106 of 120 stock picks ended the year with profits and returns for its investors. That’s a batting average of 90%.

These guys recommended Zoom in 2019 when facetime was still the popular face-to-face video call service, at the time Zoom was around $90. That stock continued to rise, and is now the most used video call app on the market and is worth $374.

How To Use This Platform

Reviews of current and former investors who use this service regularly all have similar advice regarding taking advantage of this service and how to be successful.

Stay up to date with the newsletter and podcast and act immediately, invest in the stock picks as soon as Fool makes them available.

Invest an equal amount into all the stock picks. Based on their history and track record 9 in 10 stock picks will produce profits. Investing in as many if not all the picks suggested will give members a great portfolio with a high return rate.

Members who took Fool’s advice about Tesla in 2020 gained a %624 return. A $1,000 investment in January was worth $6,240 by the end of the year.

This is long-term investment planning on holding that stock for several years. The longer members own stock the more valuable they become and the higher the profits will be.

Sell when they list stock on the board and sell as soon as possible. Fool provides information on which stock to get rid of so its members don’t lose all of their profits. Watching this list is just as important as watching the buy list. Getting out before a stock plummets is where investors keep those gains. A loss can cost investments thousands, and members don’t want to be caught unaware with worthless stock they can’t get rid of. This is the most important piece of retirement planning advice they can offer.

Navigating the Site is very user-friendly, and it’s created with beginning investors and experts in mind. The better its members do, the better the site does and their reputation continues to grow.

The main page has a list of articles on research, stock tips, advice on how to read the data, and daily breaking news. Each stock pick has an in-depth description of why this was listed and what the team believes is going to happen.

Final Piece Of Retirement Planning Advice

This is not meant for small penny stock investments. Fool doesn’t recommend penny stocks at all, they are researching established, large companies that can provide huge returns.

The Investors who use are in it for the long haul, they want information on company health, competition, consumer data to buy stock in companies they’re going to keep for years.

There won’t be charts to predict highs and lows in stock sales, for those who buy and sell repeatedly. This is not that kind of retirement planning advice, and they don’t provide information for that high-risk, quick exchange trade style.

There are some comments on Twitter and Yelp that say that this is a scam. It’s not. This is a long-standing, reliable and proven investment advisory firm with a track record to back its reputation. Comments like these need to be taken with a grain of salt, comment reviews aren’t 100% accurate and every product on the market has negative reviews even if it’s a phenomenal product. has over a million members who have been with them for years, scams flash and burn. The Motley Fool is a legitimate resource for retirement planning advice and stock picks.





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