Café Astrology – Custom Reports, Horoscope, Birth Chart & More

If you’re looking for reliable astral predictions, birth charts, or accurate horoscopes, café astrology is a must-visit website. It is a portal website to find plenty of astrology-centric information such as:

  • daily/monthly/yearly horoscopes
  • birth chart interpretations
  • zodiac signs
  • impact of planetary points
  • reviews of astrology books

While these are a few important topics, there is more to discover on this popular astrology site. 

There are countless astrology websites live on the internet. Not all of them are reliable for finding quality information. 

How to find genuine astrology online for precise predictions?

Finding an authentic astrology site is not hard. It takes a bit of research. Eyeing the concern of the enthusiasts and lack of time, we have provided an exhaustive review of café astrology in this blog post. 

Read this post to find out if it is a reliable online platform to place an order for a personalized report. 

The Eminence of Astrology in Everyday Life  

In practical life, many people are speculative about relying on Astro-reports. Let’s take a quick look at why it makes sense to focus on horoscopic predictions, birth chart reading, etc. 

The future is uncertain and unknown to human beings. For many people, this often causes insecurity posing difficulty in decision-making. 

There is no denying that planetary points and transits play a prime role in shaping the lifecycle. Astrology is a systematic study of celestial bodies and their impact on the various phases of life. 

Custom reports and predictions based on the birth data can help an individual plan, goals in life, career, etc. 

Why Is Café Astrology Different From Other Sites?

Authenticity and trustworthiness are the prime considerations when submitting birth and personal data to a website. Many top-rated websites do not reveal the name of the owner, founder, or admin. 

Café astrology was launched and is regulated by Annie Heese. She has come up to the dais to share her knowledge in astrology and help those in need. 

Meet the Creator – Annie Heese 

Before venturing forward to get a personalized future report at café astrology, it is worth some time to know the person running the website. This beautiful platform was created with passion and mission to help people in need of genuine Astro-based reports and advice. Annie Heese, the founder of this portal, has an in-depth knowledge base of astrology. 

After quitting her job in accounting, she started pursuing a career in freelance writing. She has written articles for several websites and print publications. 

Ever since the inauguration of café astrology, Annie has achieved the trust and reliability of the site audience as an adviser, friend, and problem solver. Dedicating years of in-depth research and studies in astrology has helped her acquire proficiency in birth chart reading, planets, asteroids, and much more. 

Ask Annie About Personality, Relationships, Love, and More 

Have you seen the ‘ask Annie’ column on café astrology?

The site gets extra brownie points for this section. There is a separate page for the visitors to get answers to questions. Visit Annie’s page to know how it all works. 

If you have queries about your future, relationships, birth chart, or anything else, the ask Annie page is the destination to find answers to all your questions. 

You don’t have to worry about your privacy or confidential information. The site authorities do not publish the sender’s personal data or contact details on the page. 

However, your question and Annie’s response to the query will appear on the page. Go to this page to view some questions from senders and the astrologer’s reply to them. 

Free Reading and Resources

The web marketplace at café astrology features a collection of premium products. Besides these, you can find an assorted collection of valuable articles and stuff to learn about astrology, horoscopes, natal charts, birth chart and lots more.

Reports and Calculations 

This section is of much interest to the new site visitors. You can get some free readings to get an idea of what to expect from the custom interpretations.

Annie has provided plenty of free reports including-

  • Birth chart
  • Natal report
  • House systems comparison report
  • Numerology report
  • Ascendant calculator tool
  • Interactive birth chart wheel
  • Compatibility rating

Horoscopes and Birthday Forecasts

The site features daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly free horoscopes for all zodiac signs. You may read them every day. 

There is also a section for the annual birthday forecast. If your birthday was a few days ago, use the calendar tool to find the predictions. 

Articles on Astrological Topics

Enthusiasts looking to learn astrology can get started here. This section covers topics like astrology glossary, palmistry, zodiac signs, synastry, ascendents, the impact of astrology on love and sexuality, planets and luminaries, etc. 

Astrology Book Reviews

Do you read a lot of books on astrology?

You can find the astrology book names and reviews in this section. Get to know what topics are covered in these books before purchasing. 

Shop for Personalized Reports at the Webstore

Astro profile is unique for every person depending on the individual’s birth, place, and other details. Generalized reports and horoscopes do not always provide answers/ solutions to personal problems. 

Annie has introduced a series of custom reports to address various forms of complications and circumstances. The astrology reports are categorized under three main categories: 

  • Future Forecast

There are 11 different future forecast reports on the café astrology online store. You can get forecasts on daily trends, basic or dynamic planetary transits (annual reports according to age groups), love & romance, personalized horoscope, life path secondary progressions, etc. 

The ace product in this category is the special Sky Log Report. It is a 50-100 pages computerized custom report drafted by renowned astrologer Steven Forrest. The report gives you an overview of the celestial transits and their influence on your birth chart for one year. 

  • Astrology Profile

There are 22 types of reports in this category to address specific sections of your life. You can get a personalized evaluation statement on child stars, in-depth/ Indra study, life path, Jupiter astrological analysis, love styles, and many more. 

  • Heaven Knows What Report

This report grabs the eyeballs on the personality profile category page. The name refreshes the memories of the book titled ‘Heaven Knows What’ written by 20th-century famous astrologer Grant Lewi. 

This report comprises the future reading of the birth chart in coordination with the natal chart. It is based on Lewi’s insightful findings on the impact of the Sun-Moon combination on your life. 

  • Compatibility and Conflict 

This category is full of ace products to help you through informed decision-making in life. There are 15 types of compatibility reports in this section. Some critical inferences include:

Business Compatibility Report –A career is an integral part of everyone’s life. Get predictions and interpretations from Dorothy Oja, an instructor at I.A.A. and famous career astrologer with ISAR C.A.P. certification. Oja’s computerized PDF report focuses on business relationships and compatibility. 

Composite Couple Report –This chart reading by Annie helps both established and would-be couples. The report provides vital insights to help you understand the compatibility aspect from the astrological point of view. It is about 15 pages long document containing the planetary studies of both persons in a love relationship.

Psyche and Eros Relationship Report –This report consists of 4 sections analyzing the love relationship of a couple. It describes the relationship potentials of the two people, their compatibility parameters, and much more.  

Synastry Report –This is a comparative analysis of the horoscopes of two love partners. It shows how the zodiac and planetary transits in both the horoscopes influence each other’s life.

Get Custom Reports for Unknown Birth Times 

It gives an extra advantage to get a personalized report based on your birth time. But this is not necessary to get custom-created future predictions. You can still get accurate computer-generated reports by providing birth time and data. 

Browse the storefront gallery to choose the required report. Click to visit the ordering page. You can entire some basic credentials to place an order.  

Things to Know Before You Order a Premium Report 

The site mentions some instructions for the customers buying premium reports. Herein is a list of a few crucial instructions so that you do not overlook anything during the checkout: 

  • At the moment, this website accepts payments through PayPal, credit/ debit card, or e-checks.
  • Café astrology delivers the reports to the client’s email address registered with PayPal.
  • If you want to receive the report delivered to a different email id, mention it in the ‘Optional Instructions’ column on the checkout page.
  • The astrologers take less than 24 hours from the time of placing the order to deliver the computerized document to your email address.
  • It is not obligatory to provide the full name or real name to get the reports. Pseudonyms are OK, too. The name of the person is not essential to get accurate interpretations. 
  • To get a precise reading, it is vital to mention:

(While entering the location information – birthplace and current place of living -, you must mention the city, state, province, and country name to get an accurate report.)

(Don’t worry if you do not have birth data handy. You can order custom interpretations without these details.)

Café Astrology – F.A.Q.s

Q1. There Are Reports (With Birth Times) And (Without Birth Times). What Is the Difference?

The computerized system enters the noontime by default for reports without birth times. These interpretations do not contain specific information, including Ascendant and planetary house positions, etc.

Q2. Is It Possible to Order a Report for a Different Year – Past or Future? 

Yes. When you enter the order information, mention the specific period (1 year) for which you need to generate the report. The order form is customizable, allowing you to set the start date as per the requirement. 

Q3. Which House Is Used for Creating the Reports? Can I Ask for a Different House System?

Most of the reports are prepared using the Placidus house system by default. However, the clients have the provision to ask for reports using other house systems- Whole sign, Koch, and others. 

Please contact customer support via email to know more about house systems. 

Q4. I Don’t Want to Receive Newsletters. Will You Add the Email ID to the Mailing List?

No. This website does not have a mailing list. The authorities do not follow sales pitching or email advertising strategies to get more orders. The sole purpose of collecting the email address is to send the reports to the client. 

Q5. Is There Any Reward or Membership Program on Café Astrology?

There is no such information on the website. You may contact the support team via email to get details about special offers, rewards, memberships, etc. 

The Bottom Line

Choosing a reliable astrology website is nothing short of looking for a needle in the haystack. If you do a Google search, there is an endless array of horoscope sites, astrology tools, etc.

The café astrology website review was compiled with keen attention to the client feedback, site browsing experience, audience responses, etc. Apart from the soothing visual appeal and simple interface, the site introduces the owner.

Annie has also teamed up with renowned astrologers to prepare specific reports. This ensures you get a validated report prepared by experts.  

Visit this website if you want to: 

  • Start learning astrology
  • Read astrology book reviews
  • Get free reports
  • Shop for personalized interpretations
  • Ask a question to an astrologer

A tour through the website bestows the relief that it is managed by real people rather than bots. Get in touch with the site founder Annie if you have questions. 


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