How to Cancel Thrive Market Membership: A Short Guide

Since 2014, Thrive Market, an E-commerce retailer of the USA, has been serving its consumers with natural and organic food. The company pays special attention to the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its customers as a result. However, the company cannot satisfy every customer’s needs and wants. As a result of which, customers sometimes withdraw their purchases from the associated market, too. For any reason, if you plan to call off your membership, this article provides all the necessary information you would need for guidance on how to cancel Thrive market membership. Read on to find everything you are looking for!

An important thing to keep in mind is that consumers need this Thrive market membership for availing of the company’s services. So naturally, when they plan to part ways with the Thrive market, they need to go through the cancellation process of the respective market’s membership.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind – The 1st Step of Learning How to Cancel Your Thrive Market Membership

  • You are totally independent if you wish to drop off your membership anytime.
  • If you want to go through your membership details before canceling it altogether, you can easily do it. Just go on the account page of Thrive market, and you can view all your membership details without any issue.
  • Once you call off the membership, you do not have to worry immediately, because you can still avail of the Thrive Market’s services until the membership expires. So, there’s no harm in learning how to cancel Thrive Market membership.
  • However, you need to pay an amount of $59.95 in case you avail of the services and order something after the expiry date of membership.
  • After you apply to cancel the Thrive market membership, you will receive a mail or message as a confirmation that the cancellation procedure is being processed.
  • An advantage for you is, if you decide to call off the membership within a month of its subscription, you can avail yourself of the opportunity of getting a hundred percent refund of the cost.
  • Another advantage for you is, you can get a full refund of the whole membership period in case you have not placed a single order until your cancellation.

Moreover, you do not worry about paying any extra fees for the cancellation process. Just focus on choosing which one of the different methods describing how to cancel Thrive Market membership you want to go with. 

There are a number of options available to help you learn how to cancel Thrive Market membership, due to any reason. Some of them are mentioned and explained below for you.

Use Your Mobile Phone to Call off the Membership

The easiest way to call off your Thrive market membership is via mobile phone. It does not require much effort. You only need to contact the Thrive market and inform them about your request. You can call them anytime from Monday to Friday, between the timing of 6 am to 3 pm (PST). You can contact them at (866) 4192174. One of the company’s representatives will surely guide you through the whole process.

Make sure you provide the respective representative with the list of your following personal details.

  • Full name
  • Personal residential address
  • The state of residence
  • District and Province of residence
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) of Residence
  • Details of the credit card that you used for the payment of membership
  • Other general information that the company representative asks as a requirement

Once you are done with the information part and you have done everything the representative guided you through, make sure to ask the representative for a confirmation message, email, or code. It may come in handy as a validation of the cancellation process in the future.

Use Your Email to Cancel the Membership

This procedure requires you to contact Thrive market using your email. So, get in touch with the company and let them know you want to call off the membership.

  1. First, formulate a proper email requesting the Thrive market to cancel your membership with them.
  2. Make sure to include all your necessary personal information along with the needed details of your membership within the email that you compose.
  3. Now, send your final composition to the mail of Thrive market.
  4. Do not forget to ask the company for a confirmation mail in answer. You need to have the reply as a record for any future occurrence.

Use the Website of Thrive Market to Put off Your Membership

In case you do not want to contact the company using your mail or mobile phone, you can easily access the website of Thrive market (that is,’‘) to present your request.

  1. Once you access the website, simply log in to your account using a verified email address and password.
  2. Next, you need to press the ‘Account Profile’ option in your account on the website. It will bring forth all your account information on the screen.
  3. Locate the option of ‘Profile Tab’ and go with it. You will see a number of options on the screen now. Choose ‘Membership’ among them.
  4. To continue the process, move on to open the ‘Live chat.’ There, you will find yourself face to face with a representative of the company.
  5. Now, you will likely see a search bar hovering over your screen; make sure to insert the service you want to call off in that bar.
  6. Once you submit your request, the representative will properly assist you further on how to cancel your Thrive Market membership.
  7. At the end of the process, do not forget to ensure that you get a confirmation email of the cancellation of your membership from the representative.

Use the ‘DoNotPay’ app to Cancel the Thrive Market Membership

If you do not trust the above-stated methods for some reason, and want another way that solves your problem of how to cancel Thrive Market membership, do not worry. In addition to the ways mentioned above, there is a specific app that helps you cancel your Thrive market membership: DoNotPay. This app assists you throughout the cancellation process directly. You only need to follow the easy steps listed below, and your work is done!

  • Use your browser (it can be any) to log in to the DoNotPay app.
  • Locate and choose the ‘Find Hidden Money” option.
  • Type ‘Thrive market’ into the search bar that shows up on the screen.
  • Wait for a confirmation mail of cancellation from Thrive market.

The confirmation mail may take from 24-48 hours. The reason is that DonotPay processes your request for membership cancellation in 2 days. Once you get the email, you are free to rest in content because the process is all done completely.

With all the knowledge about the options you can avail for canceling your Thrive market membership, it is necessary for you to know that you can neither get in touch with Thrive market for a person-to-person meeting nor send a letter to the company, expecting them to reply or respond to your request. Both of these approaches are out of order and cannot help you in calling off the membership.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is the overall Thrive market membership cancellation process an easy task?

Of course, the cancellation procedure is quite simple and direct. There is a variety of options (already given) that you can smoothly go with, on your own choice.

Does Thrive market provide a free trial to its consumers?

At first, the Thrive market availed the option of a free trial for every customer who used their services. The free trial consisted of 30 days’ period in total. However, the company has changed its policy. Now, they only avail the free trial offer to their members who sign up for the one-year membership. It is now termed as ‘risk-free period’ instead of ‘free trial’ and helps the members decide whether their membership is worth the payment or not.

Is it possible for the customers to pause their Thrive market membership?

Pausing and then resuming the membership is not an option. Thrive market does not allow it. You can neither pause nor disable your membership with the company. However, the company offers Savings Guarantee. Many customers have reported that they received their fee back in savings within two orders.

Several Reasons That Make Customers Cancel Their Membership with Thrive Market

With every passing day, the Thrive market is expanding and growing more and more. It is considered one of the best retailers due to its price range. It offers a price range from 5% to 50%, and that is way below what the other retailers have to offer. The company’s policies are customer-friendly and highly focused on satisfying the customers. 

One of their policies includes a special service for families in need. Thrive Market provides free membership to a family in need for every membership that it gets paid for. The E-commerce retailer claims to save its customers time and money through online shopping and take care of their health by providing health products. Despite all these positive strategies and approaches, the company is still losing a number of its customers. Some of the reasons behind it are illustrated below.

People sign up for the services of Thrive market when they want to start a new diet. The company provides healthy and organic food, and that’s why most people choose it with blind eyes. Now, although people do plan diets and act on them for a while, it does not last long. Sooner or later, they lose their interest or focus on diets, and that leaves them with no use for their Thrive market membership. Therefore, most memberships do not last for long.

Furthermore, you can easily get your hands on your desired products, but sometimes the company offering the products does not line up with your views. It may not sound that serious, but some customers take such things very seriously.

Every business has its own views of the world, and so does Thrive market. While being in the market requires being strategic, the Thrive market does not fear exhibiting its views of the world publicly. And when that results in issues with the customers, the company does not hesitate to cut off the membership of respective customers. That specifically affects the reputation of the company very negatively and leads to even more membership cancellations too.

Customer Reviews on How to Cancel Thrive Market Membership

Thrive market pays special attention to customer satisfaction. They offer their services not only based on the needs and wants of customers but based on their reviews and complaints also. So, even if you are canceling your membership, the Thrive market asks you to leave the platform with a good heart and a review about your experience with the company. So that they are aware of the reasons why their customers call off the memberships, and they can work more efficiently to ensure that they satisfy their present and upcoming customers in the future in a better way.

Rest assured, if there is any extra question or concern regarding how to cancel Thrive Market membership, you can easily send a message to their social media account. The support team of Thrive market will not hesitate to reply and help you out with whatever problem you are facing. The company keeps a massive team for reaching out to its customers in their time of need and answering their concerns sincerely. So, do not twice before approaching the company. They will assist you in every possible way, even if you are canceling your membership because that’s what they mean when they claim to put customer satisfaction as their top priority.

Bottom Line

Whatever your reason may be, if you want to terminate your membership with Thrive market, go on with it. All the guidelines mentioned and briefed in this article will effectively help you throughout the cancellation process. It is important for any future consequence that may come up to have proof of your membership cancellation. 

So, go through each step with great care, and do keep in mind to get the confirmation mail or message of membership cancellation while adopting any of the given cancellation methods.

We hope we have provided you with enough information and instructions to make your membership cancellation process a success and have properly answered your ‘How to Cancel Thrive Market Membership’ question.


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