White Writing Desk: A Comprehensive Guide 

A writing desk serves a practical purpose in your home and can be found in a variety of tones. However, the most common choice for a writing desk is white, which is a classic color that will blend into any room. In addition to the clean look, a white writing desk is a practical space for storing your books, magazines, and other personal items. If you need a quiet place to write, a white one can be a great choice.

If you have a lot of stuff, a drawer is an excellent addition. If you have a lot of papers, a drawer can be an excellent storage option. Alternatively, if you need to keep the work surface clutter-free, a writing desk with a single drawer is an ideal solution. You’ll also be happy to know that these types of desks are made from sturdy wood, including pine, maple, and cherry.

Another feature that will make a white writing desk suitable for your home is its light color. A plain white desk will add brightness to the room. Its color can complement a warm color scheme. If you have an all-white home, a white desk will match perfectly with it. You may want to buy a white desk with a keyboard tray, so you can easily organize your work. When choosing a writing table, you should consider the type of materials used.

A white writing desk with a roll-top cover will provide you with the privacy and protection you need when working. This type of desk can be easily disguised in any room. It has hidden compartments and carved accents, which make it ideal for hiding documents. If you’re in a hurry, consider a farmhouse-style desk. There’s no reason you should compromise on the look of your office or home.

It would be best if you also decided the main purpose of the desk. If you’re not planning to use the desk for other purposes, you’ll have to buy a smaller desk. It can be placed in a small corner or in a hallway. You’ll need to make sure the size of your desk is enough for your needs. And don’t forget to decide on the type of hutch. This can be a great option for small desks, as they take up less space and require fewer floors.

Another important factor is the design. You can choose a desk with many shelves. The shelves of a computer desk will keep your files organized. Choosing a desk with an L-shaped design can also be a good choice if you need enough storage space. It is important to choose a desk with a lot of space. A writing desk with a large L-shaped top will give you more room for your work.

A writing desk has no fancy definition apart from a desk that can be used to write on. Some writing desks have drawers which can be positioned either at the sides or the center of the desk. Others come with drawers above the desk. This is known as a hutch. When choosing to buy a desk, a white writing desk is one desk that can fit any décor in your home.

That said, there are several features that differentiate a writing desk from a home office desk. These include:

1. Dimension – writing desks are generally smaller (800mm wide) than the normal desk (1200mm).

2. Storage area – way writing desks are designed that they come with a place where you can store your writing materials. 

3. Structure – contemporary writing desks are intended to be placed beside a wall and not a stand-alone in the middle of the room. 

There is a certain pleasure that is derived when one sits down and drafts a letter using their hands on top of a writing desk. This is because pen and paper are slowly fading away as more people use computers and laptops to write. Writing desks have slowly been transformed into simple desks that can also be used as computer desks. However, they have not been built to carry heavy equipment. 

White writing desks are very flexible. They can be used as a laptop table or the main workstation for people who work from home. They come in different shapes that can cater to different people. From a simple desk to a high functioning desk that have classy and trendy designs. 

The slim white writing desk can be placed in a number of places in the house, and it will not appear large and misplaced. 

What Do You Consider Before Buying a White Writing Desk?

Before settling on the type of white writing desk, you would like to purchase, know what it will be used for and who will be using it. 

Keep in mind that writing desks are designed to do light duties, so they are small. If you work from home or you have other things that are going to be placed on the desk, consider getting a big home office desk.

Once you have determined that a writing desk is what you need, consider the following: 


There are various designs that are available on the market for a good white writing desk. They have different features such as:

  1. A-Frame writing desks – This type of desk is suitable for small rooms because they are slender. It is modern and polished. 
  2. Bench desk – This is another good option for a writing desk. It is sturdy, sensible, and perfect for placing it beside a wall.  
  3. Cantilever writing desk – this is a traditional type of writing desk. It is slender and available in an 800mm model, which is ideal for writing. 


If you compare a traditional office desk to a writing desk, the writing desks are smaller in size. They measure 800mm, and anything beyond that (1200mm) is considered a big home office desk or business use type.  

With an 800mm white writing desk, there is sufficient space to put a laptop, work on a report or read the papers. However, if you plan to put heavy equipment such as a desktop computer, printer or phone set up, go for a home office desk.  

Storage Space

A writing desk should have storage space, to say the least. This space is used to store writing materials. If the writing desk is small, it may not have the storage space simply because there is no room. 

You may come across some writing desks (the 800mm type) with inbuilt storage cabinets that are at the top of the desk. These storage cabinets are ideal if you need to store files/folders and papers, but the space is too small for having detached cabinets.  


If your writing desk is to be used as a computer table sometimes, it would be wise to place it near a power source. Make sure you measure the location it will be put to ensure it will fit properly. 

Can Extra Features Come With Your White Writing Desk?

  • A white writing desk that comes with an inbuilt removable keyboard tray and a source of power is useful as this will keep your writing desk clutter-free. 
  • Since you are purchasing a white writing desk, it will blend with almost any color that you have in your house. If you were choosing any other color, you would want a color that matches your home color scheme. 

Selecting a White Writing Desk

Modern: This style is for people who love new and extraordinary styles. They are generally linear and simple. 

Old-fashioned: Most old-fashioned writing desks are made with wood. They exude class and emphasize styles on ancient years. They may be luxuriously decorated. 

Transitional: This style is a blend between modern and old-fashioned styles. Simply put, it mixes elegance of the traditional and the modern, attractive finishes.   

Wondering what materials make the best writing desks? Wood-based white writing desks are highly recommended as they are lightweight and can adopt both conservative and old-fashioned designs. The other types of materials that are good are laminate and metal.   

Types of White Writing Desks

1. Marotta Solid Wood Desk

This is a classic writing desk that has modern features. It is made of wood and is available in 12 different bright colors. 

Additional features:

  • You can place this modern white writing desk close to the wall or even in the open because it has an anx-frame support base. 
  • It measures 30″ Height x x42″ Width x 23.75″ Depth giving it enough space to write, place a laptop on top or a small lamp as well as other small items. 
  • It has two drawers with interiors with each measuring 2.25″ Height x 11″ Width x 17″ Depth.
  • Metal brackets accents on the borders and drawer levers. This gives it a contemporary feel as well as protects the borders from scrapes and marks.
  • It is made of solid wood, and manufactured wood ensures firm construction.  

2. Ermont Writing Desk

The century-old design matches contemporary style. The style is plain and clean and matches well with a number of designs and chairs. This enables you to create the theme you prefer. It comes in different colors, making it easy to match with the walls and other furnishings in your house. 

Additional features:

  • The cover at the top is strongly built.
  • The Ermont writing desk has metal legs, which gives a historical feel.
  • It contains two side shelves that are open that can be used to store writing items. 
  • It measures 40″ W x 20″ D x 31″ H.
  • It is perfect for a home office or workstation. 

3. Fallon 4 Drawer Desk

The Fallon 4 Drawer Desk is ideal for the home office. It has enough space to spread out your work and plenty of storage space for your writing items to be kept.

Additional Features:

  • It has that industrial feel that brings out that unique outlook
  • It has V-shaped metal legs that brings out a suspended show
  • The desk measures 63″ long x 28 3/4″ wide weighing 114 pounds.
  • It contains 4drawers giving you space for files, office papers and other supplies.
  • The desk comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturers

4. Gladstone Writing Desk

This writing desk is made from a mixture of solid and manufactured wood. The base is crisscrossed that can work well with open space design. The wood grain parts give a touch of natural beauty.

Additional Features: 

  • The desk has a wholesome country look.
  • It has that simple rustic wood legs that make it sturdy.
  • It contains metallic crossbars and having metal brackets to hold it in place.
  • At only 30.04″ H x 47.48″ W x 23.5″ D, it gives you enough space to work and other small tasks.
  • The walnut finish is deep and provides that beautiful ambiance, especially on a finely finished pine floor.

5. Nathan Desk

This desk is ideal for a modern workspace. The front of the desk is scalloped and has 3 uniquely hammered drawers.

Additional Features:  

  • It has that popular design that matches literally anything, from traditional to the contemporary.
  • It measures a 48″ x 24″ that doesn’t necessarily take up space.
  • Having a depth of 15″ provides all the needs of a writer.
  • 3 drawers connected to the desk has enough space for your papers.

6. Epineux Desk

This desk is made of wood and is the image of urban industry.

Additional Features:

  • The legs are made of metal and V-shaped.
  • It has drawers at the side which are bigger than the middle drawers. This gives a 3D look.
  • The drawers also have ball-bearing glides that make operating it easy. 
  • It is free-standing and does not need to be put against the wall.

7. Folkston Desk

This white writing desk has metal hairpin legs that support the weight of this modern desk. It is made of wood and offers simplicity and practicality features. It is ideal for small places.

Additional Features:

  • The drawer is made of rugged wood creating an appealing and bold look. 
  • It can accommodate a laptop and other writing materials.
  • Available in different styles and can easily adopt to any home whether contemporary, historic or commercial. 
  • There are different colors to choose from. 
  • The desk measures 30” H x 41.9” W x 21” D.
  • It has three partitions inside the extended cabinets that can be used for various purposes.

8. Bovina Solid Wood Writing Desk

You might be looking for a desk to do your DIY crafts or you just want to write the next bestselling book. The Bovina solid wood writing desk would fit perfectly for this. Made of solid wood, it is perfect for your home office

Additional Features:

  • Elongated legs and one drawer at the center. This design is simple and can blend with any décor
  • It has a single drawer that you can store your items in. 
  • The desk is long-lasting due to its robustness and structure of the material.
  • It can fit in any room.
  • It measures 30” H x 36” W x 20” D. 


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