Shopify and Klaviyo – A Perfect Combo to Boost Your E-commerce Business

Shopify and Klaviyo can be the perfect duo for your online business. Whether it’s marketing or service excellence, this combination gives you everything in one place.

Running an e-commerce business comes with challenges of its own. One of the most critical challenges of all is to make your presence felt in the digital space. 

While there are several ways to market your online business, email marketing remains one of the most reliable tools to get up close with your potential customers.

Figures suggest that email marketing is thrice more effective. Email subscribers are more likely to share email content on social media as compared to other channels. 

Moreover, the unique open rate for B2C businesses is much higher than that for B2B, which means that businesses need to enhance their email marketing game.

While there may be several email marketing tools to choose from, Klaviyo is one of the more rapidly growing tools in the modern market. Especially if you’re using a Shopify platform, you’re in for a real treat. 

In this post, we will highlight why Klaviyo can be the right option for your Shopify online store. So, if you’re looking for an email marketing tool for your new business or looking to switch to a new tool, this post may just have the right tool for you.

What’s Klaviyo?

Intelligent marketers don’t limit themselves to just sending marketing emails. Especially if there are tools that can help you target the right customer demographic. 

Moreover, modern marketing cannot ignore automation tools if you want a successful marketing campaign. With Klaviyo, you get all of this plus so much more.

Sending heaps of emails is no longer effective unless you’re sending it to the right person. Likewise, when Shopify businesses track consumer behavior, it helps design more specialized marketing campaigns to attain a better ROI.

As Shopify and Klaviyo work together, it can open numerous opportunities to bring in new customers, whether they are businesses or normal consumers. As an email marketing tool, Klaviyo can help with:

  • Flexible integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify.
  • Segment your audience based on location, order value, history and acquisitions sources, etc.
  • Easy to design automation workflows, ready to use email templates, sign-up forms, etc.
  • Automating your marketing campaigns with customized rules for a given demographic.
  • Integration with Facebook Custom Audiences to help with retargeting campaigns.
  • Analyze full customer life cycle engagement
  • Forecasting results with powerful data-science generated predictions.
  • Integrate with more than 70 platforms with just one click.
  • Sync all your historical data for future analytics.

It’s a US-based company with its global headquarters in Boston, while its other office is in London. It provides marketing solutions for some of the top e-commerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Shopify Plus, etc.

Premium Features in Klaviyo and Integration with Shopify

Klaviyo features a variety of tools to help you with email marketing. It focuses on driving more sales and create stronger bonds with the customers. Thanks to the seamless integration with Shopify, Klaviyo can help you market your business more effectively. 

On top of that, it’s a free tool if your contacts are less than 250. Therefore, you can test the true potential of the application before buying it. Here is a look at some of its top features.

Sign-up Form Builder and Social Media Marketing

When you send personalized information to your prospective client, they are more likely to buy your product or services. Thanks to Klaviyo, you can now collect customer data from Shopify stores and use it for an enhanced customer experience. 

So, when your customers receive emails that appeal to them, there are higher chances of making better sales.

Klaviyo has its own sign-up form builder. It means that you don’t need a third-party service to acquire customer data. It helps in collecting leads for the business. These leads are then further segregated and filtered according to the type of audience to generate more personalized email content and product suggestions.

The sign-up form builder is quite simple, letting you choose from three basic designs, i.e., Popup, Embed, and Flyout. Furthermore, Shopify and Klaviyo also work together in marketing on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

Therefore, it’s a highly targeted approach that drives more sales from your online audience.

Personalized Email Automation with Intriguing Templates

Many email marketing tools lack automation, which gives Klaviyo a clear advantage over the others. Pre-designed email templates and flows let you deliver emails without any intervention. Just set the parameters right and let Klaviyo handle the rest.

When Klaviyo receives the customer data, it can automate the email schedules. Whether it’s based on dates, memberships, events, or segment memberships, Klaviyo can automate based on your selected parameters. 

It also creates filters, A/B tests, and splits to help target relevant audiences. Therefore, the outcome is highly optimized every time.

Thanks to automated processes, you can cut back time on many manual operations. There are one-click integrations, so you don’t have to spend hours collecting and filtering through data for your targeted customers.

With bundles of email templates, it’s easier to get started with automation. The Klaviyo library is loaded with pre-built email designs. So, pick the one that suits your brand and start selling. 

Moreover, you can further customize the templates according to your brand’s color scheme, images, and fonts to give a more personalized touch to your emails. As a result, you cut down on the valuable time that often goes into drafting a perfect email for your audience.

Segmentation Tools and Dynamic Reporting 

Jumping beyond basic marketing, Shopify and Klaviyo combo can help you excel by segmenting your audience through the segmentation engine. With Klaviyo, you can target customers through their web browsing history, order values, previously purchased products, and many other parameters. Some of the other customer segments include:

  • Behaviour-based segmentation that analyzes transactional data for precise promotions.
  • Event-based segmentation focuses on certain conditions and events like a purchase or subscription to a new service.
  • Custom web-tracking tools for unique cases. For instance, if you wish to target customers who looked at shirts just twice a week, you can create unique custom filters to segment such an audience.

Interestingly, you don’t need to be a tech geek to do it all. With just a few clicks, create as many segments as you like. The best thing about this segmentation is the auto-updates. 

Once you’ve created the segments, it updates automatically, so you don’t need manual lists or create new segments after some time. It’s one of the standout features that separates Klaviyo from other email services.

Furthermore, the segments can merge and separate too. You can filter people based on their names and preferences, so it literally takes you right next to your potential customer. Also, its Facebook integration tool allows you to target more customers from Facebook for your Shopify e-Store.

When you automate, deliver, and receive feedback from the customers, Klaviyo ensures that you’re looking at the relevant results. So, you can track your SMS and email performance and find out what tactics work best. So, here is what the analytics tools have on offer:

  • Dashboards – Provides an instant review of all your current activities and critical numbers. You can keep track of your current progress and access pre-built reports to check your marketing progress. Furthermore, it’s fully customizable.
  • Flow Analytics – These reports help you track your performance, conversion values, and conversion rates for email and SMS marketing.
  • Campaign Analytics – It helps in seeking new trends. You can track individual campaigns with a simple click.

Furthermore, Klaviyo also uses Data-science generated predictions to forecast business growth based on your current marketing tactics.

What’s the Pricing Plan?

Klaviyo offers a customized pricing plan depending on your prospective contacts. The pricing plan has three essential features, which are:

  • Email Only
  • SMS Only
  • Email and SMS

The free package offers:

  • Up to 250 email contacts
  • 500 email sends
  • Email support.
  • Up to 50 contacts for SMS
  • 50 MMS sends or 150 SMS sends

The free version is great if you’re trying out Shopify and Klaviyo together and want to get a feel for the service.

Currently, the service is available for the US, Canada, and UK regions. The pricing is based on a monthly subscription and starts at $20 per month. As your contact list expands, the pricing also expands accordingly.

As compared to some of the other platforms, Klaviyo offers a relatively cheaper pricing package which makes it a great starting place for small businesses. However, its powerful features can handle Shopify stores of any magnitude.

Integrating Shopify and Klaviyo

Now that we have seen what Klaviyo can do for your Shopify store, let’s see how you can integrate your Shopify store with Klaviyo. It’s a seamless six-step process, so you can get started with your new email marketing partner within no time. Here, we will assume that you’re new to Klaviyo.

  • Create An Account – First up, log on to the website and Sign Up for an account. Fill in your information and create your account. You will use this email and password to log in to the website in the future.
  • Setting Up Your Shopify Credentials – When you log in for the first time, Klaviyo will show you a setup wizard. It will help you to integrate Shopify and Klaviyo. In case you somehow skip the wizard, you can always re-open it by going to the Setup Wizard option. Next, enter your domain name with your Shopify extension. Choose the eCommerce category and platform as Shopify. Next, fill in your Shopify URL and click “Connect Shopify Account,” and it will start integrating Shopify and Klaviyo. Here, you will notice some essential details like your business email details and logo. Make sure the logo is the same as your Shopify store. Next, add headers and links to your social media pages.
  • Build Sign Up Forms – Building sign-up forms helps you acquire customer data. Therefore, a form must be visually engaging for the visitors. You can ask for their name, age, gender, and email address that you will use for email marketing later. There are three types of forms, i.e., Popup, Flyout, and Embed. The good thing about Embed forms is that you can integrate them with your Shopify platform without needing any other app. There are numerous options to customize your form, so it’s basically your choice of how you want to facilitate your potential customers.
  • Email Flows – Once the form is created, you will develop an email flow sequence. The sequence depends on the activities of your customer. The good thing about the email flow is that it’s highly automated, so you don’t have to manually send the emails. Now, there are several templates and options like abandonment cart reminder, post-purchase follow-up, post-purchase bounce back, domestic and international split, high-value or low-value carts, and much more. You can choose the way you want to design the email flow by using the drag and drop options. 
  • Email Campaigns – Email automation is a great way to streamline offers to your customers. But when it comes to special occasions, a new blog post or a product, email campaign come across as a better option for it. With campaigns, you can send a specific email to a group or list of customers. 
  • Result Analysis – Klaviyo offers heaps of metrics to track your performance. So, you can measure product views, clicked emails, revenue, and much more. However, focusing on customer List Growth and Click-through Rate will be most critical for your sales growth. 

Klaviyo is the Way Forward for Shopify Stores

If you’re a Shopify-based online store, it’s high time to integrate Klaviyo as your email marketing tool. With powerful features to target relevant audiences, customized email tools, automated emails and customer feedback analysis tools, email campaigns, and many other features, Klaviyo provides an all-in-one solution for e-commerce businesses. 

Moreover, its easy integration with Shopify makes it a viable option. Every dollar you spend on Klaviyo, you can get a return of up to $85. Offering a free service for initial usage, Klaviyo is an email marketing tool that’s worth a go.  



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