NCR Jobs and Opportunities

If you want to switch your job, NCR jobs are one of the best career opportunities. NCR Corporation, previously known as the National Cash Register, is a multinational company based in the United States. This manufacturing corporation is a tech giant working on several new technologies every year. 

There are multiple things to consider and look for when switching your job. The first is to look for an appropriate role in a reputable company that will fit your resume. NCR offers multiple job opportunities, both remote and physical, in different parts of the world. This article will discuss the NCR jobs you can get and why it is a great company to join.

Overview of NCR

NCR is an American software, technology, managed and professional services, and consulting company. It was founded in Dayton, Ohio, in 1884 and is headquartered in Georgia, United States. NCR corporation manufactures point-of-sale terminals, self-service kiosks, barcode scanners, check processing systems, and automated teller machines. 

The goal of NCR corporation is to transform your business with a digital mindset. They try to turn everyday interactions into meaningful relationships for their clients. The company has been in business for more than 135 years and is the technology leader for retailers, restaurants, and banks. 

NCR is globally the number 1 POS software provider for the hospitality and retail industry. It is also the number 1 provider of multi-vendor ATM software. They build everything from software, hardware, and services. NCR helps its clients to connect with their customers anytime and anywhere. 

NCR Corporation has more than 34,000 employees in 160 countries. They offer their solutions and services in over 141 countries. It was also named the top financial technology provider in 2020. So, looking for NCR jobs while switching your career could be a smart move for your portfolio.

NCR ensures that its team is diverse and is committed to being a globally inclusive company. Every employee is treated fairly and is recognized for their individuality. NCR makes sure that all the promotions given to candidates are done based on their performance and merit. They encourage all their employees to reach their full potential.

Solutions Offered by NCR

NCR is a leading technology and service firm that offers technological solutions in different sectors. While looking for NCR jobs, you can analyze which sector fits the best as per your portfolio and look for available positions. The company offers everything from hardware, software, and services you will need to deliver experiences that will delight and satisfy your customers. 

1. Banking Solutions

NCR offers their clients solutions to help transform their bank. The company works towards reintegrating the technology, so the branches are more efficient. NCR also helps its clients innovate faster with an API-first platform and top-rated applications. More than 15,000 credit unions and banks are powered by NCR, including ICBC, First Citizens Bank, and the Midland States Bank. 

2. Restaurant Solutions

NCR helps reduce the complexity of running your restaurant by focussing on technology. This, in turn, helps the owners concentrate more on their food and customers. The company offers everything they need to delight their guests and employees, grow their business, and make their life easier. NCR corporation offers a restaurant POS system, digital services, robust back of the house software, and a contactless ordering and payment system.

3. Department and Specialty Retail Solutions

NCR offers eCommerce services to their clients, helping them bring their physical store online. They help connect their client’s store digitally, offering shoppers personalization, consistency, and faster checkout. NCR provides technology that gives customers a hassle-free experience, allowing clients to build one-on-one relationships. The platform also offers mobile commerce and small footprint self-checkout solutions. 

4. Payment Solutions

NCR offers its clients payment solutions that help their business thrive. They offer both payment accepting equipment and processing services that suit your needs. This makes it easier for all the customers to make a payment anytime and anywhere. The dedicated payment platform offered by NCR seamlessly integrates with the client’s existing system. This helps their clients to provide quick and accessible services. If you have experience with payment gateways, you can look for job opportunities in this category.

5. Telecom and Technology Solutions

NCR helps its clients keep their network available all around the world. Managing a network is the heart of an online business. NCR offers its clients managed services that allow them to get to the market faster, extend their global reach, and deliver the best customer experience. If you have worked in a technology solution or a telecom company, you can look for jobs in this section. 

NCR Jobs and Opportunities

NCR is a consultant and technology-driven company that designs software, hardware and offers managed services to some of the most popular brands worldwide. The company ensures that its employees have meaningful and relevant work experience. They are always looking for team members who need opportunities to learn and contribute to innovating new technologies. Here are a few job positions that NCR always seeks talented and dedicated individuals.

1. Technologists, Developers, and Software Engineers

NCR is always looking for innovative developers and software engineers who can contribute to their technology. If you have experience and interest in technology, you should check out opportunities while looking for jobs. They are looking for developers and software engineers that are challenge seekers and tech-savvy innovators. As a technologist, you will be contributing to NCR by solving their everyday problems.

If you are interested in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, machine learning, or are an experienced user interface designer, there is a good chance you will find an available position while looking for jobs. When you are a part of the technology team at NCR, you will impact the real world and see its direct results. 

2. Professional Services

NCR is a tech firm and offers consulting services to big brands in the industry. Suppose you have experience in the tech sector but are not interested in coding. In that case, you might look into the professional services category while looking at NCR jobs. The teams at BCR professional services are data crunchers and thought leaders. As a part of the team, you will use all your technical expertise and industry knowledge to offer strategy services to customers worldwide. 

As a part of the professional services team, you will offer businesses consulting and advisory that will help support the transformation of their organization. You will be responsible for driving and executing change for their customers. NCR gives services in different industry sectors, including retail, hospitality, and banking. 

3. Sales

Just like other multinational organizations, NCR also offers a sales job. Suppose you are a relationship builder and a solution-minded problem solver. In that case, you should seek a sales position in this tech and consulting company. As a company sales representative, you will be responsible for different onboarding clients. The sales team at NCR strives for performance excellence in every aspect of their work. If you have experience in the banking, hospitality, or retail industry, you can be a good fit for this position.

There are different roles in the sales team that you can apply for, including channel account managers, account executives, and solution specialists. All the sales team members contribute to NCR corporation with their hard work, accountability, and dedication. As a part of the sales team, you will be responsible for taking the message of the winning team forward when you interact with partners, stakeholders, and customers. 

4. Global Customer Services

Customer service executives are one of the employees who will be the face of the company. Suppose you have a good rapport with people and can understand and solve problems. In that case, you can seek this opportunity while looking for jobs. Customer care executives at NCR are adventure seekers and problem solvers. As a part of the team, you will continuously contribute to the organization by making the customers feel valued. 

Suppose you are seeking a position in global customer services. In that case, you’ll be making a direct impact on the customers every single day. There are different categories in the team that you can apply for while looking at NCR jobs, including remote support, customer care centers, and technical field services. The customer support executives are the face of the company and make up a large portion of their workforce.

In Which Countries NCR Careers Are Available?

NCR offers both remote and physical positions to deserving candidates in their organization. Here are a few countries where you can seek NCR jobs. 

● United States of America

● Canada

● Argentina

● Brazil

● Mexico

● Columbia

● Peru

● Puerto Rico

● India

● United Kingdom

● Serbia

● Israel

● Germany

● Egypt

● France

● Poland South Africa

● Italy

● Spain

● Greece

● Turkey


Why Should You Join NCR?

If you are looking to change how people experience the world and be a part of an innovative team, NCR jobs might be the perfect fit for you. As a part of the NCR team, you will help companies in the banking, restaurant, and retail industry. You will help them deliver the best customer experience to their visitors online through website, mobile, or self-service. 

NCR ensures that its employees feel valued at all times by offering them perks and giving them access to professional development programs. As a part of the team, you will be offered a competitive salary and rewarded for your performance. You can access health and well-being benefits for yourself and your family. The company also provides incentive compensation and allows you to gain new skills with live, in-person, or on-demand coaching. 

How to Apply for NCR Jobs?

When looking for NCR jobs, the best place is to search on the career section of their official website. While you can use third-party job websites, they aren’t as updated and effective as the original website. You need to follow a four-step process for applying for jobs. 

● Visit the Career page at Here you can learn all about the company and what it offers. Once you find the perfect role for you, you can create a candidate profile and submit your application. 

● After your application is selected, you will hear from one of their talent acquisition consultants. They will set up an initial interview where you will get to learn more about your job role and discuss your experience. If the interview goes well, you will attend a follow-up interview with your future manager. 

● If the consultant and the manager think you are a good match for the company, you will be forwarded an offer letter. You can discuss the terms of your employment and ask questions. Once you are happy with the terms, sign the employment offer.

● Your TA consultant will send you a digital onboarding tool kit. Meet with your manager and prepare for your new role at the NCR Corporation. 


Does NCR pay well?

NCR corporations value their employees and their performance. They offer competitive salary packages and incentives to their employees. You will also be paid bonuses for your performance. The average annual salary at NCR is around $100,000.

Is NCR a good place to work?

NCR has a pretty supportive work environment. They allow their employees the opportunity for growth by giving them access to professional development programs and coaching. The company has a diverse and collaborative work culture. As part of an incentive, you also get access to health and well-being policies for you and your family.

Does NCR give bonuses?

NCR corporation values its employees and their performance. In addition to a competitive salary package, you also get bonuses if you achieve your set goals. This gives their employees an incentive to work harder and allows the company to grow with them. 


When looking for a career change, you might browse through hundreds of companies and job posts. Looking for NCR jobs might be a good deal for you and an excellent addition to your portfolio. This tech and consultancy giant is a 135-year-old company that offers incentives, a competitive salary package, medicare policies, and a collaborative workspace to work in.

NCR offers remote and fixed-job positions to employees and has its team spread out in over 160 countries. They value the knowledge and performance of their employees and allow them to grow and learn with the company. 




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